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Is Hackney a Safe Area For travel or Living [New Data]

Hackney is one of the most exciting up-and-coming areas of London. It has surely become the trendiest among the other places that makes it the perfect choice of residents to live in Hackney.


There are many individuals who every year moves to London in search of job or to meet up the demands of job. Also, many often relocate from one area of London to another as per their situation and to make the moving process easier, they need the right moving company who can do this task easier for you. 


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Moreover, anyone who moves to a new city or area always research about whether the area is safest for their family to love in or what is the crime rate persistent in that area. Similarly, individuals who are looking or planning to move to Hackney in near future, they all have a common question in regard to the safety of the place and the crime rates. To make your decision easier, this article has got all the answer for you in relation to the question: Is Hackney a safe area?


To know the answer to the question if Hackney is a safe area, keep reading….


  • Location of Hackney

Hackney Central is the district in the centre of the London Borough of Hackney, located within postcode E8, straying into E5 and E9 around the edges. Hackney Central is situated in East London, with Charring Cross about 4 miles to its south west. The area is placed by neighborhood of Harringay to the north, Stratford to the east, Holloway and Finsbury Park to the west, and Whitechapel to the south. 


It is a fact that neighbourhood is growing steadily and is attracting lots of young minds and creatives who are reluctant in shaping the area into a more vibrant community hub that makes it stand out from somewhere else area in the city.


The London Borough of Hackney is the most sought after area in the capital to live in as it is culturally diverse, fashionable, and vibrant, and that is the reason the area attracts a lot of young people, affluent couples, and professionals alike.


Earlier, Hackney has a quaint Tudor town made with beautiful sixteenth century brick buildings that shows evidence of this area’s previous life. It shows that formerly Hackney was interspersed amongst newly-build houses, cutting-edge apartments, and eccentric restaurants which makes Hackney one of the best capital to reside in East London. Other reasons for its popularity is that it boasts hive of creativity, cool neighborhoods because of urban regeneration, green space, and hip of art galleries, eateries, and music venues.


Hackney is filled with community spirit and zest for life and is quite high in demand among individuals deciding on the option among areas in London where to live in. This leaves no doubt why Hackney is described as the most liveable borough of London since once it was home to famous faces like William Shakespeare, Alfred Hitchcock, and the Kray twins. This place is a cultural melting pot and as when formed, it was 11th most expensive borough in London, making it worth every penny if you are planning to move to Hackney with Man and Van Brixton. 


  • How Safe Is Hackney?

If we go to history, Hackney was not much developed and most deprived area of London and that was the reason it was least love among all. However, the situation has completely overturned and now it is considered more adequately safe area and is most fascinated area for tourists and renters looking to reside in London. Hackney brims with bustling community with a openly enjoyable outdoor life, so here you will rarely find any quiet street which gives you a adequate safe feeling at all hours of the day and night.


  • Moving to Hackney

If you are planning to move to Hackney, you must avail services of Man and Van Hackney to make your moving process easier and smoother experience for you. Since Hackney is one of the fastest growing capital and an exciting area for residents, it attracts people from worldwide obviously because of its creative and colourful urban life style. This is the perfect destination where high-end luxury fashion blends with edgy creativity of BOXPARK, and Michelin-starred cafes and restaurants where you sit alongside street-food tents and can find the culinary stars of tomorrow. The streets of Shoreditch and Hoxton here are full of start-up businesses, galleries, and creative offices with also giving cultural elite touch of London in Shoreditch House club. So, if you are planning to move here, be rest assured that this is the place where all your creativity will come out experiencing of others and with innovative business, entertainment, and hip restaurants the young professionals, students, are guaranteed to be fascinated with Hackney as they have more a flair for the creative.


  • House prices in Hackney

As discussed, because of urban lively life of Hackney, it has become the most favorite residential location among young professionals, and new builds are coming up everywhere to meet the growing demand of residents. At Hackney, you will commonly see new apartment blocks, but there are also historic terraced houses at the borough. 


To renters planning to shift here, it will be the best decision of your life because the entire place has seen significant amount of regeneration over the past few decades, which makes its properties costs at on the average of £600,000 now, which is honestly slight more than the London average, making Hackney the 12th most expensive borough in the capital. Within Hackney, the most expensive areas you will find are closes to Central London such as Hoxton and Shoreditch, and with better bargains you will find good places in areas of Clapton and Homerton.


  • Travelling from Hackney

There are very few underground stations in Hackney, but it has firm rail connections on the Overground with a vast network of bus routes that makes travelling from Hackney little tidy experience. The only one Undergound station that can be found at Manor House is on the border of the Borough of Haringey, offering access to the Piccadilly Line. For most of the commuters, their best route to go to Central London is via Overground Highbury and Islington station where it connects to Victoria line and to many direct buses. 


