How to move out of your Parent’s house?

Now the time has come for you to leave your parent’s nest. First of all congratulations! Moving out of your parent’s house is really a big deal for many. The moving process involves different kinds of circumstances and emotions. One such delicate process is moving out of your parents’ house which requires plenty of careful planning, consideration, and ‘adulting’ as they say. Because it is a tough phase to process you’re moving out, to help it make a successful move with Man and Van London, we have put together some of the easy steps and strategies that will facilitate you achieve the independence you want. 


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Tips for moving out of Parent’s house

Communicate with your Parents and seek suggestions

The first and foremost thing to do before moving out is to communicate with your parents about your feelings and intention and seek suggestions about it. Perhaps your parents are ready to see you go and have been encouraging your moving out for a while. Or perhaps, they want you to stay forever in their house. Whatever is your parent’s opinion on the matter, it is important to clearly communicate your intentions and plan of moving out with them. 


However, remember even if the parents seem excited for your new phase in life, they could still be somewhat sad to see you go. Keeping this in mind, make sure to not forget to be extra sensitive about your needs and emotions when communicating your parents about your move out plans.


Come out with a excellent move out plan

Prior planning is a key to every successful move. Before moving out of your parents’ house, it is strongly recommended that you come up with a moving plan that both you and your parents freely agrees upon. Plan out and come up with a final goal move out date for when you think you can move out. The final move out date however is subject to change and is set prior to have a close estimate on how the job gets done smoothly. It furthers gives you extra push needed to get moving on a plan.


Nail Down Your Finances

One of the most important adulthood steps for a person is to move out of their parent’s house, but if you don’t have a regular financial backup, problems will arise. Because you are going to need enough money to pay on the rent for first couple of months which includes various other budget expenses such as hiring a professional moving company, buying new furniture, paying security deposits, application fees, and more.


Lock down a Steady Income 

One thing to always remember is that you must have a steady income flow every month to avoid the stressful task of paying monthly bills. Individual who fail in this, has to suffer long-term financial woes like credit-card debt and late payments showing up on your credit score. The point is that moving out of your parent’s house to build your own life should be a wise decision if you have steady flow of salary. So, secure the job position you think is best for you and lock down your monthly salary to be able to pay your monthly bills, without having to ask your parents.


Establish good credit

Those who have not already established good credit, now is the time for them to start. Individuals, who are looking to purchase a home please note that a less than stellar credit score (or no credit score) means you are less likely to get a home loan from a bank. If you are unable to get a loan from a mortgage lender, you can opt out from the home-ownership plan at least for now. 


Moreover, those who plan to rent, the credit history plays major importance. Since many property managers and landlords these days run credit checks on rental applicants, they can assess a potential renter’s credit history and can get a good idea of whether or not the applicant pays bills and rent on time. Essentially, it is a wise idea to start building a healthy credit score in the meantime.


You should start saving money for a down payment

Another most important thing that you must do is to start saving your income for a down payment. When you plan to buy a home, you are going to need sufficient money in your bank account for a down payment. To do so, it becomes necessary for you to come up with a realistic and reasonable plan and to get there firstly you need to understand the time to hone in on unnecessary spending. There are number of way you can cut down on your spending such as temporarily cancel your gym membership and cut back on shopping and travel expenses. So, choose your way and start saving money for the down payment of your house.


Determine and set your budget

Now it is time to crunch the numbers and determine first where you are going to rent or buy a home for yourself. Since both plans are going to incur costs differently, you should decide your budget and plan accordingly. For example, if you are going to rent, your current monthly salary should be more than enough to comfortably cover rental expenses, including the rent, rental insurance, utilities and others. On the contrary, if you are planning to purchase a home, it is recommended you talk with a mortgage broker to determine how much worth house you can afford to buy. 


A mortgage broker will estimate your gross annual income, debt, and credit history into consideration and suggest you options of lenders who will be willing to loan you. Whatever it is, you should buy a home that you can actually afford – and not one that stretches your budget.


Find a experienced Realtor

Now that you have determined your house budget and saved up enough money for a down payment, time is to start looking for a reputable Realtor. For those who are new to purchasing a home, it is important to consider enlisting only a qualified and helpful Realtor. A qualified realtor is a real estate agent who has good knowledge of the market and can also handle all the negotiations and paperwork for you, minimizing most of your stress. However, for this to happen it becomes crucial that you hire the right Realtor who can walk you through the home buying process – keeping your interests, needs and budget top of mind.


