Places You Can’t Afford To Miss To Live In England

Live In England

Places You Can’t Afford To Miss To Live In England

Having a beautiful home in one of the world’s famous city London is a dream of many. And I believe that while reading this article, you are also just dreaming of your home, sitting in your decent garden in front of your home, and enjoying a cup of tea while admiring the sky.

Pleasant, right, but it’s not as easy as its sound. To have a dream house in London is very daunting work to do. You have to make a checklist of all the cities which have the best amenities, facilities, transportation with schools and other essentialities.

And you have to finish all these research works before moving to any place. Thus you have to plan your every move if you want timely and effective shifting. Hectic right, yes, all these tasks are able to create a lot of hassle.

But with us, you don’t need to worry about anything. Here with supreme man and van Hackney, you will get a complete guide on the major cities of England, which are worth considering once if you want the best hospitality on a cost-friendly budget.

1. Essex

Talking about the best area in England, the top position is secured by Essex, which is counted among the best counties of London. It is home to many communities and people having different lifestyles.

And it accommodates everyone so well that no one ever feels left out or lagged behind. Whether you want to chill in a vibrant city or peacefully spend your days in the countryside, this place has all.

In Essex only there are so many places which you can consider for starting a new chapter of your life.

2. Chelmsford

This town is among the richest area of England where you will find great history. It is a place for museums and medieval buildings that makes the surrounding stunning.

Because of the English History and Heritage that it holds, this town has been declared a site of national importance. Also, every year it hosts an annual carnival famous by the name of ‘Chelmsfords Carnival.’

It is also the third most populous town in the county Essex of London and very near to London. What attracts the population here is the fact that it is an employment-generating city where everyone can find a suitable job.

With job opportunities here, you also have the best schools and free pre-schooling. So you can be assured that the future of your kids is bright. Here they will get a decent education and job opportunities at the same place.

Not only it is a place for good schools and jobs but also for other amenities. Whatever you want or need with an English town, it has all of them.

It got cheerful streets full of shops and eating outlets for every mood, occasion, and taste. With that, there are so many things to do. So if you are young and want a place to get settled with a shiny future, then it can be your dream place that is worth trying.

3. Purfleet

Another place from Essex on our list is this, which contains a great history of Europe. It is a complete residential place where you can find a lot of space for your dream home.

It is only few hours away from north London, so you will be connected to the main town of London. What makes it unique from other towns in the history which its building glorifies.

It has some of the oldest buildings and churches found in England. With history also encourages art and sport. And here you can also have an enthusiastic football club which is well known.

This place is unique in many ways. First of all, it covers a good green area that you can acquire. Here you can find apartments to houses ranging from new to old.

It is a place to a variety of property where you can find period homes to new houses. Although it is an old town then also you can find here many new ongoing projects.

As the perks here, you can get a calm environment where you can relax and make the best memories of your life. With a green and clean environment, you will have good health.

So if you are looking for the best place to live, then it is only for you. Here you will get a good environment with lots of space, superb transportation, free from the crowd, quiet and calm surrounding and living near the London.

And if you are planning to shift to this incredible place, then don’t worry, man and van Balham are there to make you tension-free about your migration.

4. Basildon

A place best known for an amazing combination of industrial and residential areas. Once it was more a city and a residential area, but with time, it is becoming a commercial area of the country.

And if you want to try your luck in job opportunities, then it’s a perfect place for you. Here you will get not only the best housing but also a nice job. And what could be more lucrative than this offer having a sweet home and a secured job?

Also, it is very near to London so you will always be in a convenient position to visit London whenever you want. You will never be too far from the main town of London, and you will always stay connected with the main town.

And what makes it more unique is the fact that it is surrounded by the most beautiful countryside in London. So while you are living in the town of Essex, you can go on weekends with your family and friends and have a good time with them.

Talking about amenities, it has the best hospitality. Here you can find outstanding schools, churches that have a great history. Since this town is very historical in nature here, you can find historical places.

And if you are a fan of shopping, then its Basildon Market Square will delight you. It has everything that you need, from ancient antique pieces to new models and other utilities.

Not only that, but it also has affordable houses that attract a major chunk of the population. Even if you are low on budget, then also you can find some good houses here.

Then what are you waiting for, a fabulous lifetime chance is there for you. Where you will get the best housing with a decent job, surroundings, and hospitality. Although this city is low in population but then also never lets anyone feel alone.

5. Rugby

As you can guess from the name itself, this town is the origin place of the famous game rugby. But if you think that this town is only good at sports, then you are completely wrong.

