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Shifting or relocating to a new place can be a hard task if one knows nothing about how to face the difficult challenges that moving possesses. From packing to unpacking goods all the tasks can seem very stressful. Therefore, it is recommended to contact man and van services if one needs to do any sort of shifting whether it be of a wardrobe or an entire office. Supreme Man Van services are available twenty-four-seven to people who wish to relocate their homes or offices. 


Why Should You Choose Man and Van Services for Shifting Your Home or Business?


  • It saves you the time and money that you be needing if you had to do the entire shifting process all by yourself.
  • By relying on them, you can easily shift from one location to another, whether it be within or outside of Balham.
  • There would be no reason left for you to be stressed about moving as all the tasks are done by diligent and friendly workers who have been in the profession for many years. 
  • All the tasks from the packing to the reorganizing of items in the new location are done by them.
  • Their services are of the best quality and you can easily trust them with all your items.


Supreme Man and van services provide the benefit of handling everything from loading to unloading. They carefully pack all the items and load them in their vans. They also do the task of unloading the items, unpacking them, and reorganizing them in the new place. They understand how tedious this job is and are very friendly towards their customers. They have been in this business since 2016 and have, therefore, quite a good record of happy and satisfied customers.


If you are a busy person then you can understand how difficult it would be to manage the shifting process all by yourself. On the other hand, if you leave all the work to the Man and Van Balham, they’ll handle all the tasks with ease. You only need to give them a call and place your trust in them and they will handle all the tasks from packing to reorganizing all the items that need to be shifted to the new location. You only need to fill them up with the details of the tasks and wait patiently as all the shifting takes place. 


The Benefits of Choosing Man and Van Services in Balham


  • You can call them at any time of the day and also schedule the shifting at your convenience.
  • There are two types of vans and services and you are free to choose them as per your budget.
  • Just by booking a man and van service, you can leave all the tedious tasks to them. 
  • They carefully pack all the items so that you do need not get stressed about anything.
  • Not only do they do all the tasks with utmost dedication but also provide friendly advisories.
  • You need not worry even if you know nothing about the shifting process because they’ll guide you with all the tasks and provide you with the best advice.


Their services have been available in Balham for a long time now. They have a lot of experience in shifting homes or businesses to new locations. Therefore, you can easily rely on them and trust them with all your items. Their pricing system is also very convenient so that everyone can afford it no matter the budget. Their service is of the best quality because of which plenty of customers have left good reviews on their website as well. If you have decided to shift to a new location all you need to do is contact the man and van services.


They have very dedicated, diligent, kind, and friendly workers who know their job. As a result, the work is done very quickly and efficiently. They can easily pack all the items with utmost carefulness and unload them at the new location. They even help with the reorganization of items in the new location. You need not do any logistics or calculations to determine how much time and money would be required for all the tasks as they do the work for you. They get the right number of workers and vans arranged according to the money provided and time allotted by you.


The Kinds of Vans Provided by Man and Van Services in Balham


  • Transit Van


It is a regular van that carries all types of items. Its load space is 3.5 meters in length, 1.7 meters wide, and has a height of 1.8 meters. A one-man team for one-hour costs 28 euros while a two-man team for one-hour costs 43 euros.


  • Luton Van


This type of van is used for carrying low-density delicate goods. It has a box-shaped body over the driver’s cab known as a Luton. Its load space is 4.5 meters in length, 2.2 meters wide, and 2 meters high. A one-man team for one hour costs 40 euros while a two-man team for one-hour costs 55 euros.


How to Book the Man and Van Service?


  • Give them a call on the number provided by them (0203 752 5238)
  • Or head to their quotation page
  • A friendly advisor will get in contact with you and assist you in the entire shifting process
  • They’ll do all the tasks from loading to unloading as soon as possible. 


There is no hidden extra cost and their services are very reliable. They assign the vans according to the number of items on their own and get all the tasks done as soon as possible. Their services are personalized and insured. They have highly diligent workers who are professionally trained in their jobs. They have been in this profession since 2016 and the owner has a background in the moving and shifting industry for more than a decade. They get all the work done efficiently whether it be moving a small wardrobe or a big office. No matter the number of items they’re all packed carefully. 

Here Is What Our Customers Are Saying

Helped me move to my student house today from my storage locker. Really nice and so quick! A stress free service. Definitely recommend and good if your splitting the money with housemates! 🙂
Prbal Frank
Software Geek
Great man and van services at a great price. My man was very friendly and considerate of my belongings, taking care to be efficient but care with items. Arrived on time and finished on time too. Very happy with this service, will be using and recommending in the future for sure.
John Doe
My mother enjoyed the amazing and fantastic work that workers did when moving some of our furniture from my mother’s house to my house. I really recommend this company. Thank you your are 5 starts.
Supreme Man and man were amazing - very patient, diligent and kind after a very long move London to the West Country
John Doe

Type of Van We Offer


Load space: 3.5m long x 1.7 wide x 1.8m high.

1 Man Team 1 hour: £28 (Minimum 1.5 hours week day and 2hours on weekend.)

2 Man Team 1 hour: £43 (Minimum of 2 hours)


Load space: 4.5m long x 2.2m wide x 2.m high.

1 Man Team 1 hour: £40 (Minimum of 2 hours)

2 Man Team 1 hour: £55 (Minimum of 2 hours)

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