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Supreme Man with a Van is popularly known for its professional moving and removal services. Many recommend Supreme man and van London and many want to hire it. But often customers wonder, how much does a man with a van cost? This is a legitimate pricing question you must ask initially before hiring a moving company, and it is seen that many of the companies don’t provide the exact quote to the customer. However, we at man and van seek not only to provide quality services but at its best affordability as well. 


That’s why we have prepared this article to give a specific answer to your question ‘How much does a man with a van cost?’ The aim of the article is to make it easier for our potential customers and make sure that they get the correct idea of the pricing of man and van services before availing it. So, let’s dive in to know the accurate details.


Please keep reading to know how much does a man with a van cost…


How much does a man with a van cost?

 Well, much less than you would expect we are going to charge. The man with a van’s simple and straightforward pricing means you get ensured that you will be getting value for your hard-earned money. 


The days of hiring man and van Brixton moving company just to move that second hand furniture is long gone. Although most of the local moving companies continue to provide that kind of convenient single item service, the more established and well-run firms have increasingly expanded into traditional removal companies. Nowadays, these traditional companies offer services ranging from moving 2 to 3 bedroom houses, or carrying out a small to medium office removal. In essence, it is always wise to request for a quote to be sure. 


Most of the professional movers in the UK charge from £40 to £70 per hour depending on the job and the number of helping staff required, however prices are typically dependent on availability and other changeable factors. Let’s check out each of them in detail:


Specifically talking about the removal quotes, all removal companies have their own preferred method of providing a quote to their customer, and needless to say some offer better deals than others. So, the general idea is to make it as accurate as possible how much they cost and the quality of services customers will get in return for their money, or any other relevant terms and conditions.


Some quotes are detailed with a breakdown of the rates involved, while on the contrary others may just show the total price subject to the kind of job and services offered. So, it is noteworthy for customers to receive a hard copy of the quote offered in writing, so you have the record in hand for what has been agreed between you and the company. 


  • The average cost of Man and van

Generally speaking, the average man and van service in the UK costs an average of £70 to £160. However, depending on the particulars of the customer’s requirements, this price estimate could vary. For a custom cost estimate based on your moving requirements, you can simply submit a free request to the company to get bids from top local man with a van services.


The costs of man and van services in the United Kingdom are outlined as below:

  • UK National Minimum Cost: £70
  • UK National Maximum Cost: £160
  • UK National Average Cost: £110
  • Average Range: £70 to £160


The average cost of Man with a van depends on certain considerations. Those considerations are discussed below.


  • Considerations to keep in mind that affects Man with a Van prices

 There are certain considerations that affect the moving costs and the customers must keep in note before you hire a moving company. We all know that completing the entire moving process on your own seems like a plausible idea before you pack up and head to your new home. Yet, in reality, the house moving process is quite stressful, arduous, and difficult to coordinate. That is when you would need professional help from an experienced moving company, i.e. Supreme man and van.


When you do set out to hire a traditional moving company, be sure to keep these considerations into account so that you can plan your budget appropriately.


  • Hourly Rates

Hourly rates are the most common way of quoting and prices by firms are normally set out clearly with various options subject to the number of helpers required.


Quoting customers by hourly rate is often used by a man with a van removal around the UK for shared-flat to smaller 1-2 bed properties. Bigger moves will normally require a more detailed quote and may involve a prior visit by the removals in advance for estimation. The reason being that cost of removals from large properties usually needs to be calculated on an individual basis. 


With hourly rates charged, the company usually charges for a minimum of two hours, and further incremental additions are done if the time exceeds. 

The average Supreme Man and Van charge is:

  • 1 man with van £39 per hour.
  • 2 men with van £49 per hour.

All of the hourly rate and man and van also have a 2 hour minimum charge in London.


  • Removal costs and Extras

Additionally, the removal costs and extras depend on the below explained factors:


  • Amount of furniture

Typical moving costs are largely influenced by the amount of furniture you are required to transport. It is natural that the more furniture you will have in house to move, the higher the moving process will take. This will, in turn, be reflected in the man with a van overall cost.

