5 Factors That Affect the Hiring Costs Supreme Man and Van

Factors That Affect the Hiring Costs

5 Factors That Affect the Hiring Costs Supreme Man and Van

Everyone is aware of the very fact that the moving process is an extremely tiring and herculean job to do, particularly when done alone. But it does not always have to come out like this. A little effort of hiring a man and van Hackney service will help you do away with your relocating worries and frustrations.   


Supreme Man and Van is a reputable moving company in the market that has extensive years of experience in the moving industry which makes it London’s number 1 moving company. Man and Van services are mainly operated from London but they are available to help you to move to/from anywhere in Europe to London. Most of you have heard of our name in this market, but may wonder what the cost of hiring Supreme man and van services is.   


This is why we have prepared this article for you to be acquainted with the price list of hiring a Man and Van services in London and allied areas. There are certain factors that add up to the cost of hiring the services and as a customer you must know about them before making any decision to hire us. For this purpose, we will be breaking down the common factors that affect the hiring costs so that your reliability on our services remains forever.  So, without further ado, let us dive in to know more:


  • 5 Common Factors That Affect the Hiring Costs of Man and Van

While there are several factors that have an influence on the cost to be incurred in hiring a man and van service. Below are listed some of the 5 common factors that has a major influence:


  1. Length of the Job

When you hire a Man and van services, the moving companies normally make use of the hourly rates engaged in the move as one of the primary factor in order to determine the overall cost of moving, This means that the entire pricing actually boils down to the amount of belongings and furniture you have to move as it will become directly proportional to what will be the duration of the move.


In the meantime, the service providers from the moving company may also use time factor to add up the overall cost through the fixed prices that will be required in your move from the place of pick up to the place of destination. To put in simple words, you will either be charged as per a half-day rate or a full-day rate.


  1. Size of Van

Another most important criterion is the size of the moving van that is going to be used for your move. The more goods and belongings you have to get transported, the bigger sized van you are going to need for your move. The type or size of the moving van thus majorly affects the pricing. So if you hire a smaller van, it will be more affordable. It is however important to select a van that fits in all the items perfectly but not forcibly so that there remains no chance of damage to your goods while in transit. 


  1. Distance Traveled

The next common factor on our list is the distance traveled to complete the move. As some of the relocation or moving jobs necessarily require lengthier travels than usual, the distance between the pick-up point to the place of destination plays a significant role in adding up to the extra costs that you are going to incur. Thus, the farther the moving company has to cover, the more fuel the van will consume, which will affect your pocket accordingly. So, if you are planning for a move to a suite distant location, then be prepared to shell out a bit more money from your pocket.  


  1. The Complexity of a House or Office Move

No two house or office removals are ever the same. The reason behind this fundamental concept is the difference in the layout of your apartment and your building, the size of furniture to be transported, and the type of delicate items that need more care and caution during the process. Some of the things like multiple flights of stairs, distant parking areas, narrow hallways, differently-shaped furniture, and need to move valuable items of art like piano, all play a major role in adding up to the complexities of a move. Thus, the harder it becomes to complete the move, the price also increases.


  1. Additional Services

Unexpected or last event help might arise during the process of moving so if any last minute extra need of packing and unpacking services, taking a route that requires the van to pay for toll fees, or additional transit insurance is definitely going to shoulder an extra charge on your head. 


Supreme Man and Van Price List

Here is a sample price list of Supreme man and van Croydon services based on the factors listed above



Load space: 3.5m long x 1.7 wide x 1.8m high.

  1. Man Team 1 hour: £28 (Minimum 1.5 hours week day and 2hours on weekend.)
  2. Man Team 1 hour: £43 (Minimum of 2 hours)



Load space: 4.5m long x 2.2m wide x 2.m high

  1. Man Team 1 hour: £40 (Minimum of 2 hours)
  2. Man Team 1 hour: £55 (Minimum of 2 hours)


  • Final Thoughts:

So, aforesaid were some of the common factors that affect the pricing list of hiring a man and van service. The factors are computed on top of the estimated rated as given above so coordinate with your mover for the specifics.   


In case you are wondering, a great way to get the moving service at a cheaper price is by getting a service quotation from several other man and van service providers. This will help you compare the quotes you receive from different companies and can choose the cheapest ones with better deals.


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