Everyone knows it for a fact that moving is an overwhelming process. But little of you may have been aware about that this entire relocation process can have a major environmental impact. If you are wondering how, this article is going to list out you the reasons for the environmental cause and expert solutions to resolve the same.


The present article mainly talks about top 8 expert tips that you must follow when moving green from one place to another place of destination. The idea is to help you facilitate in making an eco-friendly move.


So, without further ado, let us get started with this informative article:


Moving Green in an Eco-friendly way

A relocation process can have a significant effect on the environment. Since people often tend to throw out the garbage-filled of unwanted stuffs, they end up in a landfill. In addition to this, waste is also generated from packaging tape, plastic bags, bubble wrap, and cardboard boxes. 


You may not be having seen it from this angle but transporting all the belongings of a place to another place uses fuel which thus contributes towards carbon emissions. There is numerous numbers of ways that are helpful in making an eco-friendlier move and this article is all about that. We have gathered the top 8 tips from the experts which suggest how you can make an eco-friendly move. These tips include: declutter all the space in your home that is filled with your stuff and try to donate all the unwanted items that you are not going to need at your new place. All of these things are required to be done well in advance so that there is nothing left for sorting out in the last minute of your journey. 


Moreover, the important aspect that you need to consider is disposing of the rubbish items responsibly because they are the major source of making pollution. Try to use re-usable packaging materials and avoid using plastic bags for obvious reasons. You may want to buy or borrow or rent some second-hand boxes to save on some money and also reduce the garbage and finally it is recommended in short that you cleverly do packing of your stuff so as to minimize the number of back and forth trips you have to do. 


Moving green requires nothing else but a little extra precaution and planning. But taking it into consideration, you will be in good position to drastically reduce the negative effect that you moving has on the mother earth. Below we have outlines some of the valuable tips and ideals that you can follow on deciding how to make your upcoming move greener and safer for the environment because you should never forget that every little thing really makes a difference in some way or other. 


  1. Declutter and Donate

The less you have to move, the more eco-friendly your moving process is going to be. But this statement is only true if you have got rid of the unwanted items in a responsible manner. This is called first decluttering your home to find out the unnecessary stuff that you can donate or sell to earn some extra bucks. To get rid of this stuff, you can arrange for a garage sale as it is a good way to find new place for things you no longer need such as the heavy appliances, furniture, and electronics.

These heavy appliances takes a lot of time and effort when moving and plus you would not want to pay extra for the same, instead get it sold in the market and earn a few bucks that can help you in your move. On weekend, you can lay your offerings out for your neighbours to browse through the items to be donated or sold. Items that you don’t end up selling can be donated to any local organization or a charity shop. Also, rather than throwing away your old non-perishable food items, you should donate them to needy. Like animal shelters are always in need of towels and blankets, homeless shelters are looking for donation clothes, and some organizations distribute pre-loved furniture to those families that need it. 


To donate these items you don’t even need to drive somewhere as there are organizations available online that does this job of collecting donations from your doorstep. 


  1. Recycle Responsibly

During a moving process, the need to throw away unwanted stuff or garbage mainly is a sine qua non. But the caution to be taken is that you don’t end up the garbage in a landfill. Instead of throwing it away, you can find a recycling centre that can personally collect from your place the items you need to dispose of. 


You may also find some of the recycling plants in your area as all the hazardous waste materials will get recycled there, leaving on the negative impact on the environment. There are also electronic recycling centres available that specifically cater to accept old electronic appliances and cables. Some of the centres even specialize in the recycling of paper, while other specialize in scrap metal. So, choose the recycling centre that you need and recycle all the unwanted hazardous items responsibly. 


Moreover, there are certain items that are required to be disposed of in a particular manner and it is extremely dangerous to the environment to simply throw these things including kerosene, batteries, antifreeze, motor oil, ammonia, gasoline, and acid into the dustbin. You must chose to take these things for recycling purposes in order to save the environment from their harmful effects. 


