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Best Way to Move House with Supreme Man and Van In London

Moving to one of the busiest cities in the world is no joke, but it does not need to be a headache too. Although London is a fascinating place, home movers are likely to have a difficult day with the pitfalls they might encounter moving in the country’s quieter areas. Moving comes brings huge expenses and costs with itself, which can overwhelm you and cause futile stress. Fret not, as the team of Man and Van in London has compiled for you a step-by-step guide to move to London without going crazy. Our expert opinions and tips will help you save valuable pennies and pounds and keep your costs down.


Here is our guide to the best way to move house in London.


1. Start Planning with man and van in London

The most vital step to anything successful and result-oriented is ‘planning.’ The team of Man and Van in London thinks that planning early helps you get a clear picture of what should be moved and what should not. Watch some of Marie Condo’s episodes to get inspiration and then start making lists, gathering boxes, etc. Man and Van in Clapman and all other Supreme Man and Van services encourage their customers to plan ahead of time and be sorted before the actual day to have a stress-free move.

2. Make a List

Man and Van in London have witnessed extreme situations while moving. People who are unorganized and cause a havoc while moving and those who are organized have everything under control. We agree that moving is not a small task, and you are more likely to forget things when under pressure. Hence, Man and Van in Bromley and all other Supreme Man and Van services advise their customers to maintain a list.

Listing items not only reminds you of what needs to be done, but it also gives a sense of satisfaction when ticking off tasks that you’ve done. This blog is full of essential things you do not want to miss doing, so we suggest to keep a paper and pen handy!

3. Plan Out the Route

Like any other big city, London has its fair share of massive traffic jams so much that it has the slowest average miles-per-hour than any other city in the UK. If you are planning to move by yourself, then this should be your first and foremost step. Map out the least trafficked areas to your destination or move when there is the least possibility of encountering traffic. But Man and Van in London spare you of all the hard work. All the research and secondary work is done by our team. We handle your move from A-Z so that you move without stress. The team of Man and Van in Essex and all other Supreme Man and Van services offers their customers specially mapped routes and timings to allow them hassle-free travel.

4. Handle Your Parking Issues

What could be worse than turning up with a lorry full of possessions and having no place to park and unload them. The team of Man and Van in London recommends you to always be informed beforehand. Research about the borough you are moving into; check out the borough council’s website or visit it to know about the parking situation. All working councils require a notice of almost 10 working days prior to the move to arrange parking for you. But if you hire a removal van, for instance, Man and Van in East London, all such work is our headache. We do the running while you relax at home and pack your stuff. Our employees stay in constant with the customers to inform them about every move they make and all the information they get.

5.   Be Mindful of Red Routes with a new man and van in London.

It doesn’t matter if you are a native Londoner or have just recently moved to London; moving in the UK’s bustling capital can be hectic. Red routes have been introduced to ease congestion and avoid locals to stop pointlessly on the busiest streets. To keep the traffic in motion, parking on red routes in London is firmly controlled. Parking on a red route can get you a penalty charge notice (PCN). If your route involves stopping on a red route, ensure that you have applied for special dispensation to avoid a penalty charge. Upon hiring a removal van like Man and Van in London, you need not worry about petty issues like these. Our reliable team of employees at Man and Van in Balham and all other Supreme Man and Van services does all the research and informs you about each expense. Our team believes in transparency and constant communication, informing the customer about every detail so that the bill, in the end, is not a shocker for them.

6. Remember the Zones

Man and Van in London comply with all rules and regulations set by the authorities. Our services are compliant with the Low and Ultra Low emission areas zones in London. Our services of Man and Van in East London strictly adhere to the traffic laws and ensures to check in with you if your move involves moving in central London.

As responsible citizens, we should encourage green moving, and adherence to such rules will help us do that. So be conscientious while hiring a removal van in London and inquire thoroughly about their services in these areas.

7. Get in Touch with Your General Practitioner

With so many things up in the air on moving day, this is something that could easily slip your mind. Call up the dentist and doctor of your vicinity to de-register yourself and let them know you are moving. On the other hand, make sure to register yourself and your family in with the same facilities in the area you are moving in, to avoid waiting in any unpleasant situation. Get additional information about the services in your area here. Decades of experience in the moving line has made the team of Man and Van in London a pro. So, we ensure that we share and remind our readers and customers of all the information that could benefit them.

