Tips to Save Costs on Your Moving Day

Moving Day

Tips to Save Costs on Your Moving Day

Moving or relocating to a new place is always a tiring job for anyone unless you are a pro at doing it on your own. If you are someone planning a big house move in London, then hiring services of Man and Van Essex will be of great help to you to do away with the heavy lifting and packaging jobs of a move.   


Despite some of the cons of hiring a man and van that may be a bit more costly for you than the option for a DIY move, hiring a professional service for a big move is always a wise option. A self-move can become unnecessarily stressful, so here in this article, we provide you with a guide on how to save costs on your moving day. The guide will help you incur lesser amounts than you will usually be spending on your moving day. So, without further ado, let us begin with this informative article:


Tips to Save on Man and Van Costs on your Moving Day


Avoid Moving in the Peak Seasons: If you are planning for a move in near future, unless it is urgent, try to delay it to avoid peak seasons of moving. The peak moving seasons are from the month of May to September in a year so if it is possible, try to avoid or reschedule your upcoming move before May or after September month. Before May or after September month. In addition to this, weekends should also be avoided and the first and last days of a month. The reason behind this precaution is that during peak seasons every other person is moving to a new location and the prices of a moving company are sincerely high during these months. So, if you could avoid moving in peak seasons, your pocket will suffer less expense. 


Declutter: It is a very basic thing that you must keep in your mind that the amount of items you will need to move will accordingly affect the hiring cost of a man and van. To prevent this, you can save up on the packaging boxes and van space by significantly cutting down on your goods to be transported. For this, you need prior planning and can’t just leave your items on moving day. So, ahead of your move day, evaluate all the stuff and get rid of unnecessary things that you are not going to need at your new place. If you’re a habitual hoarder of useless things, this could be the perfect timing to get rid of the habit. Moreover, you can further sell off your pre-loved goods or donate them for a low price, and then you can use the saved money to cover the moving expenses.


Pack Smartly: Prior to your moving day, if you want to save cost, it is sincerely recommended from the experts that you pack smart and make use of alternative packaging boxes or free boxes instead of buying from the market. You can make a list of things that you can easily pack by yourself. To do packaging on your own, get the old boxes and boxes from nearby stores known to you that can provide you with free cardboard boxes. While packing, do it smartly by separately listing the boxes as per items commonly in use like toiletries and necessary clothes. Keep the fragile teams for professionals to pack as you might break them. 


Dismantling and Reassembling furniture: You know that the more time movers will take to pack your items and belongings, the higher the price they are going to charge from you and furniture is the main thing which requires a lot of time in dismantling and reassembling at the place of destination. So, if you really wish to cut on the hiring cost, try to dismantle the furniture and reassemble independently by yourself.


Leave Some Items In Storage: Items that you don’t need immediately to be carried with you, you can plan to store them somewhere at storage and pick them up at a later date. For this, ask your neighbor or a friend to temporarily keep some of your goods. This will help in reduction of the total amount of items you have to move with thus saving on the costs. You can also plan to leave the goods in a self-storage facility which may be available at affordable rates in nearby units. 


Book a Man and Van Service in Advance: You must prepare yourself in advance to experience a smooth house move, unless the move comes unexpectedly. This helps in choosing on hiring the right moving company after your extensive research and deliberations. For this purpose, you can book a man and van Croydon service early as possible as they are easily available for advance booking. If you know someone who has moved in with a man and van recently, you can even ask them for referrals so that you can get good deals at Supreme Man and Van.


Communicate with your Man and Van: To avoid incurring any unnecessary additional moving costs, you must communicate about all your requirements for the move before hiring a man and van services. Inform them early about any special case of care and attention they have to give at any items like delicate pianos or furniture or art items. Also, about the location of your house in the building and stairs they need for lifting purposes. This should cover majorly anything that may add up extra cost.


Hire the right Man and Van services

So, these were all the significant tips that you should consider before your moving day, if you really want to save on the hiring costs of a man and van services. Besides, the aforesaid points it is equally important for you to decide on the right man and Van Company. We genuinely recommend Supreme Man and Van because they have experienced staff that are well trained and are experts in this field for years. The company is reputable and is known for its excellence, so without any second thought; you can count on them for your relocation needs.


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