When At Croydon Do As The Croydon – ans Say


When At Croydon Do As The Croydon – ans Say

Central London is a sophisticated area with lots of cultural diversity, city life buzz, office work, entertainment and lots more which everyone likes to explore. It is only the favourite destination of the youths but loved by the people of all generation people. 

And if you are also attracted by the beauty of this city then you must not miss this guide on Croydon for visitors as well who want to shift here. Here we will see how this part of London is the best for tourism as well as for residency. 


History Of The City 

Well, let’s start this guide by tracing the roots of Croydon in the long history that has shaped its course. This borough of Croydon is formed in the year 1965 and has derived its name from the times of Saxon which means “valley of the crocuses!”

Now if you don’t know about the crocuses then don’t worry, it is not a heavy term with any hidden political meaning, instead, it is the name of the plant in the iris family that is found here in plenty. This is the saffron plant not to confuse. 

It is originally a part of the Wallington hundred in the historic county of Surrey and at the time of the Norman conquest of England, it has a church, a mill, and something around 365 inhabitants as per the Domesday Book of 1086. So we can see how the ancient city is this. 

Croydon expanded in the Middle Ages as a market town where people come and meet for more commercial activities than living and also as a centre for charcoal production accompanied by brewing and leather tanning. 

The Surrey Iron Railway from Croydon to Wandsworth opened in the year 1803 and was also the world’s first public railway. Later in the 19th century, the development of railway buildings facilitated Croydon’s growth as a commuter town for London. 

And by the early 20th century, the city was an important industrial area well known for its car manufacturing activities, metalworking, and Croydon Airport. 

Since then there is no looking back for this suburb and it is developing very quickly and efficiently. This borough has always been a leader in economic and business activities and also a leader in these sectors as a whole.

 This dates back to when the area boasted the city’s first and only airport of its time but now it’s a defunct airport and is a Grade II listed building attracting tourism. But being a commercial or industrial hub doesn’t limit its cultural value and here you will see a mesmerizing cultural diversity as well. 

Looking straightforward Croydon has a large regeneration plan running which aims to make the city London’s “third city” by the succeeding years. Youth clubs, a disability college, and 4-star restaurants are its 3 main aims. 

Croydon has the largest population of all the boroughs in London and with Croydon Town acting as the centre of attraction of the borough, it could almost be a city in itself attaining self-sufficiency in all spheres of life. 


Main Tourist Attractions 

Now let’s share a few words on the major visitor spots that attract people not from only Europe but from the entire world. The list is very long and here we have included the best ones only. 

  • The Museum Of Croydon 

The first spot to visit in Croydon is its museum that is located in the city’s popular clock tower and is within walking distance from the nearby landmarks. It should be the first place to visit if you want to discover the history of the area in detail. 

And that will enable you to learn the cultural diversity of the borough as well as its other aspects and how it has evolved in this long course of time. Here you will find pretty good displays that will steal your heart at the very first moment you see them. 

Also, events and exhibitions that are organized here throughout the year will also inculcate many more facts about the area that is interesting to know. So before going there please take a note of the ongoing exhibition and event and be handy for that. 

As a cherry on the top if you are going on a holiday with kids and planning to visit this incredible museum then you have plenty of hands-on exhibits that are free to enter and yet make you appreciate them. 

  • Croydon Airport Visitor Centre 

This spot although was not amongst the oldest places in Croydon but because of its marvel, it is a very popular tourist spot. A few years back this was the Croydon airport the largest in entire Europe. 

And here visitors can explore the area’s links with aviation. One of the most popular artifacts here is pilot Amy Johnson’s travel bag which she supposedly has with her when her plane crashed into the river Thames. 

It’s a must for anyone having a profound interest in airplanes and aircraft. Also, it’s a great place to visit if you want to witness the modern marvel of the developing Croydon. 

  • Wimbledon 

Almost all the people on this earth must be familiar with the term “Wimbledon” associated with tennis. But only a few of them know that this is related to the Croydon. 

One of the biggest tennis events on the international level is organized here. So if you are lucky to get the tickets to this stadium then you shouldn’t miss the chance to witness the matches here. 

It is only half an hour away from any major landmark and offers a fascinating insight into the history of championships that are held here and features over 20,000 tennis-related artifacts, including some of the most wonderful player memorabilia. 

  • Shirley Windmill

By hearing windmill I am sure that you are thinking of some rural windmills that either were very old or display the miracle of modern technology. But trust me it isn’t the exact windmill that you are thinking about. 

This windmill in Croydon happens to have one of the only four windmills open to the general public in the entire city. 