8. Renew Your Driver’s License

Just like the GP, your license, too, needs an update. Visit the DVLA website to gain more knowledge about how to change your address on the driving license. Nitty-gritty like these is often forgotten by the customer. Therefore the team of Man and Van in London takes it upon their shoulders to remind and inform our customers about every single thing that may cause inconvenience to them later on.

9. Pack Early

Trust us, you want to run around the house like a maniac searching for things you forgot to pack. This adds nothing but stress to the entire process. To avoid such circumstances, the team of Man and Van in London advises you to pack at least 2 weeks ahead of your move – or even early if you can manage. The sooner you start, the quicker you realize how many items you own – especially those you have hardly ever used.

10. Notify Companies Before You Move

Man and Van in London suggest you let your utility providers know that you are moving. The list includes banks, insurers, councils, and a host of other organizations.

11. Change Your Mailing Address

There is a high chance that you order something online and get delivered to your old address. To avoid such annoyances, change your mailing address ahead of time. Be aware that some mail may not be redirected because of specific post policies.

12. Make Your Move Green

Did you know that more than 70 million people worldwide move to their new houses each year? The packaging material and the fuel used in transportation can leave a big carbon footprint. Man and Van in Ealing and all other Supreme Man and Van services care about the environment. Therefore we ensure to makes our practices greener.

The team of Man and Van in London suggests you consider the points given below to ensure a modest and eco-friendly move;

  • Store cardboard boxes
  • Use eco-friendly packaging material
  • Use packing supplies you already have
  • Do not purchase cardboard boxes
  • Make lesser possible trips between both locales

For a detailed read on how to make an eco-friendly move, read our blog here.

13. Everything

Packing everything neatly into boxes might look nice at first, but can soon become a nightmare when they all look the same, and you are frantically on the search for something. Imagine the horror of flipping things out of the box only to realize that it’s the wrong one. The team of Man and Van in London suggests you label each and every box. Create a separate box for every kind of item. If you intend to use plastic containers that you already own, then maintain a list would be a suitable option. Simply number the containers and create a list of what each container stores. Believe us, it makes unpacking way easier!

14. Your Keys To Happiness

. The team of Man and Van in London has seen many mishaps, one of which includes the blunder of forgetting the keys to a new house in the old one. Therefore, make sure you have the keys to your new premises available upon the arrival of the removal van you hired; otherwise, you might find yourself stalled and faced with additional charges.

15. Divide and Rule

A large family means more people to do the packing. Packing is undoubtedly not a single person’s job. Therefore, having more family members can help get the packing done easily and quickly. Assign each person some responsibility and keep track of all the things done. Have each person check their room for anything left behind and do the same with all the cupboards and cabinets. A similar strategy is implied by Man and Van in London. Each employee is allotted a task before going to the site to know what they’re supposed to do beforehand, avoiding confusion and wastage of time at the site.

16. Sell Off the Items You Do Not Need

Amidst all the stress of arranging a yard sale and selling off your unused and slightly old house, old items can be fun. If you are downsizing or moving to a furnished home selling off some big furniture pieces could be a better decision before the move. Sell off all extra books, antiques that have stayed in the attic forever, and if you are lucky, you might even make a tidy profit.

However, the pandemic has widely changed the things we would have otherwise customarily done. To avoid contact and practice social distancing, Man and Van in London suggest you sell off your items online. There are plenty of sites that allow you to sell your stuff at reasonable prices without any physical contact. The team of Man and Van in Bromley and all other Supreme Man and Van services believes it is better to be safe than sorry and advises all those moving to adhere to rules and take necessary precautions. To read more about post-Covid-19 moving, click here.

Man and Van in London Makes Your Move Hassle-Free

Moving to London is stressful, but it does not have to be miserable. Sorting, packing, and moving are tasks you do not look forward to when working eight hours a day and 5 days a week. Therefore, to save yourself from the misery of going under stress, hire Man and Van in London. We, come to your house, pack everything, move it, and place the boxes in the rooms of your new house as well. All of our services are highly eco-friendly, so you take a step towards making a green move with us. We hope we have helped ease the moving process with this blog.

Happy Moving!

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