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If you only talk about the UK region, it hosts a range of city and sub areas within it which has been proven to be the sought after areas and most awarded areas to top the list of the best places in the UK. One such area we will be talking about in this blog is Somerset.


Somerset is one of the ideal cities of the UK known for its lively city life, pleasant scenery, and amazing sub areas with good transportation links that connects them to the centre of the city within minutes. Somerset is truly full of some of the most stunning places to live ranging from the historic settlements as dates back to the Celtic and Roman times, to the Somerset Coast and Mendip Hills. Thus, one could find no shortage of living options as one could have wished for as living in Somerset.

Somerset boasts a huge range of good options of areas which are continuously in demand among renters and tourists which can be evidently seen in the increased in high prices but also some of the silent beautiful places in the entire UK that are far from cheap to rent in.


But which are the classy, fashionable, and most desirable places in the Somerset that one could plan to move in? The answer to this question is hotly contested that is why in this article we have gathered the information on some of the best places that we think are deserving and worth relocating to, and then it is up to you to decide which one is suitable as per your needs and requirements.


Don’t worry, we will make it easier for you and will even guide you in narrowing down your options. So, let’s get started with this information and interesting article and simultaneously, you can start planning your big move go smoother with the help of Man and Van Balham Company today!


      I.         Frome

Frome was once known to be one of the largest towns in Somerset, larger than nearby bath until the Industrial Revolution came in. Frome is a town that no one can help themselves but completely falling in love with this place, such a beauty and charm it boasts. Frome is strategically situated on high ground at the eastern end of Mendip Hills and has cobbled medieval streets winded which make the town a delightful place to wander by you.


Frome sits just outside the two bustling lifestyle locations of Bath and Bristol and has a lot of independent shops lined up on the main high street of the town which makes the great street shopping place, providing a host of opportunities to but a special one-off gift for someone or for yourself.


River Frome sits at the centre of the town and is known for its prettiness and increases the beauty of the entire town by its gracious presence. It has excellent transportation links that connects the place with other part of Somerset so whenever you have to travel into the city in leisure or in urgency, it will take no time at all. This affords the local residents and regular commuters to take the walking routes running along much of its length. The thriving occasion can be seen in the town from its popular Wednesday and Saturday market where the independent businesses showcases their quality handmade products, offers locally produced delicacies, and everything you need to gather, shop, and socialize with other.


These are the reasons why it comes as no surprise that Frome has been recently named one of the best areas in the South West of Britain by The Sunday Times. It is also considered one of stylish town in the entire country and best weekend breaks from London as per Time Out.


Talking about cost of living here, living in Frome is not cheap, though, with house prices you can expect to have at an average of £336,216. Surprisingly, despite the positive reputation of the place, the current average value of the property on Frome costs only £335,578.


   II.         Castle Cary

Castle Cary is simply referred as Cary which is one of the peaceful and quaint market town in the Somerset. Cary town is situated on the River Cary which 5 miles North West of Wincanton and 8 miles South of the Shepton Mallet.


Castle Cary is truly one of the attractive towns in the Somerset region, because of its beautiful location in the glorious South Somerset countryside.


As the name suggests, Cary Castle once stood in the town but is no longer and most of the original building stones were used in the construction of homes surrounding the Cary town. The sole remained evidence of once-thriving castle is River Cary which rises from Park Pond and is part of the original castle moat.


Cary Castle is known as town for all seasons and annually hosts the renowned illuminated carnival in October which is an eye-appealing for all reasons. It also has plenty of unusual shops which even today retain their fine 19th-century shop fronts. Similarly, old buildings as early as 15-century are still being used as Market House and the popular George Hotel.


Nearby to the town is Haynes International Motor Museum which is just 4 miles away and 13-miles away you will find Glastonbury Abbey, the legendary burial place of King Arthur.


While the area has seen some expansion to its north with new housing developments meeting the increased interest of individuals in the region, most part boasting major asset still remained untouched.


If you are looking to buy property in Cary Castle, you should expect average property costing around £313,935.


 III.         Shepton Mallet

Shepton Mallet is a ancient market town, nicely located in the Mendip district of Somerset and lies in the route of the Fosse Way, the principal Roman road into the South West of England.


There are total 218 listed buildings in the Shepton Millet and the place includes market cross from as early as 1500s and a 10th-century church.