Apart from rugby and other sports, this place is a perfect blend of art, sports, local culture, and fitness. It is a brilliant place for everyone who wants a settled life with all comforts of life.

Starting from the housing, it offers decent and spacious houses to live in. Whether you want a villa, apartment, floor, single room, or a cozy house, you will get all here.

Even if you are planning a family here then also it is excellent for that, as for future use you can buy a big house or floor for your kids. The residential is surrounded by a serene view which is soul-soothing.

So here you can take bliss of relief and calmness after a hectic day at work. Or you can take it as a place to regain your energy.

Talking about the job opportunities, this town is not only home to rugby but also to world-leading companies such as Rolls Royce. So here, one will never get disappointed in unemployment.

But it is not only a commercial hub or residential area but also has so many shops that you will never have to drive out or too far for anything. All things for your household ranging from fresh fruits and vegetables to utilities and premium products everything can be found here.

For families, it has some of the best schools in the nearby areas and ensures that for good education, no one has to move outside of the town. And for families with education, this place is home to many exciting leisure activities too.

So, in a nutshell, we can say that this town is perfect for you and your family. Why because it has the best housing area with job opportunities, parks, shopping areas, farmer’s market, schools, well-structured transportation, and communication system. It has everything that you will need.

And not to mention because of all these things it is also ranked among the world’s best places to live. Thus you can miss this place while making a checklist of places to reside.

6. Bollington

One other place to live in England is this town which has grabbed its position in our list because of the pleasant environment it offers. This place is heaven for nature lovers who love to spend their time with nature.

Here you have very beautiful and picturesque countryside that attracts everyone. In this countryside area, many national parks and forests are included.

So if you want to be surrounded by the pure nature that is wild yet elegant and beautiful, love to see animals and birds moving freely, then this place will really hold you. So you can relax here with your entire family.

And if you want a change, then you have colorful, vibrant village communities with you. They consist of bands and groups and make a jolly environment with the local but attractive shops. And to keep you engaged, they have so many festivals and social events that you will never feel bored here.

But here you should know that housing in this area is a bit expensive and also the mainland of London is far. So if you don’t have any problems with budget and staying a little away from London, then this place is a true paradise for you.

7. Altrincham

This place is a perfect mixture of English history, culture, sports, and arts. So there is no shadow of a doubt that anyone who likes even one of them would find this place less than amazing.

It is one of the most popular towns in England and is very near to London. With that here, you can witness a strong presence of middle-class families, which makes it perfect for families not having a great budget.

Although some of its locations are quite expensive, that doesn’t mean people with a low budget can’t afford to reside here. It has space for people with low to high budgets.

Talking about its history, this town shares a long history back then, which stretched back to the medieval period. That is why here you have some of the finest and oldest churches, conservation areas, Old Market Place, to count a few.

With them, the annual music festival will always excite your spirit and make you enjoy every moment of living here. And not to mention if you love sports then also this town has a lot for you. Here you have rugby teams, ice hockey teams, international football teams, and matches.

Not only that but this town hold an equal reputation for schooling and education. Here you have some of the best schools in the locality. So it’s a perfect match for you if you are looking for a place to settle down with your family and having all pleasures of life.

8. Hertford

In this era of deteriorating environment, if you want a green and healthy place to live, then you have to nowhere. This place is just only having a rural culture and steady population growth.

In the east side of England, you can find this town where you will find nothing but eye-catchy green countryside which steals everyone’s heart. Being rural and low in population doesn’t mean that it is far away from modernity and a lonely place.

This place is very cheerful, has a super busy marketplace, with many cultural events and annual festivals. Even being rural in nature, this place is an amazing combination of history, modern living, and loneliness.

A loneliness that doesn’t haunt you but relaxes you and takes you away from all the tensions of work and life. And if you want some bustling too then in the east of the town, you will find something that gives you a change from your lovely countryside life.

With that here, you can find good schools, workplaces, houses, shops, restaurants and in short everything that is essential for a nice living. So without any second thought, you can choose this place for your living.


These are some of the places that you can choose for your living in England. I know moving to one of the world’s most busy, modern, and amazing country is an adventure and thrilling in itself what to say of the residency here.

Although among all this excitement and happiness you can’t forget that you are going to settle down at a place for the rest of your life and start a family there. So the selection must be wise and smart so that you don’t need to regret it later.

And here comes man and van Ealing that has got everything you need to settle on a new place. Here we have presented you a list of the best places to live in England, and with that, when you make your mind to a place, we also help you to shift to that place and assist you in starting a new phase of your life.


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