So, it’s finally time to relocate – you have done an extensive research to find the best moving company and have chosen a top-rated packer and movers. In case you have not made up your mind yet on the moving company, we would suggest you hire Supreme Man and van Balham Company.   


Supreme Man and Van is a reputable moving company that has gained a long experience in this industry. So, even if you have an iota of doubt on other companies try hiring man and van services as they never disappoint. If you have selected a full-service mover to do the job for you, that is also good. The main objective of preparing this article is to help you get equipped with the 5 essential things that you must do before your professional packers arrive. Following the tips, will help you in cutting down on the budget and will also give a peace of mind over the safety of your goods before and after the transit ends.


So, without further ado, let us begin with this informative article:


6 Things to do before your Professional Packers arrive

There are several things that one should ideally do before their professional packers arrive on the moving day. To help the readers, below we have provided a list of 6 points that you can consider doing ahead of your move:


  1. Get rid of useless items when moving

You must learn how to clutter unwanted items. It would not make much of a sense to pay for things that you are never going to use. Things that only serve the purpose of being junk in home should be strictly done away with. After all, you are going to pack it professionally and will have to pay the extra freight charges for the added weight because of it. So, before your professional packers and movers arrive at your door, be sure to get rid of the unwanted and useless items. Experts say that items that have not been in use for over a year should be parted with while moving. So, to save on money and time, sell the unwanted stuff or donate them so that they are at least put to a better use.


  1. Dispose of those items that movers won’t pack anyway 

Certain goods are not allowed as they may endanger the safety of the entire moving process such as corrosive chemicals, perishable materials, plants, and other flammable materials. You should get rid of those items that the packers and movers are anyway not going to pack for you on the move. Even though you will be paying for the services rendered, there is a range of hazardous stuff that movers aren’t allowed to pack and convey for listed safety reasons. Because it is the rule, so there is no point bothering in trying to persuade them to help you as an exception.   


  1. Inventory all your personal belongings

You should itemize everything as per their common categories to be packed up by the moving company, leaving the personal belongings that you will carry in person. To do the same, getting a household inventory can be a great idea because it will provide a detailed list of the items to be shipped and will also track the delivered items in case they go missing or are damaged during transit. In addition to this, using inventory also helps you to file an insurance claim in case of any mishaps happening with your items. You can also create a list of home inventory by using traditional pen-and-paper methods to save on time and money.   


  1. Mark a No-Pack Zone

Before your professional movers come to pack the goods, one of your aims should be to select one room where you can keep all the items that you will be carrying with you. Establish that room as a No-Pack Zone so that packers don’t get it mixed with the other items. So, make sure that you inform your packers about the No-pack zone and also to be on the safe side, write the same outside the room’s door.


  1. Prepare separate boxes with essentials

The smart thing to do is to organize the essential boxes separately so that the moment your household items and furniture pieces are packed by the movers and loaded into the Man and Van you don’t feel like losing it. You can pack items in your survival kits that are to be used for a day or two during the moving process and also don’t forget to pack your valuable items like important documents, jewellery, expensive electronics, and so on.


  1. Prepare household appliances to be packed

While you customize the list of items, include the household appliance in the checklist. Once you do that, inform your packers and movers to pack those heavy electronic appliances safely to be reached at destination with no damage at all. Remove the wires from the appliances and empty the freezers, refrigerators, etc so that it takes less time for the movers to pack them. Also, clean the household items prior to packing because if not done, you will have to anyway do it after the move. Either way, get everything ready and wrapped for the packers just to pack them professionally and load them in the van.


Final Remarks:

So, this was the expert advice on what all to do before your professional packers arrive knocking on your door. Trust us, if you follow the same, you will indeed save on some extra hiring costs of the movers and will also save enough time for yourself. If you are happy with the job done by the movers, don’t forget to tip them. Let the experts do their job but simultaneously keep a check on them by regular communication when your goods are in transit.


If you really want to experience a hassle-free move anywhere in London or from or to Europe in London, you can hire Man and Van Essex to do this job for you. So, make a call now and start this new beautiful phase of your life.


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