Enlist friends or schedule the professional movers

It is understandable to seek help from the relatives and friends when you have a very little to move out to a new location. But when the entire shifting process is a complex one including of huge chunk of household goods and personal belongings, it is better to enlist professional movers that will assist you with your move. If you are going for DIY move, enlist your friends and relatives for packing of items and lastly, rent a moving van from a reputable company like Man and van. 


Moreover, if you’re planning to hire professional movers to help with part of the move, consider enlisting labor and skilled movers only to assist with loading and unloading the rental van. This will most certainly be less expensive than hiring full-service movers to handle the entire move for you. 


Plan Your Move And Hire A Professional Moving Company

Hiring a professional moving company like the Supreme Man and Van east London can take most of the hassle and stress out of moving. More specifically, they’ll ensure your belongings are moved as fast and safe as possible. Moving is already expensive, so hiring movers should be something you budget out beforehand. Getting a free quote in advance helps you lock down your moving budget before the movers even arrive.


Donate, sell or consign items that you don’t need

It is usually said that while moving out, you should get rid of those things which you don’t need. You can donate or sell your items if you think you have too much stuff? If your closets are overflowing, it may be time to get rid of your belongings before you move. After all, the less stuff you have to move, the easier (and cheaper) your move will be. Try donating gently-used items to local charities and consigning nicer items to local consignment stores. Also, consider throwing a garage sale or selling belongings via an online marketplace.


Find Packing supplies 

Now it is time to gather all the packing supplies from boxes and tape to bubble wrap and foam pouches, you’re going to need to every other packing supplies to help with your next move. There are various packing supplies as available online, as well as at your workplace, nearby libraries, large retailers and more. For a list of where to find free boxes, check here. 


Start Packing and Label the boxes

Now that you are done gathering your supplies, it is time to get packing’! You can start woth packing non-essentials (those items you won’t need in the coming weeks) first. Examples are seasonal clothing, knick knacks, photos, books, etc. The day before you move, pack essentials, such as toiletries, pajamas, prescription meds, etc, in a separate box that can easily be found on moving day. Make sure to clearly label all boxes and keep important documents with you at all times.


Set up utilities and cable

News flash: if you’ve been living with your parents, you’ve been using their utilities. Unless you want to walk into a dark home with no electricity, you’ll need to set up utilities and cable in your new place as soon as possible. Also, call the utility companies early on to let them know when you’ll be moving in. Once you’ve scheduled dates for all utilities to be turned on, you’ll need to call the cable company to reserve an installation date as well.


Change your current address

Unless you want your parents receiving your mail, I suggest changing your address ASAP. Fortunately, USPS makes it easy. All you have to do is go to and choose the date that you wish to begin forwarding your mail. Don’t forget to also change your credit card billing address and let your bank know that you’re moving. To avoid confusion, it may also be helpful to send out an email to friends and family with your new address.


Move In 

Well done, you did it! From saving your money to packing your boxes, you have successfully moved out of your parents’ house and into your new home. Congratulations! This newfound freedom was certainly worth every tedious step along the way.


Now that you have a place to rent and a plan to furnish it, it’s time to move-in! Get yourself settled and enjoy decorating your space. You might even want to throw a little house-warming party to celebrate your newfound independence and show off your apartment.


Why Hire Supreme Man and Van 

Supreme Man and Van is the London’s number 1 man and van service with hundreds of happy customers. Whatever you need to move we can make the job as seamless as possible. With supreme man and van we’ll aim to take away the stress of moving and make it as easy as physically possible.


No matter what you need to move, whether it’s a single bed, a large office or even a whole house our transport professionals will have all the equipment to get their job done to the best possible standard. We also have a range of vehicles so if you have a smaller or a larger job we have the right van to fit. We have Transit vans, Sprinter vans and Luton vans. So rest assured we will move you efficiently. So, hire Supreme Man and Van services to move out of your Parent’s house.


Final Remarks

Moving out of your parents’ house is definitely a big deal. This is going to be your ultimate transition from being dependent to being independent. We can’t deny the fact that living independently helps you become more responsible but it is going to be a big change, be it emotionally, financially, mentally or in terms of responsibilities. Moving out is the ultimate level of adulating begins here. Living independently can sound awesome, but are you absolutely sure you are ready for the big change? There are some things that you need to consider and calculate before you make the big move. 


All of the above outlined tips and strategies were pointed with an aim to ease down your moving process out of your parent’s house and make it stress free experience for you with Man and Van Croydon. I hope the article was of great help to the readers. Good luck and happy moving!

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