Packing Guide When Travelling Man with a Van

So, it’s finally time to relocate – you have done extensive research to find the best moving company and have chosen a top-rated packer and movers. In case you have not made up your mind yet on the moving company, we would suggest you hire Supreme Man and van Company.   


Supreme Man and Van is a reputable moving company that has gained a long experience in this industry. So, even if you have an iota of doubt about other companies try hiring a man and van services as they never disappoint. If you have selected a full-service mover to do the job for you, that is also good. The main objective of preparing this article is to help you get equipped with the essential things that you must do while packing things when travelling Man with a Man. Following the tips, will help you in cutting down on the budget and will also give a peace of mind over the safety of your goods before and after the transit ends.


Even though The Man’s movers come equipped with straps, blankets, and trolleys, some items might benefit from a little more preparation before the move. If you pack carefully, every item you own will arrive at your new house in perfect condition. The Supreme Man and Van best advice is provided below to help your move go as smoothly as possible.

  • Give yourself plenty of time because packing takes time, especially if you’re also using the move as an opportunity to organise.


  • When you arrive at your new home, keep a box of essentials nearby. A kettle, tea, biscuits, and radio are typical items. With these things, you feel right at home and your moving crew is much friendlier!


  • Remove anything that won’t fit from your current home or into the new one! Be prepared for this or ask your movers to handle it; we have plenty of experience. Furniture that was built in the home frequently won’t make it out without a little bit of handy work.


  • If you must disassemble any furniture, place all the bolts and screws in a sandwich or zip-lock bag and either tape it to the item you are disassembling or place it in a box with a label.


  • Before moving, empty flat-pack furniture. The joints, in particular, are weaker than those of solid furniture and can be damaged if overloaded.


  • Pack all toys, lamps, small appliances, and other items into boxes as well; they will travel safer and more conveniently in the van.


  • Only put soft, heavy, or fragile items in bags; otherwise, they will get damaged and won’t stack well in the van.


  • Use tape that won’t damage the finish if you’re going to tape furniture drawers and doors shut. It’s sometimes preferable to remove drawers or use straps as replacements.


Basic Rules to be followed while packing 

Expert movers from Man and Van Balham will wrap and pack your belongings safely and securely in the van; damage is most likely to happen if items collide inside a box, so good materials and good procedures will prevent this. Key guidelines to remember are:


Small or medium-sized boxes are best for packing heavy items like books and kitchenware because larger ones can cause damage to your back and your belongings.


Make sure the heavy items are at the bottom of the box and the light items are on top if you are packing both heavy and light items together.


Plates should be packed on their side rather than in a stack, and fragile items should be separated with crumpled-up paper. If you’re unsure of how to proceed, consult your mover for advice.


Make sure to clearly mark any boxes containing fragile items with the words “FRAGILE!” or, even better, red and white fragile tape. In order to ensure that nothing is placed on top of the box when moving it, you can also write “Top Of Stack” on the box if it contains anything particularly fragile.


Use sturdy, double-walled boxes at all times. These are available from us in a variety of sizes.


When stacking boxes, filling them to the top makes them less likely to collapse; cushions and pillows work well for filling empty spaces.


  • Prepare the packing of household appliances.

Include the household appliance in the checklist as you customise the list of items. Once you’ve done that, tell your movers and packers to pack those large electronic appliances carefully so they arrive at their destination undamaged. To make the movers’ job of packing them quicker, take the wires off the appliances and empty the freezers, refrigerators, etc. Additionally, clean your home before packing so that you don’t have to clean it after the move. Prepare everything in advance and wrap it up so that it can be professionally packed and loaded into the van by the packers.


  • Monitors and televisions

For instance, televisions should be moved in their original packaging because that is how the maker intended for them to travel, and for good reason. The sensitive screen is kept in place and shielded from road jarring by the foam inserts. If you don’t have the original box, you’re not alone; we figure that about half of our clients are in a similar situation. Even so, you should think about using additional padding, such as cardboard or bubble wrap fastened with movers’ tape.


  • Tables made of glass


Glass tabletops and other naturally delicate items will benefit from extra security while being transported in the back of the car. Tabletop corners should be covered with cardboard, and the centre should be wrapped in bubble wrap. Remember that in order to properly transfer the tabletop, your movers will need to be able to grab it in a secure location.