  1. Use Reusable Packaging

You can cut down on the plastic waste that you may be generating during your relocating process by using the reusable packaging materials. Reusable packaging includes linens, kitchen towels, scarves, towels, and blankets that are effective in protecting breakables. Don’t wrap breakables or delicate items in plastic cling wrap, bubble wrap, or a newspaper. However, you can wrap a few smaller items in newspaper but while doing this, you should look for the old newspaper for recycling of waste or try using the plastic grocery bags as they are reusable for a long term. 


Kindly make a note that Kraft paper is also an eco-friendly material which can be used to wrap small to medium-sized items. 


  1. Ditch Single-Use Cardboard Boxes

One of the most useful tips for an eco-friendly move is to ditch the single-use cardboard boxes as they are the most wasteful parts of a move. You need not buy any new cardboard boxes for your moving to a new place. Instead you can look for containers kept at your place like grocery bags, totes, suitcases, baskets, grocery bags, hampers, backpacks, and appliance boxes.


You can buy second hand cardboard boxes as they will come at a lower price and is provably effective in reducing the waste. There are lot of places where you can easily find second hand cardboard boxes and in case there is no such place nearby your home, you can also enquire at some local grocery store or ask around in your neighborhood if they have any spare used cardboard boxes. Often those people who have just move in to a new location are looking to get rid of their used boxes so you can ask them and get it even for free. 


  1. Look for eco-friendly Packing Materials

You must put your best effort forward to look for an eco-friendly packing materials if you are really particular about going for a green move. There are quite a number of products available in the market that can help you making your move greener. To pack your belongings in the boxes, you are anyway going to need packaging tape one way or the other, so try to choose paper packing tape instead of the plastic ones. For example, when you are looking for a bubble wrap, instead pick the paper bubble wrap or some biodegradable bubble wrap as they can be composted are very environment friendly. 


  1. Minimize Driving Emissions

You should also focus on minimizing the driving emissions. To move your stuff from one place to another requires a van or truck which runs on fuel, thus leading to carbon emissions. More trips you need to take for moving all your stuff at the new place, the more is going to be carbon emission. Thus, a better option would be to rent a moving Man and Van Croydon that can move all your goods in a single trip as it will be far more fuel-efficient way than making multiple trips back and forth in your car. It would be a more convenient way and also eco friendly to get done with the moving at once. 


  1. Maximize Packing Space

Little of you know about the trick of maximizing packing space by packing items inside other ones so that there is no gap left of wasted space. For this you just need to pack smarter so that it reduces the number of containers you may need for a successful move. You can use some of the items to hold other smaller items such as large cooking pots, jugs, crock, Tupperware containers can be used to hold cutlery, condiments, and spice jars. You can use kitchen towels for the protection of fragile items. 


  1. Recycle Moving Packaging Afterwards

Once you have finally moved into your new place, you should get rid of all the packing materials in a responsible manner. If you know any other person who is about to move, you can give away your old boxes and packing materials for them or you can also choose to advertise the boxes on social media. This helps in recycling the packaging materials used in moved afterwards in another move. 


It is quite common to say that moving or relocating house or office is often a wasteful process, but it doesn’t have to be that way right? We have listed a lot many options in this article that is really effective in making your move greener and eco-friendlier. For this purpose, you can plan ahead your moving day and be prepared so that you get sufficient time to look for compostable, recycled, and biodegradable packaging solutions. 


If you follow the aforementioned tips, you can easily get rid of the unwanted books, electronic appliance, and useless furniture ahead of you moves. Using second hand boxes is a really helpful way for moving green and they are even easy to find. Overall, you need not buy new boxes as you can rent reusable cardboard and plastic containers. Just be sure to do the packaging smartly so that you can easily fit in as much into the moving van as possible so as to get done with the moving of all stuff at once in a single trip.


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