There is no iota of doubt in this fact that when it comes to moving or relocating to an entirely new place, it can be a really stressful process for people. If that is the plight of us people, just imagine how anxious this moving process is going to make your loved pets. To particularly talk about pets, they are someone who gets stressed out very easily even when there is any unexpected activity in their home. Pets don’t like being introduced to a new habitat or environment. So, if you are planning to move to a new place and you have pets with you, it is not going to be an easy task.   


There are honestly no formula solutions to the typical challenges you are going to face while moving with pets as only expert who have experienced such change before can rescue you. Supreme Man and Van Essex is a professional and experienced moving company that has extensive years of expertise to handle pets on your move. So, in case you also look for some professional help, Man and Van movers are always at your service.


In this article, we have tried our best to put forward to you some expert tips that are helpful in making the entire moving experience enjoyable with your loved ones. 


So, let us begin our journey with these essential 7 Tips that you can follow while moving with Pets:


1. Prepare an Overnight Backpack

Before moving in with your pets it is strongly recommended that you prepare an easily accessible ‘overnight backpack’ in which you can keep enough food for your pets, kitty litter, grooming tools and toys that can prove effective in sustaining your pet and keeping them comfortable before and during your move.


2. Contact your Personal Vet

If you are planning to move out of the town, you must inform your personal vet so that you don’t forget to carry the previous records and prescription medicines with you to the new place. This also helps in getting in contact with another vet that they may suggest in your new neighborhood. 


3. Keeping away your Pets from the action

During the time of move and also before that when you are busy with packing, try the best ways to reduce the stress on your pets. Keeping away from the action means while you are clearing a room in the house or shifting things from one room to another, pets usually get irritated with the unnecessary shifting sound or it may panic them, so it would be best to keep them away. One way is to keep them away in the quietest area in the neighbourhood like at your friends place or in a kennel for a day which we mostly recommend for removing them from moving action. 


However, while you keep your pets away from yourselves, make sure to take proper precautions and ensure there is sufficient water and food where you keep them. Also, check on them at regular intervals, feed or walk them at the usual time so that they don’t feel left out or sense a change in the routine. 


4. Take your Pet with yourself

While this should be common sense, let us reiterate that you should take your pets to the new location in your own vehicle. If you have a small cat or dog, they can be best put in a carrier in the back seat of the car while secured with a seatbelt. But if you have a big sized-pet you can move them in a kennel at the back of the car, but putting down seats. If your pet gets anxious seeing the changing environment outside, put a blanket on their carrier during the move.


5. Do not let your pet out until you arrive at the destination

DO NOT let your beloved animals out of the vehicle until you all arrive at the place of destination. You should take extra caution when moving with an animal because if they get out they can unfortunately get lost and you won’t be able to track them in the midst of the road trip. Therefore, when they are in the car, it is crucial to not open the kennel until you reach your new home. Give them a little time of their own to get settled at the new place but also spend personal time with them so that they don’t feel left out in all this chaos of unpacking and settling down.


6. Keep your Pet in a secluded area

It is advisable to first move the house and then start moving with your pet. Once you arrive at your new home, set up at least a room before you introduce your pet in a new environment. Once you do this, try to keep them in a secluded area like to confine them to a section of the place so that you can prepare your new home. In the meantime, give your pets some toys and familiar objects to which they are used to playing with. This will help them feel like they are at home


7. Update the information of your pets

After you have moved into a new place, you must update the tags and microchip information of your pets as to the new address or contact number. 


Final Thoughts

A new change always brings with itself a kind of anxiousness. Make sure to take care of yourself and your pet in this transition phase of your life. So, this was all about the 7 successful tips that one must follow if they are moving with their pets at a new place. It is always recommended that you seek advice from experts whenever you are planning for a new move, just to make sure it goes all well without any trouble. If you need any kind of help in moving to London or allied areas, make sure to contact Man and Van Ealing movers as they are equipped with the appropriate tools and also have the experience to complete their work with professionalism. 

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