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Things to look for before trusting Man and Van in Hackney or London.

Are you planning to move? You need the best man and van in HackneySupreme Man and Van!

Moving isn’t as easy and playful as it seems in those fancy travelogues. Instead, it creates a whole fuss which is usually super strenuous. You might be going through a whole wave of emotions if you’re about to leave your old home; on the other hand, living in a new space is equally exciting. Don’t let all these emotions fade away under the ‘moving’ stress. 

Statistics show that London, being one of the top cities where people move frequently, records most migrations in and out of London every year. The same statistics reveal a huge rise in ordering and benefit from the services of man and van in Hackney and all the other districts.

There are some factors you must lend a keen eye to while choosing the one service that fits you the best. We are going to break it down for you in a simple, easy read.

What services and assistance do you expect?

First and foremost, look around yourself. Moving companies have a range of varying sizes of vans, packaging materials, helping labourer etc. For your convenience, they rely upon the details you provide them in your order.

  • The Distance:

Are you moving into a new locality or a new city? Distance dictates a lot of factors such as moving price, labour required, packaging strategies, van sizes, and more. Perhaps you’ve got a job promotion and need a man and van to Battersea from Hackney, or you need a man and van to move a few blocks away (You’ll need help in either way, though). All the other things depend on distance, grounding fact.

  • The Loadings:

Heavy loadings necessitate specific techniques, extra hands, and expansive space in the van to accommodate and move. Some choose to load stuff onto the truck and wait for the movers to drive from one point to another. We won’t recommend that if you have heavy loadings. Of course, you won’t want your hard-earned furniture and heavy belongings to get damaged or get into the trouble of stuffing items into an inappropriately sized truck.

There can also be something fragile that you want to be moved. These delicate objects need some extra attention and more bubble wraps. Probably the main reason for buying these removalist services is the safety of your stuff. Therefore, be clear and to the point about the loadings you have while placing the order. Man and van people will come accordingly.

  • The Packaging:

Talking about bubble wraps, have you sorted out cartons for packing yet? Single-walled cheap cartons are not the ones to carry everything you own even if you want to move a few blocks away; a little investment in such material and choosing the right man and van in Enfield, or anywhere else will save you from a lot of destruction and financial loss. Just like those smart customers, choose the company which offers packing, loading, and unloading stuff as an exclusive deal. man and van in Hackney or London have those special double-walled cartons, books cartons, and wrapping material to keep the objects safe and sound. Despite the material, movers know special techniques to pack breakable items or making bigger things fit into smaller cartons.

What should a man and van in Hackney or London offer you?

Now that we are done examining primary factors, let’s move towards other important things to check before hiring man and van in Hackney, Enfield or anywhere else in London.

  • Credibility:

Insurance is another factor to consider while you choose the man and van in Hackney or London. Removalist companies that are insured themselves offer guarantee for the stuff they carry. If God forbid, any misfortune event befalls, you must have a backup. Practically speaking, this isn’t a perfect world, and things can go wrong when you least expect them to. So, choose wisely!

  • Reputation:

Believing in the fact that we are living in the age of technology and are submissive to social media, we assume that you’re booking your order online. Here’s the plus; spare a few moments to go through client reviews of the man and van service you are looking to hire. Check what people are saying about them online.

This small hack can save you from making a wrong decision and eventually keeping you away from a severe discomfort on shifting-day. A well-reputed removalist company is what you should look for. Nevertheless, it all boils down to the trust you put in a man and van with your stuff.

  • Reliability:

By being reliable, we mean both monetarily and ethically. We’ve heard a lot of instances where people were in a rush to get moving. They were done with packing stuff to vacate the house, and moving companies didn’t show up. To be on the safe side, make sure the company you’re booking is reliable and will show up on time. Usually, people have a very short gap of time between vacating out and the other guys moving in. Pick the best man and van in Hackney and London, like ours, and you don’t have to worry about a thing.

  • Transparent Costs:

Costs are the driving agents of any job to be done or not to be done, especially in the case of hiring a position that seems to be a DIY thing. So, be generous when it attracts some dollars out of your pocket. But also, while placing an order, be aware there are no hidden charges.

Occasionally, moving companies do not state their rules if the moving takes some extra miles, or loading and unloading eats a few extra hours. They then charge extra, which often falls out of your expected budget. Therefore, to be on the safe side, talk to the removalists, and choose the one with the best facilities.

  • Licensed:

While you search for the man and van in Hackney or London online, make this specification your priority. The company must be licensed. Any guys with a van/truck can develop their page online and call themselves removalists. But there are some hidden and unsolicited errors with this type.

