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Moving to another country can be a dream for many, however, it does have its own perks and drawbacks. When you move to another country there are tonnes of tasks that you need to do. 

Whether it’s binding up all necessary things in your home or setting up new things at your new home in a different country, you will have a lot on your plate. And in this hassle, there will be a high chance that you might leave something behind. 

So if you want to have a hassle-free relocation to your new home in a different country then you have landed on the right page. Here you will get to know about Supreme man van that is the best and largest movers and packers company in Europe. 


Checklist For Moving To Another Country 

First, let’s see what tasks you have to do before your big move. As there are so many tasks to do so let’s dive in. 

  1. Make a list

First of all, make a list of all the tasks that you have to do when you are planning to move abroad. These tasks can include selling your old house, consolidating your assets, booking tickets, and making suitable arrangements for you in the new country. 

  1. Start with major tasks

When you have so much on your plate then begin with important tasks that take a long time. Like applying for documents and certificates, buying tickets in advance so that you don’t need to face any last-minute difficulties, and selling your old assets like a house or car. 

  1. Start searching for a new house in the foreign country

It is one such task that is going to take you a lot of time. As you don’t know about the country in which you are moving having real estate contacts there will be very difficult. 

So you need to thoroughly research real estate properties, the best localities to live in and what are the amenities and features provided by the localities. 

  1. Make a list of documents that you need in a foreign country

There will be two documents checklist, one is while leaving your country and the second one is while landing in a foreign country. You need to apply for both sorts of documents separately and keep in mind their procedure and important dates. 

Also, you need to keep them separate so that you will be sorted meanwhile your transition. 

  1. Plan a visit soon to a foreign land 

If you have enough time then you should visit at least once the place where you have to settle down. This will help you in familiarising yourself with the new place, you can inspect your new home and if any changes are required then you can make arrangements for that too. 

Also, you can visit other nearby places and know the locality personally so that when you come to live there you don’t need to waste your time there and can be settled down smoothly. 

  1. Prepare your family 

This is one of the least attended aspects of moving to another country that is necessary to deal with. If you are moving with your family then you have to prepare them for the big move and help them to settle down in the new place easily. 

And if you are moving all alone then you have to make arrangements for them after you leave. 

In both cases, you need to think of your family first, so that you can shift to a new country without any worries. 

These are some of the things that you can do before and meanwhile of your relocation so that you can make sure that no loose end is left behind and everything is done. 


How We Help You In Moving To Another Country

If you are shifting to another country then what you need is the best movers and packers that can help you with your packing, transition, shifting, and unpacking. 

Supreme man and the van do the same for their clients. Since its establishment in the year 2016, it is offering its packers and movers services to customers all over Europe. We are the largest movers and packers service available out there which you can use. 

With us, you can rest assured of the safety and security of your stuff while we work for you. Our staff is well–experienced and skilled to handle any sort of situation and follows an organized schedule. 

First, they will come to check all requirements that are needed for the big move and then according to your plan they will help you in packing all your stuff. Whether you want to shift just a room or an entire villa we have appropriate arrangements for all your needs. 

We have a wide range of Luton and transit vans that are equipped with all advanced services and built–in GPS. For smoothening the loading we also have trolleys and for making all your stuff secure we have special kinds of boxes and proper arrangements. 

After booking our services all you need to do is to focus on other work while we handle your transition for you. 

How To Book Supreme Man and Van Services 

Booking services from man and van Slough is pretty simple and easy. You need to visit the official website and search for the services that you are looking for. Then after filling up some details you can even get an online quotation to compare various pricing plans. 

And when you are sure about us then you can book our services online. Soon you will get a follow-up call to set the schedule. Or if you want then you can also visit any nearest branch of ours and from there you can get all information that you need. 

And there also you can book our services. After booking our services you can rest assured as we will take responsibility for your smooth and secure transition. We also offer insurance to our customers so that they can trust us and rest assured of the security of their items. 

Here Is What Our Customers Are Saying

Helped me move to my student house today from my storage locker. Really nice and so quick! A stress free service. Definitely recommend and good if your splitting the money with housemates! 🙂
Prbal Frank
Software Geek
Great man and van services at a great price. My man was very friendly and considerate of my belongings, taking care to be efficient but care with items. Arrived on time and finished on time too. Very happy with this service, will be using and recommending in the future for sure.
John Doe
My mother enjoyed the amazing and fantastic work that workers did when moving some of our furniture from my mother’s house to my house. I really recommend this company. Thank you your are 5 starts.
Supreme Man and man were amazing - very patient, diligent and kind after a very long move London to the West Country
John Doe

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Load space: 3.5m long x 1.7 wide x 1.8m high.

1 Man Team 1 hour: £28 (Minimum 1.5 hours week day and 2hours on weekend.)

2 Man Team 1 hour: £43 (Minimum of 2 hours)


Load space: 4.5m long x 2.2m wide x 2.m high.

1 Man Team 1 hour: £40 (Minimum of 2 hours)

2 Man Team 1 hour: £55 (Minimum of 2 hours)

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