  • Type of furniture

Every house has different types of furniture and the movers also charge costs based on the kinds of furniture they have to transport. It is vital to ask your man with a van professional staff beforehand, what kind of furniture they transport because sometimes the moving company provides you with specially trained and skilled staff to transport items like pianos. Since the furniture requires specialized movers, ask your professional ahead of time but keep in mind that with the transport of the larger furniture, and particular specialized movers, the overall cost of your move is going to increase.

  • Number of floors

The total cost for moving house is also largely influenced by the number of floors you have. Meaning, the cost for moving out of a flat and the cost of moving out of a three-story house will vary as per the extra work and efforts put by the movers. The more floors you have the more furniture and extra belonging you will likely have in your house. Not to mention, navigating the furniture all the way down through multiple levels of staircase is quite a challenging task that requires more effort. So, if you have multiple stories in your home, you can expect your moving cost to be somewhat higher than in comparison to if you were to move out of a flat.

  • Number of helping hands, i.e. movers

The larger the quantity of your move is the more helping hands you would need. If we particularly speak about the large moves, having extra movers as a helping hand proves to be the key to efficiency and overall success of your move. For instance, household goods moving costs and cost of moving an entire house to a new location will considerably require more movers than just moving one or two items. On that note, it is wise to consider the extra costs these additional movers will charge to your budget.

  • Size of the Van

Just as the number of helping hands you would need for your house move, the size of the van also plays a significant role in affecting the move cost. Man and van offers different sizes of vans for respective customers, based on their different needs. The costs of the vans also differ accordingly. 


Moreover, it is often more efficient to move all of your household goods or office items together in a single vehicle. But if you have a substantial amount of furniture and electronics, there will be a need for a large van to accommodate all of it. If you think that due to the quantity of furniture you have that you will need a larger van, the plan the estimate of hiring a professional ahead in your budget.

  • Time and Moving House Quotes

When considering the man with a van cost, do note an average estimate that when a professional mover like Supreme man and van is in charge, it may take approximately 6 hours of time to complete a move. However, it is also to be noted that the mentioned time duration may vary quite a bit depending on the size and complexity of your move. So, it is best to get a more precise estimate and timeline of your move, speaking direction with your mover.

  • Location of hiring 

Depending on your current location from where you hire man and van, the prices could vary area wise for example; areas with a higher cost of living generally will show higher rates. To hire a man and van in keeping with the rates you are familiar with, look for professionals hire in your area. They will often charge rates which are in line with the cost of living you are used to so that becomes a considerable factor in deciding the cost of a man with a van.

  • Distance traveled by the man and van

Usually the cost a man with a van charges its customers with, depends on the distance it has traveled to reach its destination and finalizing the whole process. So, when you are considering the cost of house moving, it is crucial to take into account the distance the moving man with a van will need to travel to complete your move. Not to mention, the further you need to move, the more fuel van is going to consume, eventually leading to additional costs. It will be included under the transportation costs head in the total cost estimate you will receive from the company. If you’re moving quite an extensive distance, budget for distance traveled consideration ahead of time.

  • Additional services

Lastly, depending on the level of assistance you require before and during the moving process, man with a van prices are going to differ. For example if you need assistance in packing, this will raise the prices, or if you are travelling on a toll route, you are ultimately going to incur additional costs while in transit.

Taking the above mentioned factors into account, can help the customers get a rough idea of the overall man with a van costs, especially if you have a rough estimate of hourly rates.


Concluding Remarks

Hiring a man with a van is a must for every moving house checklist. Their expertise and efficiency ensures that your house moving process fees is entirely worth it. Availing services from a man with a van professional will give your move smooth flow from removal to unloading.


As already mentioned, the prices at man and van Croydon is subject to availability and other changeable factors. Therefore, customers are requested to always ask for a quote. While hiring a man with a van is more affordable when compared to hiring another moving company, there are still even more alternatives to make it work for you. It is very unlikely that man and van will be beaten on price, if you would want to look for some way to lower the cost, so we have a solution. By requesting a free quote from the professionals, you can effectively compare up to six different man with a van prices to get the best deal in your area.


For other additional details or if you want get in touch with Supreme man and van, kindly refer to their official website as available here and contact them at earliest to get your best quote. 


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