  • Unlicensed man and van won’t take responsibility for your belongings.
  • There are no rules about their job, and they don’t care about customers.
  • They cannot be trusted with pricy items in their trucks on long routes.
  • Acknowledge team members:

Before choosing a man and van company in Hackney or anywhere else in London, talk to the removalists, and learn about their team members. The moving team should be adequate to pick and carry your goods safely. How many individuals will the team have? How much would they charge? What is the expected time to complete the job? All things must be clearly stated in your quote.

  • Flexible Time Frame:

Be conversant about your details and needs. Man and van in Hackney or London have packed schedules and a strange sort of hassle that goes on forever. In such a circumstance, time becomes a crucial element. Talk to them about the distance, time taken in packing or loading, etc. Book them for a few spare hours to accommodate any delay or traffic woes. If you are inexperienced in moving, ask for their suggestions and rely upon them.

Why would you hire a man and van in Hackney, Enfield, or London?

Moving in and out and settling in a new place has a lot of expenses hidden in corners. These unexpected expenses often make people freak out on the day because the budget seems to go overhead. Meanwhile, man and van in Hackney or London charging high fees might have you thinking about a DIY job. But there are some practical life reasons why you should pay the moving company and not take responsibility for yourself.

  • Moving companies give services in the physical world but grant peace to your mind in the intangible world. That’s how we could put into words the most highlighted advantage of hiring one team.
  • Your valuable belongings should not be put at risk by inappropriate packing. Removalists teams know the tricks and techniques to pack and shift things safely from one place to another.
  • They have customized cartons and wrapping materials for fragile things. You can save your possessions from damage by spending a few bucks on their safety.
  • Their vans and trucks have enough space for your chattel and goods to be transported safely.
  • Licensed companies offer insurance so that your belongings price can have a strong way out if you meet with an accident, theft, or burn. It’s a win-win!

Steps to follow for booking a man and van in Hackney, Enfield or London:

Some relatively common steps moving companies ask you following things to place a quote. It’s easy-peasy!

Your basic information: 

Basic, essential information such as name, both addresses (the place you’re vacating and the one you are moving into), and phone number. Addresses are critical for the movers to decide whether to take the request or not, so please be very short and precise while writing. People usually write simple addresses but if your place is somewhere hidden among the narrow streets and blocks, then mention a renowned landmark.

Movers team you need:

State this part very carefully. Movers team comprises drivers and weight lifters. Therefore, ask as per your need. For instance, if you have heavy furniture to be transported, and you need a man and van in Hackney, ask for a team of 4-5 members who can lift your belongings.

Van sizes: 

Talk to the movers and explain your luggage details. Moreover, distance has to play a vital part in choosing van sizes. The bigger the van, the more it will cost you per kilometre or mile. Do ask for their kilometre rate card before committing to anything. You might also need to give some thought to your area’s parking restrictions and traffic intensity beforehand to avoid any mishandling.


Are you packing yourself, or you’ll need their help? Are you buying the packing material, boxes, bubble wraps, or you need them to bring it for you? Well, you better be clear about these things in your quote to avoid any misunderstanding that may incur extra costs.

Once you’ve filled your basics and sent the request to them, wait for their response. Usually, online bookings do not take very long, and you get a reply within an hour or so. Talk about all the precautions discussed above. Be very aware of the things you want and do not want to happen on the day of your shift. Make sure they understand everything. Finally, if they accept your request and quote their price, book the deal.


  • More often than not, people book for movers a week or two before. Most people looking for the best man and van in Hackney or London, prefer to move on weekends, either Saturday or Sunday. This is a smart decision and one of the best things you could do to avoid confusion and irritation on moving day.
  • Although last minutes bookings are also entertained in some moving companies, we don’t recommend this.
  • To save yourself from panic attacks, start packing your stuff slowly and steadily a day or two before the moving day. It will help you with your smallest but most delicate belongings in all the chaos of notable things such as your wallet, necklace, TV remote and other things along those lines.
  • Also, if you’ll have all your small stuff packed when the movers arrive, you can assist them with the bigger stuff. Moreover, it’s a no-time-wasted idea!
  • People who can meet the removalists in person prefer to invite them for a prior survey to the place of moving. This makes the whole picture a lot more vivid and clear. Moving big units like closets, office desks, dining tables, is a cumbersome task; once the man and van guys take a look at what they are working with, they will come up with more comfortable solutions. Unlike online dealings, meeting in person and talking about things caste light over minute details.

If you are looking for the best man and van service in Hackney or, anywhere in London, Supreme Man and Van is here to assist you with you moving.

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