Moving Post-covid-19 Pandemic? Here Is What You Need To Know

2020 has transformed the dynamics of our daily lives. Every outdoor activity in the pre-Covid period was done in a stress-free manner, but things are relatively different now. Therefore, moving in the post-Covid era demands strict adherence to precautionary measures and proper sanitization upon any contact. The moving services provided by Supreme Man and Van in Battersea are hassle-free, clean, and prompt – enabling you to make the best and smartest move of all times! If you plan to move after the corona outbreak or have fixed a date to proceed, you might want to consider some additional actions to ensure a safe move. This blog will provide an insight into how you should plan, pack, and move post-Covid.


Do Your Research about Man and Van in Battersea or in London.

Albeit Covid-19 cases have abridged and the spread has been controlled (to some extent), the chances of contracting the virus still lingers. Due to this, many states and cities are yet to uplift the lockdown situation. So, before you finalize the move date, make sure to check the county or state websites for moving instructions, stay-at-home, or shelter-in-place orders. If such limitations are in place for you, then you should postpone your move and all others involved in the move – regardless of inconvenience. In a similar scenario, Man and Van in Croydon cooperated with the customers exceptionally well and canceled the bookings without any aggravation because we do what’s best for you!


Connect Virtually

There’s no denying that the pandemic has affected the way we performed our day-to-day activities. To move, one had to physically check the houses they were moving to, which seemed quite normal. But now, people think twice before stepping out of their house even to buy groceries. Fear? Of course, nobody wants to get infected. Technology, in these challenging times, has been a reliable companion. Almost every outdoor task that you can imagine be done online, including virtual house tours! So, take advantage of the fast-paced technology and use your smartphones to view your new houses virtually. Virtual viewing is as wholesome as viewing something personally, so don’t fret about the detailed house tour; your phone will help you do it.

Besides virtually touring your new house, you can also connect with the moving services online. The Man and Van in Battersea and all other Man and Van services are now meeting virtually with their clients to avoid in-person contact. The Man and Van team is loving the new method of interacting with clients and go to great extents to make your meeting and moving experience memorable.


Online Transactions

It is no hidden fact that money carries many germs, and during times like these, you want to cut down contact with all things public hence, why online transactions are the safest way of dealing with all your transactions.


Choose the Right Man and Van in Battersea or London.

Covid-19 has brought with itself an immense amount of uncertainty. The cases could arise at any time, which could lead to postponing some of your confirmed plans, including moving. And canceling or delaying a move can make you suffer a loss. Therefore, hiring a flexible moving service with an agile team can help you come out of this dilemma; what’s best than hiring the Man and Van in the Battersea team or any other Man and Van service!

We at Supreme Man and Van in Battersea prioritize our customers before anything. So, choose our services the next time you plan to move to experience the best customer service in the market!


Prepare to Move

Vacating your home can be physically and emotionally challenging. One cannot move every single item to their new location; some possessions need to be left behind. Also, it doesn’t make sense to pay for them if you’re going to get rid of them sooner or later. So, it is suggested to start sorting out as earlier as possible. It’s easy to underestimate how long the entire process can be and difficult decisions you need to make once things start coming out of cabinets. To make the process less messy and confusing, watch some Marie Condo organizing videos before beginning; it will surely help. Or you could call Man and Van in Battersea or any other Man and Van customer care service and ask for some tips; our 24/7 available team will be happy to help you.

Be sure to check with the donation center’s websites for donation instructions. If you plan to sell items, avoid setting up an auction, and go online. There are plenty of websites that can sell off your belongings swiftly without any physical contact.


Get Them Boxed

Man and Van in Battersea and in all the other locations are now assisting in getting your prized possessions packed safely. The cardboard boxes that we provide are of good quality and are thick, which do not dent easily. We suggest boxing even the smallest of your possessions to avoid any inconvenience during loading and unloading them into the truck and moving them into your new house.

An alternative to this would be re-using some old cardboard boxes and sealing them tightly so that they do not loosen up or open on the way. With so many people ordering online recently, you could ask your neighbors, family members, or friends to save up the boxes and bubble wrap the next time they order something.

Get Tested

Getting yourself tested should be your first and foremost action before and after moving. If you are traveling to a longer distance and have to take a bus or a train or fly, make sure you get tested before and after traveling. Visiting a public domain or being surrounded by a crowd has a higher chance of contracting the virus. Social distance is difficult when sitting on a crowded plane or bus for a longer duration.


