Every year many people from around the world move to live in London either by choice or to meet with job demands. While the number of movers has steadily increased over years, is it is significant to point the direction at the issue i.e. which are some of the best areas that you must consider before moving to London with Supreme Man and Van Brixton services. 


From many lighting and urban life style areas in the London city, east London has growingly become one of the most sought after areas to live in the capital of the UK. The reason behind the growing popularity of East London to people is that quite a number of majority of the locals are now feeling prices out of the West end of the London and the over the years made urban regeneration to the East end has made it the most attractive place for all those who are finding a new home to live in London.


In the East London, Hackney is our most prominent choice and also the choice of residents because of its growing urban lifestyle popularity which is worth to cherish for. And anyone who is looking for the area where they can make their new home, Hackney with no doubt should make up to their top list.


Not to mention, Hackney is the most hipster hotspot area to live in East London which attracts a lot of young professionals and minds because the place is all about creativity and artistic life with a luxury touch.


So, what are the some of the best areas both in lifestyle and safety wise in Hackney that you can consider moving by availing Supreme Man and Van services. In this article, we have gathered a wealth of information for the readers as to what are the best areas you must consider when moving to Hackney? The article is prepared on the basis of true experiences of the residents taken by the man and van hire moving company based in the Hackney area for now more than 7 years. 


Keep reading to our list of the best places to live in Hackney…


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Let’s see some of the best places on our list to live in Hackney:


Hackney Central

Top on our list of best places to live in Hackney is the Hackney Central as we consider it our prominent choice, if you are planning to move to Hackney, at all. Our recommendation is obviously based on the reviews of the residents of the area who boast about it in all terms. 


The location of Hackney Central is such that it makes it the central district of the London borough of Hackney. Hackney Central comprises of a vast area which roughly surrounds the Mare Street and it is bordered by the Hackney Down, London Fields, and Homerton. You people will get to roam a lot of well-known landmark places in the Hackney Central which includes the celebrated Hackney Empire, St. Augustine’s Tower, and the Hackney Picturehouse cinema.


The Mare Street of the Hackney Central keeps it always busy and brimming with local shopping streets but there is also a few steps away in the back streets, you will find new cafes, bars and restaurants thriving. Hackney Central is the first luxury outlet district of the London with its Walk along Morning Lake which has made the place into one of the top tourist attractive places in London. The central also boast loads of fashion conscious Chinese and Japanese shoppers which has now become a common sight in full of tourists coming here to shop.


Hackney Central is inclusive of all the luxuries and amenities that you need to thrive at a place in long run, making it your true home. There is gallery of things that you can do in Hackney, like the fashionable food-lovers are going to love browsing the stalls of Broadway and Chatsworth Road markets, where individuals can also enjoy swimming actively in the open air London Fields Lido.


Throughout the area of Hackney Central, you will find full of green spaces and award winning attractive parts that are situated in entire Hackney Central area within the close vicinity to Victoria Park. Many of the famous parks at the place features with lakes and tennis courts that are available for public hire. 


You will see beautiful Georgian houses around the Clapton Square and on the streets around the St John’s churchyard which is a very peaceful garden to chill in. At other places in Hackney Central, like in London Fields, you find attractive roads, mainly flat-fronted early Victorian terraces, and new blocks of apartments, converted warehouse, and estates of social housing. Since Hackney Council has now a policy to encourage mixed-use developments in the area, the authorities emphasize on inculcation of more scheme that contain building, shops, workspaces, and food places. This police can be seen at three developments done in the London Fields area located between the railway and the mare Street.


Stoke Newington

Stoke Newington is quite famous for its lively music events as well as its amazing local pubs and cafes with Church Street located at the spicentre. The area offers an array of excellent facilities that any local residing there will love to enjoy, including the streets full of best jazz clubs, and fashionable boutiques.


The good transport links within the Stoke Newington connect you to Liverpool Street in just 15-minutes and to the central London within half hour. The local residents of the place known to be Stokeys are very protective about their community spirit and independence of the area which is why the area is out of reach of the tourists.


Stamford Hill

Stamford Hill is considered to have a great location to live in the London borough of Hackney. It is situated near to the fashionable district Stoke Newington and the area is quite famous for its highest concentration of synagogues. 


The place features various beautiful large homes as well as traditional Victorian and Edwardian terraced houses and has good transport links, with its Overground train service connecting you to the heart of London in within half an hour distance. The growing concentration of families around Stamford Hill, is the reason for some of the best schools formed in the area, with fantastic parks nearby, such as Clissold Park.


London Fields

London Fields, located in the heart of the London borough of Hackney is an ideal location for those city dwellers who love to enjoy outdoor spaces, without compromising on their urban habits. It is indeed the best place to live in to experience what all East London has to offer.


London Fields is cheaper than Hoxton, and is the only place in London that has the heated outdoor 50m swimming pool which boasts why London Fields is an award-winning place to live in London.


Summer time in London Fields is quite appreciated by the locals here as it let them enjoy the nearby located Broadway Market,  range of food stalls, restaurants, and pubs, and don’t forget to grab a beer and enjoy the best BBQs at the place. Handmade gifts, jewellery, and vintage clothing offering shopping stalls are also available within the market.


In terms of convenient transport links, its Overground service offers swift access into the City and is a busy commuter stop, with Liverpool Street in less than 10 minutes.



Clapton has increasingly become popular as the area known for its trend seeking artistic and hipsters move which is situated further in the east end from Shoreditch, where the place have already been priced out in terms of rentals. 


Clapton demand by the new Londoners and those already living there is quite on the rise these days and all thanks to the development of loads of independent bars, pubs, cafes and restaurants, which is the perfect destination for the cool kids of London for whom Clapton is the best thing that happened.


Clapton can be divided into Lower and Upper area with the train station situated in the centre. Lower. The place offers a wide range of cuisines and also features a host of coffee shops and delis. Upper Clapton is surrounded to the west by the long leafy strip of Clapton Common, famous for its recently regenerated Clapton Pond.


The important transport links here is the Clapton and Stamford Hill which are Overground stations and also a host of local bus services are available here. 


Man and Van Hackney

Supreme Man and Van Hackney is a reputable moving company in the Hackney area that offers all kinds of services such as Commercial removals, House removals, and International moves as well. We provide you with a clean man and van necessarily equipped with all the essentials needed to ensure the safe conveyance of all your belongings to your new destination in no time at a bespoke quote.


We have a simple yet effective moving system that provides a convenient means to the potential customers to reach out to the nearest Man and Van in no time, using the Geolocation Recognition software. To note, you have two ways in which you can contact your nearest Man and Van:


Automatic way: Firstly, you need to go to the official website of Man and Van Hackney that automatically figures out your exact current location and accordingly put you in contact with the nearest man and van driver.


Manual way: Secondly, you have also the option to contact us manually by reaching out to the nearest Man and Van or you can also opt to go directly to the Man and Van London website, choose the Hackney area and then get in touch with your allotted Man and Van.


Upon allotment of a man and van, our team remains in constant touch with you until we are satisfied that your entire belongings have been transported to the final destination securely and safely. With our highly-friendly, experience and trained staffs, the loading and unloading process of the truck becomes a cake walk process, attained with perfection. Also, we do provide assured insurance cover to the customers to deal with any unexpected scenarios of any damage or theft.


  • Final Remarks

If you are someone planning to move to Hackney in near future, then before you move, you might need to consider saving your money by choosing the right removal company for yourself. Supreme Man and Van will come as a helping hand to you in this regard because not only we prove moving services, but that too at a cheaper price throughout the UK. 




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