6 Best Unpacking Tips After You Moved House

Unpacking Tips

6 Best Unpacking Tips After You Moved House

You may have encountered various instances which require your intense efforts and dedication. But when it comes to moving out or relocating from one place to another, the intensity of responsibilities to make your moving experience smoother is far more. This is the reason relocation to a new place or office is said to be the most overwhelming experience whether you are moving to a nearby location or to a different country. Your whole journey of moving experience feels like a marathon, except the difference that here no one is there to hand over water and refreshments to you while cheering you on. So, you must be thinking what are the effective ways to make this experience easier and smooth? Don’t worry because Supreme Man and Van Essex have got you covered. It is a relocation company who has been in this moving industry for many years and has gained quite a good experience and reputation among customers.    


In this article, we will be discussing the best 6 unpacking tips that are effective if used after you have moved to a new house. So, without further ado, let us begin with this informative article:

 Unpacking Tips

  • Moving is an intense process 

A moving process may sound like a one-way thing but that’s not it. It covers both packing and loading to unloading and unpacking of all your belongings. The key to unpacking goods after you have moved out to a new place is that you plan for the same ahead of the final moving day. If unpacking is done systematically, a huge bulk of your goods can be easily done in a day or two. For this purpose, you should mark all your boxes making separate categories, keep an inventory list, and if possible, get a basic idea of where you are planning to keep most of your stuff at the new place. But first thing first, set up your bedroom, washroom, and kitchen first.


The better and early you plan before the actual moving day, the easier it gets to unpack your stuff and just start enjoying your life at the new house. Prioritizing to set up the Kitchen and beds is even more important when you are moving with kids or small children. Now, that you have got the general idea, let us see the six effective tips of unpacking after moving:


Keep reading to know the 6 best tips to follow for unpacking after your move:


  • How should you Unpack after Moving House

The ideal motto to be followed for moving is reflected in the words of Lee Child’s Jack Reacher novels in which he said “Hope for the best, plan for the worst.” This implies a simple fact that can’t be overlooked is that things may go wrong at any time however you just don’t know what yet. But everything is going to be okay and in the meantime those maddening moments will leave you with amazing stories to tell to your family and friends in later time.     


The key to have a smooth moving experience is to plan ahead and when you have done that half of the things already get sorted. After you have planned everything, follow the below tips so that you can have stress free unpacking at your new place with proper arrangements for keeping the stuff at their ideal places. Let us quickly run through these 6 tips of how to unpack after moving:


  1. Label Your Packing

If you are getting everything ready for your final move day, start labeling your packed stuff by marking on all the boxes. You may also do the general labeling like separating the categories of general items and other items for specific usage, making note of box number, labeling rooms. But this should ideally be cross-referenced with the inventory or list that was prepared in the beginning while planning out things.   


If it is possible, you can also make a note of where particular items came from in the old home and where they are going to be kept in your new place. This step is of extreme importance to be followed when you are a parent and your children will need a new room of their own in the new home.  


It is also seen that people tend to use sheets, towels, and other household linens as their packing material. If you are someone who also does the same thing, don’t forget to add these things to the label like putting a box number with stuff from the old kitchen for the new one and cutleries and utensils in it.


  1. Plan Where Things Belong

The second most important thing to be done is to plan where your stuff belongs. As you know the biggest time that sucks is wandering through the place trying to find a space for your stuff, be it your plates or a bookshelf. If you have the fortune of having access to your new house beforehand, then you should go through the property and make notes of what things will go where. This pre-planning helps in easily rearranging your stuff at the new place without having to delay the house warming party.   


To plan the space for your things, you should first measure the spaces at your new place and figure out what stuff is suitable to be kept where. After measuring spaces for big furniture or electrical appliances, make note of the rooms at the property and for what purpose each room will be used like separate rooms such as library, play room, home office, bedroom, kitchen, etc.   


When you are doing that, have a look at the closets, drawers, cupboards, storage, and try to figure out what items will go where, For better visualization of this thing, you may also opt to take or get the pictures of the spaces and make videos from your realtor which also turns out to be an effective way of planning when you have not seen the new place in person. This is the best idea that will save you loads of time that may be taken in unpacking if you already are familiar with space for each item.