If you are lucky enough to be in the area when it’s open as the last Sunday of every month, during the warm months it is closed, you can go inside of the windmill and see how the windmill used to work with science. 

  • Wandle Park 

In the middle of such awesome visiting places if you want some time to relax with your family then this place welcomes you. It is the best place to visit with family or partner where you can chill among the beauty of nature. 

This park is within walking distance of central Croydon and has lots of greenery and a park for the kids too. Also there you have a café where you can sit, take a sip of coffee and watch the world busy with its bustle. 

  • Boxpark 

So if you love tasty and yummy dishes and getting sad now because there is no place to visit for foodies then get happy. This place is perfect for the foodies who like the taste of street foods. 

Boxpark in Croydon is the offshoot of south London’s Boxpark Shoreditch. And like its counterpart, this place is well known for its amazing selection of street food. Here you will find everything from vegan pizzas to bao buns, waffles, and a lot more. 

Also, it is not a place for only dining but also to hold events such as live music concerts, film screenings, comedy shows, and art exhibitions where over 2000 people can gather at the same time. 

  • Coombe Wood 

If you are thinking that Wandle Park is the only green place in Croydon then don’t be surprised by the name of this place that also offers greenery. It is spread over 14 acres and is one among the many places in Croydon that offer serene views. 

This elegant woodland with picturesque gardens is excellent for a stroll, and also has Coach House Café where you can taste the best coffee and cake in town. So whether you want to spend a quiet afternoon enjoying a picnic or want to explore the ponds and gardens with children this area makes the ideal place to escape from the everyday chores of life. 

  • Surrey Street Market 

Any trip is incomplete without a handful of shopping to the dearest ones, friends, and family members. And for that, this place holds a significant place in the hearts of shopping lovers. 

It is one of London’s oldest street markets where you can find the specimens from the Asian stalls and Caribbean also including vegetables and fruits. 

 Also if you want to buy artisan crafts, foods and entertainment then you should visit this market on Sundays, although this market opens all week on Sundays, it will hold special stalls. 


Best Places To Live In Croydon 

If you are thinking that Croydon is only a tourism spot then you are completely wrong. Yes, it’s true that it has many tourist places that don’t make it any less residential but even attract more migrants from all over the world. 

And in this section, we are going to discuss that only, that what are the best places to live in Croydon. But before jumping on that it will be of some use for us to ponder over the factors that make it the best place in a residential context. 

With a great alternative and art scenes, shifting to Croydon is an increasingly attractive choice for those hoping to avoid higher central London prices. This city acts as a gateway from South London to Central London and also has many major roads running through it. 

Prominent among them is Purely Way which is great for commuters and also for others. Most of the property and buildings in the city dates between the post-war and the present day, although in the North and South corridors there are plenty of Victorian buildings. 

Keeping in mind all these factors Croydon is a very much affordable place to live. With that its connectivity with other regions through transportation is also a significant factor. 

The Brighton Mainline rail connects Croydon with Sussex, Surrey, and Kent to the South, and Central London to the north. Coming to roads the M25, M23, and A23 roads connect this borough with many important parts such as Gatwick, East Sussex, Crawley, and Central London. 

Also, there is a massive public transport infrastructure running throughout Croydon with regular routes on trains, buses, and trams. There are also many restaurants and bars where you can spend your leisure time with your family and friends. 

Also at these eateries, you can enjoy important days of your life like anniversaries, birthdays and many other occasions. These dining outlets will offer a range of cuisines from all over the world. Here you can find cafés for your sweet tooth too. 

Some of the popular restaurants and bars are Albert’s Table, Thanh’s Bistro, Cadillac Diner, Little Bay, Nineteen at Farleigh, Smoothbean to name a few. 

With that more places for amusement are Crystal Palace Park Farm, Croydon Clocktower, Whitgift Shopping Centre, and South Norwood County Park. 

So you can clearly see that this borough of London doesn’t lack anything when it comes to dining, entertainment, shopping, greenery or anything. And that makes it a perfect destination for residency too. 

Its vibrant colours, cultural diversity, and family – friendliness are the reasons why people want to shift here and start their family. 

If you are planning to move to Croydon then you should know about its best places to live. They include Caterham, Bromley, Crystal Palace, Addington Village, Purley, Forestdale, Seldon, and Sanderstead. 

These places have lots of opportunities for the youngsters who want to start their new family with kids. And for them, it also has world-class schools and colleges where you can give your kids a safe, secure, and bright future. 

So don’t just let this golden opportunity miss and with man and van Croydon book your movers and packers services now. 

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