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Hiring a Man and Van Vs Self-Moving: Making The Right Choice

If you are planning for a move and don’t know where to start? We suggest you sit down for a bit and read this article. You may need to figure out a hell lot of things for your big move, but the first and foremost thing is to make a choice between self-moving and Hiring a moving service. We are sure this question comes to most of us in our mind, particularly if we are concerned about the costs to be incurred in a move and safety of our belongings. To help you make the correct choice, we have prepared this article by gathering information from experts at Man and Van Ealing who possess extensive years of experience in the moving and relocating industry. So, let us dive into this informative article to know the pros and cons of Self-moving and Hiring a moving service:





Full Control and Management over your move: A greatest advantage of a DIY move is the very fact that it offers to you total control and management power over the entire moving process from packaging to unloading at place of destination. In self-move not only do you get the option to select the truck and the moving supplies as per your suitability but you can manage the boxes yourself, thus you have a free-hand to ensure that your personal belongings are not broken at any stage of moving process and are delivered safely at destination.   


Flexibility of Timing: If you have chosen a DIY move, you will have enough flexibility in terms of timing when to start packing, begin the move, and get done with the entire process as per your fixed time. Plus, moving in bad weather also calls for extra attention to the safety of goods to be transported and nobody could be a better caretaker than the owner himself. So, you are in full charge of loading the truck safely, without taking unnecessary tension of inexperienced movers dumping your belongings like a newbie.


Cost-effective: People often choose the option of DIY move when they have a tight budget. For example, even if you just have to relocate to a nearby place, the expenses incurred quickly add up and exceed than expected when you hire a mover. Thus, in terms of relocating to a nearby place, DIY move turns out to be far more cost-effective than hiring a moving company.


Pack your goods however you want: On a DIY move, you don’t need to rely on a perfect packing system as done by the movers. It is your belongings and you know the best to take care of it so you can pack them however you want. You need not pack and seal them in a perfect shape like for lamps and plants, just pack it in a convenient manner to be transported and that’s it, the job is done hassle free. This will help in reducing the costs to be incurred in obsessing over several boxes and perfect packaging. 



Heavy lifting: You can’t deny the fact that a DIY move will require a lot of physical as well as mental efforts from your side. Just to add up the tension, heavy lifting comes as a nightmare. Unless you are taking help from someone else, it becomes quite tough to lift the heavy boxes and furniture, especially when there are staircases.   


Intensive Planning: In a self-move it is mandatorily required that you coordinate the entire move yourself which is definitely going to take a lot of planning. For this, you will need to figure out everything from the logistics to packaging, loading and unloading and not to mention, this could be a really tiresome job.


Inevitable Problems are bound to arise: When you are on a DIY move, there is more than 90% chance that you are bound to incur some problems that you didn’t expect at all. Few instances are getting your couch stuck in the main door, in the staircase, any breakage of goods that are to be handled with extreme care and need expert help or any packaging getting opened up that you have done in haste, while in transit.


Hiring Movers




Everything in a professional’s hand: When you have hired a moving company, there is nothing much left for you to do besides coordinating with the movers to help them get their job done on time. Make sure to hire an experienced mover in the field who are committed towards professionalism and has good reviews from customers. This will give you peace of mind that your goods are in safe hands.


You would not have to lift even a finger: Everything is done by the movers so the main problem of heavy lifting is sorted. By hiring a reputable mover, you have to worry less about the lifting part and carrying of goods like some of the heavy couches down the staircase and out the door to be loaded in a moving van. All the work of straining muscles, begging friends to help you in the lifting, and scratching up new floors is done away with these trained movers. So, just sit back and relax and let the movers do their job smoothly.   


Efficiency: Hiring a Moving company that is experienced and reliable gives you little worry. Their experience advocates their expertise in making the entire moving experience efficient for you. The movers are under contract to provide assistance in every aspect of your move like arriving on time with the necessary moving supplies and appropriate equipment.   


Less Stressful: Hiring a moving company has its own perks like it saves a lot of your time that wastes in making arrangements for your move instead enlist a moving company and get all the help to make your moving process easier. They are trained in doing everything from packaging to loading in vans and then safely unloading to the place of destinations, thus leaving little for you to do.



There are no such disadvantages of hiring a moving company as they are reliable, experienced, and trained movers who are working only for the purpose of making any move easier for their customers.   


To avoid moving rip-offs and scams, just make sure that you enlist a reputable moving company in the market who has good reviews from customers. If you are looking to hire a moving company in London and allied areas, it is strongly recommended to consider hiring Man and Van Balham. So, make a choice now between hiring a mover and a DIY move and enjoy your move at peace!


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