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Safety Tips when moving heavy items

It is a well known fact that moving is quite a stressful and an expensive task. However, quite a few of you home movers realize that the real danger of a house or office move lies hidden in its painful unpredictability. The whole moving task is a painful one, not only figuratively but in a literal sense too. It often happens and you should always expect unforeseen and unexpected emergency visits to the nearest hospital while in transit from Point A of current residential location to Point B of the new location. You may always expect to have an unexpected to the hospital because of some injuries caused due to accidental mishaps and other physical pressures. 


Achingly enough, injuries suffered during the moving process are unforeseeable and tend to happen in split seconds. You may get a paper cut while packing up your essentials or may pull a muscle or hurt your back while carrying the packages. The minor incidents even may turn up for the worse when moving. Since usually there is no warning of any kind that something may go terribly wrong or if certain damage may happen to the items, it is always best to follow some of the moving safety tips by man and van London, especially when moving involve heavy items. In other simple words, because moving requires lifting of various sized items, you need to avoid injuries by taking certain safety tips as your beforehand precaution.


Your own physical needs are right up there with the needs of your house move, so make them a priority and do everything you can to move as safely as possible. That’s why in this article, we have included top best moving safety tips that are in reality very effective in avoiding injuries and most importantly in keeping you safe during your move. So, without further ado, let’s dive in:


Safety Tips when moving Heavy Items

Have a plan in place

Moving process in itself is a very complicated process which involves a lot of micro level tasks. One such huge task is lifting of heavy items. Heavy lifting is simply part of any moving process, but it can usually cause major strain on your body, particularly the muscles and joints, and the area around the spine. There is always a huge risk of suffering injury, so to reduce the chances of risk; it is wise to not do any heavy lifting than you absolutely have to. If you are moving yourself, plan out ahead how you intend to organize the man and van west London van ahead of time so that you are not lifting heavy items and carrying boxes and furniture more than is necessary.

Follow proper lifting protocols

The next safety tip is to plan ahead of time and then follow proper lifting protocols to avoid any injury at all cost. To make sure you stay safe and prevent injury during the moving process, you will want to be sure to follow the fundamentals of heavy lifting, the protocols which include keeping your spine alignment as neutral as possible during the process. For example, when you are picking heavy loads up off the ground, you need to bend at your knees and not your waist. Further, carry heavy loads close to your body to maintain balance, and don’t twist your body lifting or carrying. In case you do have to twist or turn, do so with your hips first, not your feet.

Don’t try to lift more than you safely can

A word of advice for all the residential movers is to never try to lift more than you safely can. This is a house move, not a weightlifting competition where you have to boast it off or injure yourself for personal gain and fame. When it comes to moving, boasting is the last thing you should do and should lift only that much you safely can. Remember to not be harsh on yourself for a move, so that you fall prey to an injury or accident. If you feel something is too heavy or unmanageable, ask for other’s help instead of trying to do it on your own. You know your body and its capabilities better than anyone, so listen to what it is telling you and do not attempt to carry more weight than you can.

Keep a clear hallway or pathway

Whether you are packing, loading, or unpacking, it is crucial that you leave yourself a clear pathway so that you can easily walk through without you having to worry about any hurdles or obstacles. Trips and falls are indispensable parts of a moving process and they are dangerous enough. This danger is multiplied in a move when the surrounding area is filled with items or personal belongings of your own that are heavy to lift. A big part of making safety a priority during your move is not creating any more potential problems than are already inherent in the process, so make sure to designate and maintain a clear hallway or pathway, both inside and outside.

Use of dolly

A dolly is a wheeled cart or similar device used to move items during a move. The use of dolly in your move can make the entire process of transporting your personal items from your old location to the van and to your new home a whole lot easier by taking on the burden of carrying heavy items. If you are planning to relocate and you do not have a dolly already on hand, you can easily rent one from your local hardware store or moving company man and van slough.

Take care of yourself

Besides following all the outlined safety tips, it is equally important for you to take care of yourself at the end of the day. Ignoring stress and pain signs indicating that you need to slow down is a recipe for disaster. Time and again it is stressed upon that your body will tell you what it needs in the moment, and it is necessary that you listen to your body and do accordingly, If you feel stress, pain, or fatigue, do not try to ignore it and keep pushing forward. It is okay to take a pause, process the entire shift, take a deep break and ask for external help if you need to. One of the worst moving mistakes you can make when it comes to safety is to try to do more than you are capable of. If you need to rest or change your plan, do it.

