How to Have a Smooth Moving Day-10 Tips from Expert

Smooth Moving Day

How to Have a Smooth Moving Day-10 Tips from Expert

Relocating to a new place? Are you excited or nervous about shifting? Obviously one would like to experience a smooth and pleasant relocation. When it comes to moving to a new place, the task is not as easy as it seems. Often people get tiresome before the final moving day and especially because of lack of professional supervision last-minute problems are bound to arise. Well, not to worry anymore.

We have prepared this article to bring to you some of the expert tips that can easily help you in settling down safely in your new home. This article is gathering tips and techniques as suggested by the expert movers from Man and van Hackney who is a well-known company in this moving industry.

Man and Van services are offered in the London and allied areas where they are completely committed to professional Excellency. The article lists out some of the tips from experts to experience a smooth moving day.


What are the Essential Tips to Have a Smooth Moving Day?

Shifting from one place to another is a part of life and one is ought to experience this at least once in their lifetime. Whether you have done shifting earlier or are doing this for the first time, it is equally stressful and hectic as was in your first time. We can say that the moving process is inherently so hectic that it can even take a toll on the best movers who have experienced the change before.


So, to help you in this regard, below is a guide containing essential tips from the experts that you can apply to experience a hassle free moving day. Let us begin:


Start Early: You can start with the moving process at least a week or 10 days before your final moving date. Your first step should be to get rid of the junk materials that are of no use so that there are fewer but useful items only to pack and move. Moreover, you should always keep a buffer time period of at least an hour for sorting out items into their common categories. When the movers come to just tell them what to be packed together and which of the items need more attention. This would help you reduce the overall hiring costs incurred in moving.


Measure your furniture: If you’ve got furniture that cannot be dismantled or those that won’t fit through the doors of your new house, you can sell it off. The price gained from this you can use to buy new furniture for your new place.


Keep the expensive belongings with you: There are some special and expensive items that must be belonging to you like keys, laptops, jewelry, financial documents etc. These items are best to be kept by you because their loss is not bearable so keep it in your backpack and always carry them with you.


Keeping important items of regular use:  It often takes more than usual time when you decide to do unpacking on your own. In this case, keeping the important items that are to be used on a regular basis can be kept at one place like you can pack an overnight bag with some essentials sufficient for a day or two such as slippers, toothbrush, changing clothes, etc. Most importantly try to keep the kitchen items in an easily recognizable box so that when you are in transit or reach your destination, you take little time to get your kitchen and bathroom ready. In addition to this, you should ask your packers and movers to place parts of small furniture such as nuts, bolts, and screws in an air-sealed bag and get it taped to the furniture only to the item it actually belongs to. This helps in categorizing things easily and reassembling them.   

Moving Toiletries: While packing the items to be used for toiletries purposes, you should try to pack it in the same manner as you would do on your vacation i.e. by unscrewing the tops first then placing a silver foil over its opening and then screwing the tops back on. This ensures that there are no unwanted leaks and spills.   


Moving Electrical Appliances: You should take pictures of the wiring works of your electrical items beforehand. From your TV appliance to other items such as Computer systems, they have a lot of wires that become heavy to keep a track of. Rather than calling for help from professionals, what you can do instead is to take pictures of how the wiring of each electrical appliance works so that you can set it up for yourself later when you reach the destination. This would even save the hiring costs of a professional to do this job for you.


Use a GPS tracking device: If you are moving intra-city i.e. one city to another, then it is usual for your belongings to reach you a few days later. In this case, what you can do to track your goods is to place a tiny yet completely charged GPS tracking device onto one of your packed boxes. Trust us, this is a full proof used a technique that can help you track the movement of your goods easily by yourself and you will have to worry less after calling now and then to the moving company for regular updates.


Final Thoughts

If you are still at the initial stage where you have been researching for the right moving company, we would highly recommend you to try Man and Van Balham. The company is one of the branches of Supreme Man and Van, a reputable professional moving company that is widely acclaimed for its best relocating services. If you book early you can get a free quote. Here, you can even get the best and most affordable price rate along with expert movers. So, without a second thought book your dates for the final moving day with Man and Van and enjoy a smooth shifting experience.


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