Shepton Mallet after using the term Shepton which means old English for sheep because the town was widely involved in the trade of wool which made the place popular but them with the advent of the industrial revolution, other economic activities prospered in the town, particularly the job of brewing cider.


It is rightly said that while in Shepton, you will have no time for boredom because the town offers a lot of things that keeps you engaged all the time. It offers the beauty of the Mendip Hills, internationally recognized country shows, luxury outlet shopping, and also one of the oldest prisons in UK which is now open for public visits.


Shepton Mallet sits 18-miles from the Great Bath, 20-miles from Briston and is increasingly getting nearby to other popular areas.


The town is uniquely situated in the heart of Somerset and is surrounded by beautiful scenery and pleasant looking villages, which makes it the ideal place for those who look to live in a semi-rural area but well-connected to big towns.


Buying property in Shepton is much cheaper than other parts of Somerset as it costs an average of £281,829.

 IV.         Glastonbury

From Glastonbury, the first that comes to the mind is the well-known Glastonbury Festival, which undeniably one of the most famous festivals in the entire United Kingdom.


Glastonbury is much more than its mud, tents and music and the town is known to be quite a busy place as it has became a centre for commerce since the mid 1800’s. Being the centre of attraction, the town has seen significant construction and development of the Glastonbury Canal, market cross, and the Glastonbury and Street railway station.


The town is now permanent home to more than ten thousand individuals and is full of spirituality. It has become a yearly tourist destination in the UK because of its known healing waters, fascinating Abbey, and the imposing Glastonbury Tor. The place offers a plenty of things for the residents and tourists to do as ranging from its diverse food arrangement, exciting nightlife, and historical sites surrounding countryside. The weekly market here is a busy affair as a lot of local businesses and shops are opened which sell the manner of witchcraft supplies and other exciting things.


Location of Glastonbury is such placed as it is just 27-miles away the coastal town of Weston, 22-miles away the Super Mare is 22 miles and 25-miles away the Great Bath. The nearby Bristol Airport is 20-miles away and offers range of flights across the UK and to Europe.

If you are looking to buy house here, it will be an ideal choice for you because the prices are quite reasonable with an average pricing of £324,963


    V.         Wedmore

Wedmore is situated between Wells and Burnham-on-Sea, and holds a reputation of being known as one of the most sought after places to live in Somerset. The place is former home to our England cricket start Jos Buttler and is quite desirable among families and young professionals because of its location, luxuries, and attractive life style. Buying property in Wedmore will cost an average of £577,333 to you with all the added amenities you can cherish of from this place.


 VI.         Hinton St George

Hinton St George is a village situated just outside the Crewkerne, and is located near Yeovil. The town has an idyllic main street, with lined up hamstone cottages on its streets, some thatched. If you are looking to buy a property here, then you should expect an average price of £514,167.


VII.         Axbridge

Axbridge is a small town in Somerset, situated on the southern edge of the famous Mendip Hills near Cheddar. Albeit a small town, because of its beautiful location the town has become the most in-demand areas to move in from the hassle full city life. To note, buying properties here is not cheaper and homes here costs around an average of £423,369.


VIII.         Templecombe

Templecombe is another small town village in Somerset and has become quite popular become of its unique location. Templecombe has a perfect location for those who want to stay close to the bigger towns but in a village. This village town has only a population of approx 1,560 of individuals and is located on the A357 and near to the big towns of Wincanton and Yeovil. The average property on sale here costs around £408,104.


 IX.         Somerton

If you are planning to move to South of the Somerset, then the most desirable town as per Zoopla is that of Somerton. Somerton town is located between Taunton and Yeovil and is known to boasts pleasing aesthetics that attracts a large number of tourists to this place. However, to note an average property will cost you here around £389,835.



There is much more to Somerset than the aforesaid areas. These are just the glimpse of the best of Somerset but the actual glory of the place cannot be told limiting its description. The place is full of beautiful houses, artistic and creative opportunity, cool towns, villages, and the most significant is the World Heritage City of Bath.


So, I think you must have decided by now with which option from the list to decide on. Well, our first and foremost choice is Frome, but we have given you all the beautiful aspects of Somerset in forms of other best areas so decide one and get ready to move in, we are here to help you start the moving process.


Reach out to us today and we will make your dream move a memorable experience with the assistance of our Man and Van Brixton professional services. Get a free quote today and enjoy your move with us!


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