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How Can I Make Moving House Less Stressful?

Congrats on your home relocation! Now you just have to figure out how you are going to pack and move every household goods without breaking the fragile items or your back at super convenience. We know that moving to a new house brings us a mixed feeling of excitement, emotions, and stress altogether. Every other person moving to a new home has to go through this phase anyhow, while many wonder ‘how can I make moving House Less Stressful’? With all the sorting and logistics to do, not to mention moving an entire house of ‘stuff’ to another, less familiar house is a hell lot of tiring and stressing task. Moving everything could be a recipe for disaster and stress overload if not done and organized properly.

The last thing you would want to happen on your final day of move to encounter new piles of boxes, having no idea what’s in them.


Well, good thing that we put together in this article the list of easy moving and packing tips that will lower your moving stress and make your move dead simple. You might think how we know these tips will lower your stress, but trust us that Supreme man and Man is professional team of movers, packers, and organizers at Supreme man and van London who want to ease your moving phase by sharing some of the stress-relieving tips. 


So, sit back, grab your snacks, and dive in to the main content of this informative article:


  • Get rid of everything before starting to pack

Okay, maybe not everything, but you must start from getting rid of the unused and unnecessary items you don’t need or want to see in your new home. To start, it is strongly recommended that you start clearing any clutter from your home as soon as you know you will be moving. You can donate these unnecessary items to do good to others, and most importantly lessen your stuff that you have to pack up and organize.


  • Sort all your belonging by category

Instead of organizing your belonging by room, start sorting things out in specific categories to ease the packing process. Without having to spend an entire day cleaning out your entire bedroom, spend an afternoon sorting through every article of belongings you own and make their separate arrangement in boxes. 


  • Create a moving To-do List

Undoubtedly, To-do lists are more like you have won the half battle when it comes to getting things done on time. Thankfully, it works brilliant when it comes to moving too. Since moving house involves a lot of steps including packing, donating, selling, loading, unloading, etc, you are advised to customize your plans in the To-do lists. Write whatever moving things and requirements you have on your mind, your plans, and any additional ideas that pop into your mind. This will help you do a virtual check on every step you need to complete in intervals before your moving day finally arrives. 


  • Pack one room at a time

After you have sorted out all your belongings by category, i.e., which will go where and in which box, start packing all the things room wise. When it comes to getting ready to move, looking around at all your personal items can be overwhelming and time taking at the same time.

However, if you focus on packing one room at a time, it will reduce your stress and you’ll be able to cut your big goal of packing up the entire home into smaller ones. It helps you keep things organized and saves quite a lot of time while unpacking.


  • Start Packing as soon as you can

It is no doubt that most people tend to procrastinate when doing things. If you are one of them it is strongly advised that you don’t procrastinate when it comes to moving house, and start packing sooner. Packing to move is not as simple as packing for a vacation and if you wish to make the moving process smoother and convenient for you, start sooner, not later. 


  • Start small

Making progress is significant be it in a small or big way, especially when it comes to managing your stress. As Confucius has wisely said, “The man who moves mountains begins by carrying small stones.” The quote aptly applies to reduce moving stress as well. It indicates that while moving, tackle the little things first. Start small and you will notice that they quickly add up to big things and get a major chunk of your job done.

For instance, if you are feeling low by moving stress or when you simply don’t know where to start, just get something done, be it packing up your books, or keeping the cutleries into a box. So, instead of worrying about how you are going to get every single thing you own packed up, shipped to another location, and unpacked in a new space, you just focus on getting it done piece by piece.


  • Implement Labeling System

Though it sounds like a small job, implementing a labeling system to mark all your organized stuff at their separate places, sure does lessens much of your stress. Although you are probably labeling boxes for your move, you need to be specific as in which box contains what items.

Pack the categorized items in separate boxes and write out on a sheet of paper, what is in each box. This will prevent the headache of mystery boxes popping out of nowhere on your final day of move.


  • Plan out your Move ahead of time

Like anything in life, when it comes to moving house, it is helpful to have a plan in place. Having an organized plan makes your moving less stressful physically, emotionally, and financially.

For instance, you can contact your new home owner in advance, make arrangements, call or email them now instead of delaying it close before move-in date. Basically, you need to plan out your move ahead of time because the more issues you foresee, the more you can take care of it in advance.