Eat well and stay hydrated

No list of moving safety tips is complete without inclusion of the importance of eating well and staying hydrated during your move. Failure to drink enough water or eat right can lead to exhaustion, weakness, and a cloudy head, all reasonable factors that make you more prone to pain and injury. Make sure to take breaks in regular intervals for complete meals and to keep yourself nutritious, have your hand full on high-energy snacks like nuts, proteins, and whole grain crackers. Additionally, make sure to drink water regularly to avoid dehydration and it’s scary side effects to create obstacles in your move. 

Get enough sleep

You are more likely to suffer injury or accident if you are exhausted, which is why it is absolutely crucial that you are getting sufficient sleep before, during, and after your move. The temptation to stay up as late as possible is always attached there when you are on a roll with preparation, packing or unpacking, but you are not doing yourself any favors if you are taking extra pain with no gain, you actually might end up doing some physical harm to yourself. If you think your body needs additional hours to get everything done, go to sleep at a reasonable time and get up extra early, instead of staying up extra late. That way, you will have the enough energy you need to move efficiently, smartly, and safely to your new home with man and van Battersea.

Extra attention on use of proper heavy lifting techniques

Moving process is usually filled to the brim with painful and unusual body movements like lifting, pushing, bending, pulling, and even twisting. Especially when it comes to moving heavy items, you generally have to put extra efforts and strain on your body to get the heavy lifting of items done correctly. There are few proper lifting techniques under the moving safety guide to reduce the risk of self-injuries when carrying heavy items during the move. Some of the techniques are as listed below:

  • Lift with your legs, not with your back: The first and foremost lifting technique when moving your house is that you should lift with the help of your legs and not with your back. Simply bend at the knees, keep your back straight as an arrow and use the sheer strength of your lower limbs as an ultimate hoisting device. Doing this will cause less strain on your back and your back will thank you later. 
  • Push, do not pull: Speaking of simple yet brilliant moving safety tips to prevent back injuries, keep in mind, whenever applicable, that it is always better to push heavy objects forward than to pull them backward. 
  • Turn with your feet: Another safe and proper lifting technique during a move is that if you find yourself in dire need to turn while still holding a heavy object, then you should turn with your feet, not with your hips. 
  • Keep the load centered. In order to avoid moving injuries when moving house, you should keep heavy items close to your body and centered in relation to your body height. Following this tips help is avoiding unnecessary injuries or accidents. 
  • One step at a time: Everyone knows that taking one step at a time is a full mantra to a successful completion of a desired goal. For moving house, take only small steps at a time and keep your footing secure. Also, make sure your movements are slow and smooth as opposed to sudden and jerky. 
  • Watch your step: It is very crucial that you watch yourself at every step of move, be it, when lifting and moving heavy household items. While lifting and moving items remember to keep your eyes looking in front of you and slightly upward. 
  • Do not lift over your head: Last but not the least, always do note to avoid lifting heavy items over your head unless you absolutely must. Lifting over your head is the most dangerous choice in a move and to avoid all mishaps it would be wise if you just ignore to perform this step.


Concluding Remarks

If you have a big moving job or you are already suffering with an injury or apprehend to worsen your injury during move, it is strongly advised to go with professionals like man and van Brixton. You don’t have to take on more than you can and the best and safest option to deal with a tough moving job is to hire a professional moving company for yourself. 


Not to mention, the professionals carry a ton of experience and required skill set when it comes to safe moving, and they are also well aware of know-how to get the moving job done faster and efficiently than an individual can on their own. Hiring professional mover’s in  Man and van east London becomes especially important when you are recovering from an injury or are struggling with chronic pain. To hire pros, you can research to get a list of reputable movers in your area who can complete your moving task efficiently and safely. 


To conclude, staying safe during the residential move requires both preparation and common sense and the above mentioned safety tips are given to help you when moving heavy items, without injuring yourself. Follow the safety tips to prevent accidents and injuries and enjoy the moving experience stress free.

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