  • What Transport Links Does Hackney Offer?

Hackney Central is situated on the London Overground instead of being Underground but it has plenty of transport connectivity options for places more central. Nearby, the place there is mainline services of Wick and London Fields to Liverpool Street which takes less than 15 minutes. Also, entire stations are built within Zone 2, so it doesn’t make any difference so far that it doesn’t appear of London Underground map, because ultimately they all are nearby. 


Also, there are several bus routes that run through the neigbhourhood of London gourough of Hackney and you easily find plenty of residents on bikes taking advantage of pedestrianised areas and green spaces. So, even if you go by private transport, you won’t be much behind than a black cab or Uber either. 


So, even though Hackney Central is not on the Underground, it is well-connected and it takes an easy 20 to 30 minute commutation distance by train. Besides, there’re also Overground trains running regularly from Hackney Downs to Liverpool Street. Those who wish to venturing further afield, the London City Airport is only 25-minutes away by train from or just takes over an hour on the bus, whilst the Heathrow Airport is one and a half hour from Hackney Central train station. The nearest stations thus are: Hackney Central and Downs.


Talking about other mode to commute, you’ll find 48 daily bus routes with regular coaches’ travel to Heathrow Airport. Those who want to drive by their private car; it will take the 20mph roads through the borough, though most people prefer to cycle than drive in Hackney with an aim to reduce pollution and congestion. In fact, surprisingly, Hackney has the highest number of residents cycling to work in London and second highest number in the UK. You can also avail bike shares facility in the borough. 


  • Safety and Crime in Hackney

The crime level is gradually decreasing day by day in Hackney and the fall in crime rate has seen tremendous fall of more than 30% since the years 2003. The place is now counted among the safest area in London to live in because of the continuous increasing effort by the authorities to keep it under control and getting organized with the urban life style which legitimately reflects on the position of Hackney safety-wise.


Besides, Schools in Hackney has seen rapid improvisation over the past few years, and as of the statistics show of 2016 students in the borough of Hackney has achieved better GCSE results than the national average of England. With growing prosperity in the imparting of education in the prime secondary schools like Beis Chinuch Lebonos Girls School in the independent sector, Cardinal Pole RC School, and Yesodey Hatorah Senior Girls School in the state sector. In regards to Hackney’s primary schools Orchard Primary School, Parkwood Primary School, Queensbridge Primary School are some of the best in the borough, with over 95% of students reaching national English and Maths targets. 


The increased literacy rate has increased awareness among the people and with the strict organization of the crime control units, the place has seen positive fall in its crime rates and residents now feel safer than ever they felt in past decades. 


Another reason behind the increased safety reforms in Hackney, the credits goes to this busy and eclectic place which makes it the most vibrant cultural hotspots of London, with regularly held festivals and events throughout the borough in attractive museums, two independent art-house cinemas and the theatres and music venues.


The top museums in the Hackney include the famous Geffrye Museum, Hackney Museum, and V&A Museum of Childhood, and for the theatre lovers they are treated with the both Hackney Picturehouse and Rio Cinema. Among them all, the Hackney Empire remains the ultimate venue in the London Borough of Hackney which provides a range of entertainment from theatre performance to stand up comedy, and also the Arcola Theatre being the most loved spots for established and emerging theatre outside the West End. As Hackney is full of young professional and minds, there is also a wide range of fitness facilities available throughout the area.  


So, it is clear from the above discussion that Hackney includes all the facilities from basic amenities to the advanced luxury life which makes it the most attractive places in London to live in. If you are also planning to move to Hackney, don’t forget to contact Man and Van Balham services as we work solely with the objective of providing the best moving and relocation in most professional way throughout the UK. 


  • Final Remarks

As aforesaid, Hackney was once a modest Tudor town and has since then evolved to great heights to make the London Borough of Hackney take over being London’s hub of urban cool.


Hackney is now counted among the top 10 happiest best places to live in London, and it stands ahead of Westminster, Merton, and Waltham Forest in the list. Hackney has improved its position both luxury and safety wise for its resides which is a quite encouraging inspiration for the current and prospective people of the Hackney to know that the crime rates of the place are a little average in comparison to other similar areas. Thus, Hackney has indeed become now a dedicated safer Neighbourhood Team of Metropolitan Police officer. 


So, if you are thinking of moving to Hackney, just go with your decision because it will be all worth it. And to help you move become successful at an ease, Supreme Man and Van must be your right choice. 


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