  • IKEA and other flat-pack furniture producers


IKEA and other flat-pack furniture must be disassembled prior to moving. These items are designed to be transported in a flat-pack configuration. Because they are made of particleboard, these items can’t withstand the stresses of handling and transportation (and, in some situations, cardboard). If you’re in a rush and can’t take the time to disassemble them (or have your movers do it for you), we can still move them, but you’ll have to acknowledge that if they are damaged while assembled, they won’t be covered by our harm guarantee.


  • Personal Belongings

Among the things seized were laptops, jewellery, and other valuables. If at all possible, you should pack and drive with your laptop, jewellery, wallet, and other small valuables so you can keep a close eye on them the entire time.


  • Food and drink

Finally, before the movers arrive at your home, put consumable food and drink into eskies. Planning to have your food properly stored could prevent it from going bad because a significant home move can take the better part of a day.


  • How to Pack a Book Box Properly


Items that can fit inside book boxes include books, office supplies, artwork, pictures, documents, CDs, DVDs, tools, canned goods, spices, silverware, miniature lampshades, and non-hazardous cleaners and liquids. Make sure the bottoms of these boxes are securely taped before packing everything inside. Next, fill the bottom of the box with paper that has been loosely bunched. Once the box is full, add loosely bunched paper to the top. In order to keep the box from collapsing, its top and bottom should be sturdy. It has been advised to stack DVDs, files, and books vertically, spine down. Before placing them in the box, fragile items like picture frames should also be wrapped in bubble wrap or wrapping paper.


  • What’s the Ideal Dish Box Packing Method?


Items that can go in dish boxes include electronics, lamp bases, vases, plates, glasses, bowls, stemware, cups, and small appliances. The most crucial packing advice for dish boxes is to use a lot of packing material. There is never too much packing paper used in dish boxes. The need to protect your possessions is what drives the high demand for wrapping paper. Therefore, the more paper you use, the safer your possessions are. Packing paper should be loosely bunched and placed at the bottom of the box. Then, wrap each item in packing paper before putting it in the box in rows.


The heavier the item, the lower it should be placed. As a result, it is best to pack heavier items at the bottom of the box and lighter ones at the top. After that, add some more loosely wadded paper to the top of the box before taping it shut. We can also put you in touch with qualified regional house movers.


  • What is the most efficient way to pack clothes?


The first piece of relocation clothing moving advice is to think about downsizing. Moving is a great chance to get rid of things you don’t need, like a piece of clothing. What is the most effective course of action? Your clothing should be sorted into three groups. You can separate the clothing you want to keep into two categories. Put the clothing you want to part with into a different group. The third group will contain the clothing you want to donate. After that, sort the clothing into the appropriate categories by going through everyone’s dressers, closets, and any clothing you’ve kept in the basement or attic. Once you’ve finished, you can give to the third organization. Put the items you intend to discard in a separate location; you might be able to use some of them again. Make a group with the people you want to stay, then get ready to pack!


You should further sort the items you want to keep once you’ve determined what shouldn’t be moved. Similar textiles ought to stay together. Additionally, put items of the same size together. You can start putting them away once you’re done using them. You should use the appropriate-sized boxes for each group. If necessary, we can also help you with London packing services.


On the other hand, there are other options besides boxes for storing clothing. Additionally, you can use your chest of drawers. Your lightweight clothing should be kept in the drawers. By securing them to your chest with a bungee rope, you can prevent them from slipping out. Make sure your low-cost moving company uses straps to secure it inside the car.


One last idea for recycling the clothing you’re about to throw out. These pieces of clothing can be used to wrap any breakable items before placing them in the box. If you do it this way, you won’t need as much bubble wrap for the move.


  • Final Remarks

Supreme Man and Van is the principal leading moving company in London which seeks to offer a wide gallery of removing and relocating services for customers all over in UK. The removal services include both loading and unloading of items and we assure to provide every other comfort you need on your big move, leaving nothing for you to worry about.


Our local Supreme Man and Van Croydon is another best alternative for you to choose for your next move for many reasons to which our happy clients withstood for. We have qualified movers operating for decades and have acquired quite a lot of experience working in London. Not to mention, the moving rates for hiring a man and van is going to cost less out of your pockets, without compromising on the quality of work being delivered. To say about the comprehensive services offered by us, please have a quick look at what we do:

  1. Provide a fully flexible man and van service in the UK.
  2. Help in both domestic and commercial moves for any setting.
  3. Also, provide packaging services for those customers who want to get all the moving process done by a professional
  4. We also offer an array of options with additional helpers and/or vans.
  5. Have fully-trained staff to help in your any kind of move


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