Take Extra Care of Senior People and Children

If your move involves people at higher risk of contracting the disease, you should take extra precautions to keep them safe and away from any contact. If your move involves traveling through public transport, you should consider renting or driving to your location. The trip will be much longer, but it’s better to be safe than sorry.


Disinfect Everything  

The Man and Van team suggest you make a point to clean thoroughly. Disinfect all the items properly before you pack them into the boxes. You must also disinfect and clean your entire house before moving in/out. Hiring professional cleaning services is not advisable during these times. So, the safest option is to do it yourself.

Get Everything Repaired Beforehand

While taking a virtual tour of the house you’re moving into, take a closer look at things that needs repairing. To avoid contact with the repairmen, you might want to get everything repaired before you move in. Certain apps help you get in contact with the right persons without meeting them physically.


Stock Up on Cleaning Agents

Keep a pack of extra sanitizes and wipes handy before you move into the new house. You might never know how much cleaning agents you might require to cleanse your new space, so invest in them beforehand as you may not have access to these once you move out. It is also advisable to order online to avoid contact.


Longer Moving Hours

Ideally, the Man and Van in the Battersea team or any other Man and Van service would send in a large team to help you move quickly. But the post-Covid situation has changed our working strategies too. To make our services safe and contact-free, we send in only a few people to help you move out, which means less labor and a slower work pace. Therefore, the Man and Van teams advise you to be mentally prepared and respectful towards the workers who are also taking health risks.


Patience is the Key

Moving into a new house is an exhilarating experience. It’s difficult to calm your nerves and start setting up the house as soon as you reach. But the Man and Van team suggest you don’t rush. The germs on the boxes and all other things you moved in can stay for more than 24 hours. Therefore, it is advised not to touch the boxes before a day, after which you should disinfect first and then unbox your possessions. A bit of particular advice for mattresses: lay them out under the sun for as long as you can; the sunlight will naturally disinfect it.


Secure and Clear Communication

Since everything would be discussed and confirmed over audio and video calls and emails, there is a dire need to secure an internet connection. The pandemic has proven the necessity of the internet to us. Therefore, when you plan to move, especially with the team of Man and Van in Hire and all other Man and Van services, ensure that you have a stable internet connection to avoid any hindrances in communication.

The communication also needs to have clarity. The Man and Van team believes in transparency and is open to clear out any queries you might have. The movement schedule will be double-checked by us to avoid any confusion from both sides. The ‘contactless’ policy is strictly adhered to by our team, hence such firm precautions.


Precautionary Measures Taken by The Supreme Man and Van Crew

When discussing disinfection, the proficient team of Man and Van in Battersea and all other Man and Van services providers take hygiene seriously.

  • Before reaching the site, all employees perform daily check-in screening.
  • The entire crew is provided a Covid-19 safety kit, including a mask, a pair of gloves, sanitizer, and all other safety items.
  • Each equipment that the employees use is disinfected.
  • All crew members are trained to wash their hands during the entire process.
  • Masks are supposed to be worn at all times.
  • Employees must maintain a six-feet distance.
  • Avoid contact with the customer at all costs.


Precautionary Measures That You Should Take

The Man and Van in Battersea and other Man and Van services providers take your health very seriously. In no way would we want you to suffer or face any inconvenience during the post-Covid move. Therefore, our team advises you to follow the safety rules listed below to keep the virus away.

  • Avoid handshake; our employees are trained to be contact-free, so a simple smile to greet them would be safe for either of you.
  • Make use of masks, hand sanitizers, and gloves.
  • Spray all boxes with disinfectant before they are loaded to the truck to ensure you’re not transferring any germs.
  • Disinfect the knobs, doors, light switches, or anything publicly touched to ensure zero germ transferal.
  • Deep clean your house before moving out.
  • Vacate the house before calling in the team of Man and Van
  • If, due to many circumstances, you are unable to vacate the house, make sure to maintain a distance of six feet.
  • Wash your hands at regular intervals.


Precautions After Moving In

Now that you have completed the tricky part, it’s time to move towards the last yet the most crucial step of moving post-Covid-19. After traveling, you should self-quarantine yourself for a few days. Examine yourself, and be extra cautious about symptoms. Contact the doctor immediately if you are uneasy or sick. Use delivery apps to order groceries and other necessities to avoid going to the market. Get more information from here.

Good Luck with Your Move!

Tough time doesn’t necessarily call for tough solutions – and with us, the best Man and Van in Battersea, and perhaps, London,  you need not worry about moving to be tough! Moving to a new house might be exciting, but don’t throw caution to the wind. No surety moving post-Covid-19 is safe, but following these tips and considering it will reduce infection risks.


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