  • Move your Packed boxes into their new ‘homes’ too

Make sure that all your packed boxes go into their new ‘homes’ too. Meaning, you need to put all boxes in the respective rooms they belong in. This reduces your work before the move-in date and is helpful in the longer run. This is also where labeling of your boxes in advances will come in handy.


  • Move on a less Popular Day

Besides emotionally and physically, moving house also causes stress financially. But if you move on a less popular moving day, it will save you both money and stress. However, it is only possible for those who have a flexible schedule to move house, then play around with potential moving dates and try to decide on the cheapest day to make an appointment.

For example, moving companies are busiest on weekends, so if you plan your moving schedule for a weekday, you will have an advantage of getting a decent discount and avoiding craziness. 


  • Make the moving process turn into a fun challenge

The most important way to make your moving house process less stressful is by turning it into a fun challenge. The entire moving process is so arduous that your patience may wear thin but putting a positive spin on it, rejuvenate the whole experience as a fun challenge, and of course make it less stressful. 


  • Be prepared for the move-in date

Since the final moving day to your new home is going to be huge, make sure you have prepared yourself physically and emotionally by getting enough sleep the night before. You will surely need a lot of energy to get done with the moving process.

That stress can’t be removed overnight but can be reduced to a lesser extent by preparing yourself first. Get enough sleep, food, energy, and take good care of your well-being before the move-in date.


  • Give yourself enough time

One of the biggest sources of moving house stress is time. To be more specific, not having enough time causes more stress. A stress free move might be difficult to achieve, but that can be made a whole lot easier by allotting yourself enough time to get everything done.

Keep in mind that you will need about two days to pack up a studio apartment or one bedroom house, three to four days for a two bedroom home, five to six days for a three bedroom home, and so on. Just be sure and kind to give yourself enough time for other steps as well, such as researching and choosing a moving company or rental truck, starting packing, setting up utilities in your new home, and cleaning the home that you’re leaving. The more you leave the tasks to the last minute, the more frantic you will inevitably feel.


  • Don’t forget to Take breaks and Breathe

Not only taking breaks is essential when moving, but it is a way to give yourself personal time to relish the moments and remember to breathe.

Moving process is draining and stressful and you would need those few minutes of meditation sessions, relax, process the upcoming change. So, do not be afraid to have moments to decompress where you take a moment to breathe and then get back to work. 


  • Ask for Professional Help

Even if you think you and a few friends or relatives can handle your move, it will likely be worth it to get some professional helpers. So, without overestimating your own ability, get help from some professional moving company. However, if your budget doesn’t have room to hire a traditional mover, there are more low-cost ways to get help. You can get done with packing of the household goods on your own, and then only rent a truck for loading and unloading of the goods.


Make your move less stressful by hiring Supreme Man and Van

Among the above things that only works as tips and strategies if you plan to do all the moving house requirements by yourself, you can just get some professional help to get done with things all at once.

Many people don’t want to get involved in the moving process because of obvious reasons of it being so strenuous. That is why they seek professional help to do this job for them. If you wish to hire someone professional in the moving industry, Supreme man and van should be your first choice. 

Try Supreme Man and van for Moving House Less Stressful

Supreme Man and van is a professional mover, having an extensive year of experience in the moving field. Packing up your house for the big move can be a long and arduous process, but with the right removal company like Supreme man and van east London, your moving house process gets all sorted.

We at man and van provide moving service from packing to unpacking in a professional and effective manner, with giving equal importance to the safety of your precious belongings.

The moving company ensures that your belongings are taken care of in the packing process, so you won’t have to arrive at your new house to find new scratches or damages on your household goods. Additionally, they are an experienced moving team who can cater to any moving job you require, and can be trusted to do a great job.


Final Remarks

Life can be stressful and tiring at many times, and moving is no exception. You just need to accept the experience it brings with itself because moving house doesn’t happen so often.

While the moving process, make sure you are taking good care of yourself. To help you lessen that moving stress, we have listed all the important tips from our experts at Man and Van Croydon.

I hope the tips and strategies work as a de-stressor for yourself and prove effective and helpful for you in the long run. Happy moving! 

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