  1. Pack Suitcases and Coolers

People often think that movers lose their belongings or misplace things. But if you are hiring a professional mover like Man and Van Ealing that has a good reputation among its customers and positive past experiences, you should not have an iota of doubt about their working style.   


Moreover the main problem that arise while moving with kids is that they often hide objects and sometimes even your friends or inexperienced movers accidently misread the labeling on the box and read “master bedroom” as “master’s dudgeon”, thus shoving the entire packed box with bedding deep into your basement. And not to forget that it is highly difficult to find that box with box cutters, scissors, first aid kid, or helpful gadgets just because you chose to label it as your Box No. 1. This happens very often so you need to be cautious and pack your suitcases and cooler boxes with the essential items to get through your first few days at the new home.   


If you are on medication or keep general medicines, keep it in the suitcases. Also to open the boxes, keep the scissors and box cutters in the same suitcases. Other things that come under essentials are your charging cables, adapters, and first aid kid. Don’t forget to carry some toys to distract your kids because the internet or TV can’t presumably be available initially.   


Make sure to pack food, drinks, and most importantly cash at the ready. You can also keep a coffee pot because its take-out is easy and quick and can make your moving journey friendly.


  1. Having Small Children

When you already have a plan where your stuff is to be kept, it is time to choose a room for your children while you can get done with the unpacking. And if it is possible, keep some free boxes to keep the extra stuff like toys, blankets, cutleries, and other cleaning stuff that are good to go for a week at least.   


Moving with small kids may prove to be a mishap waiting to happen. So, it is better that beforehand you look for the excellent ideas to keep your kids safe but if you already have friends and relatives that can look after your kids then that is no problem at all. You can screen off a room for the safety of children or instead of that can also use a travel cot or playpen. It is also recommended to use an Ergo if you have a small baby because it keeps you hands-free while making your baby safe. An ergo can be used until you make a separate baby proof space at the new place.


  1. Establish Zones

For a systematic arrangement of things while unpacking your stuff at the new place, it becomes quite important that you establish temporary zones in the first place. If you do this, you get sufficient time to keep things at their respective places at a later time. You can create separate zones for trash keeping, first aid kit, empty boxes, snack pot, kid’s toys, keys, wallet, and important documents that may be necessary to be shown when asked by authorities. 


  1. Priorities

Finally when it is the time to unpack the goods, you should go through the list of things in order of importance. Since you have already labeled boxes as per their importance in increasing order, it will be quite easy for you to get done with the unpacking stuff. The first and foremost part of unpacking should start from setting up the kitchen, washroom, and beds.


Kindly make a note that while you unpack the kitchen stuff, try to open only one box at a time, particularly opening the most important ones. Now, move on to setting up your beds because if unfortunately something is more time taking, at least you will sleep in your bed to get some decent sleep.   


Next in line according to human needs are arranging bathroom and bedroom essentials at their respective places. You can use your inventory or list of stuff to rank the importance of essential goods so that you can open them box after box. This reduces a lot of stress and also the likelihood of your belongings getting lost.   


It is recommended that you leave the decorating part of your home for a later stage. After everything is done, you can decorate your new home as you want while keeping all the stuff at their respective places where they should be. If your painting already comes with a hook then you can hang it up on the living room but otherwise, you should leave the final part of decorating your house until a bulk of the unpacking is done. This is because it seems easier to visualize what things will look like when packaging boxes are kept out of the way.



  • Final Remarks

So these were some of the finest and most idealistic tips that you can opt while unpacking your stuff after you move house. Still in case you are facing trouble in the organization of items due to lack of dividers, shelving, cubby holes, you can use the empty boxes to store things until a better plan is made out. 


If you are facing any difficulty in packing or unpacking of goods while relocating in or to London or allied areas, you can always avail the Supreme Man and Van Balham services for a smooth moving experience. The services offered at the man and van are by experienced movers who have gained extensive years of experience in this field and are highly trained in how to give out their best services. So, without wasting any time, if you are planning for a recent move or in the coming months, don’t forget to follow the above tips to experience a memorable move. 

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