Cost Of Living In Fulham

Cost Of Living In Fulham

Fulham is situated on the fringes of prime central London sitting in a loop of the Thames just west of Chelsea. So Fulham is a prestigious place in West London that everyone dreams of living here. 

It has three different faces, the excellent old–school North End Road Market, the clone–cluttered Fulham Broadway main street, and the one-and-only glossy tail–end of King’s Road.

So if you are thinking of living here then there are many things which you need to know before making your move. Therefore without beating around the bushes let’s start with our guide. 


Best Places To Live In Fulham 

Let’s start with the best places where you can live in Fulham and as it is one of the most popular residential areas in West London so you don’t have to face many difficulties in finding a suitable home for you. 

So starting with the very best option for living in Fulham we have Parsons Green which is arguably the best area in the city to buy a house. It has excellent New Kings Road and you have an abundance of restaurants, cafes, and parks just right on your doorsteps. 

If you have a high budget and want a luxurious house for you having five bedrooms or more then this location will be perfect for you where you will get everything for your family. 

Some of the good property areas are Coniger Road, Perrymead Street, Chiddingstone Street, and Peterborough Estate where you can find good houses. 

The next area on the list is Bishops Park which has some of the most impressive streets in the entire Fulham and is also a pretty area to buy a house. It is beside the Thames River so residents can enjoy a walk near the river which can refresh their mood. 

It also has green spaces such as Bishops Park, Fulham Palace, and the historical Craven Cottage where every place is in the close reach of every resident. 

If you want a particular location then Cloncurry, Ellerby, and Doneraile streets collectively known as the Alphabet streets are the best streets to buy a house. These tree-lined houses are perfect for families that want spacious and beautifully designed accommodations. 

Fulham Broadway is closest to central London and border Chelsea and is the all-rounder place to live for those who want many amenities on their doorsteps. It is situated in the heart of Fulham and with all its features it attracts a large number of populations. 

Here some of the best streets and locations to buy houses are Walham Grove, Barclay, Moore Park Estate, and Kings Road. One important thing to note here is that most of the houses are made in the Edwardian and Victorian eras thus have original charming features. 

Imperial Wharf is another place on our list which is best for living in Fulham which is right next to Chelsea Harbour. Although it is a former industrial site, it also has decent housing programs that include brilliant-built houses. 

Many of the houses are very affordable and will suit your pocket, also this area is good for finding new job and career opportunities. Here residents will get a combination of great views, numerous excellent restaurants, shops, and cafes. 

Not only that but the concierge staff and the sense of collective community will never let you feel alone. Also, there is a fitness center, retail space, offices, hotel, and other amenities. 

Fulham Riverside is a huge redevelopment project that has a good collection of bedroom apartments ranging from one to five bedrooms. So whether you want to start a family here or have a family already this area is perfect for you. 

Not only that but this area also offers easy access to a supermarket, various restaurants, gym, landscaped gardens, and cafes just right on the doorsteps of the residents. And to link with Central London it has a Townmead Road which is just 11-minute walk away from Imperial Wharf Station. 

Lillie Square is although a comparatively new development area with new properties, including 1, 2, or 3 bedroom apartments, studios, townhouses, and lateral penthouses. It is well connected with Brompton Station and Earl’s Court with walking distance of just a few minutes. 

Dungannon House is another place to live in Fulham which offers unique buildings in the city. It is a BPG development located on the very pretty Vanston Place which is a cobbled quarter in the middle of Fulham. 

Having a lilac–hued exterior, glass balconies, and offers an ultra-contemporary contrast to the surrounding of the area built in Victorian-era architecture. This place is just five minutes away from Fulham Broadway station and gave easy access to the District Line. 

With that living in Fulham offers you excellent transport links and a superb central location in the hustle and bustle of the capital city and you can save yourself from the horrible hours spent in going from one place to another. 

It is a fact that being a decidedly affluent area of West London means a high on the property price, and you have to pay a little bit more for your dream home in Fulham. But it doesn’t mean that here you can’t find a property in your budget, the need is just to search thoroughly.

Because of its redevelopment programs, the average cost has raised significantly approximately to some thousands of Euros, but that justifies the amenities that are provided here. 

At first, it seems expensive, but when you compare it with other cities such as Chelsea and Kensington then you will find it much affordable keeping in mind its Victorian-era architecture. However then also you can find houses suitable to your budget. 

For that first of all make a plan that what sort of house do you really need. If you are buying a property with your family then you should keep that in mind. 

And if you are buying a property before starting your family then it is advisable to keep future prospects in mind as with time real estate prices will rise for sure, so if you invest now then you will get a good return in the future. 

Also if you are low in budget then you can also go with rentals that are pocket-friendly and will buy you some time so that you can prepare for buying a new house, and meanwhile, you can also search for your dream house in your budget. 

So if you are moving to Fulham then don’t forget to book supreme man and van the best company for movers and packers. 


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