Reasons Why West London Is Getting More Popular In The Past Decade

West London

Reasons Why West London Is Getting More Popular In The Past Decade

London is such a city that no one on this earth can resist the idea of visiting that place. And there are no words to describe the pleasure of living in this heart-stealing city. 

But do you know that its Western part is getting attention in the past few years? So if you are making a plan of visiting this city or migrating there then you must know about each and every part of London. 

Here you will get to know the reasons why West London is becoming more famous in past some years. 

West London

West London  

Let’s first begin with an introduction to West London so that we don’t have to come back to square one. Traditionally this part of the London city is famous for holding the attractions such as international level museums, galleries, shopping centres and streets, and even a royal palace. 

Even it is the home of some of the most entertaining amusement centres in the world. This is because of these places that West London ranks high in the bucket list of most of the people who come to visit London. 

If you are starting the tour then begin with the best and biggest museums of West London, which are located near to each other and South Kensington Museum Mile. The science museum is attributed to the industry and technological inventions that have changed the industries. 

People who love fashion will find the Victoria and Albert Museum their favourite spot where they will learn many new things about fashion and style. It is also one of the world’s leading museums of fashion and design.

And the collection of this museum is spread over 7 levels that occupy 51,000 square meters. Here visitors can find the 5 major themes of Asia, Europe, Materials and Techniques, Exhibitions, and Modern fashion and design.

After visiting museums if you want some lively entertainment then it’s time to visit Wembley Stadium which is situated in West London and is counted among the most popular sporting venue in the world. 

This stadium holds the finals of the FA and League Cups and the Community Shield every year. Also, it is the venue for the largest music concerts such as Coldplay, Take That, Queen, Oasis, The Killers, and many more to count. 

Kew Gardens is a place that no nature-loving person can afford to miss. It is home to the world’s largest collection of living plants that are spread across 300 acres consisting of botanical gardens and glasshouses. 

Now walk straight and here comes the Royal Albert Hall which is opened by Queen Victoria in 1871. It is a circular concert hall having a capacity of more than 5000 persons at the same time. This place is an excellent attraction for music lovers. 

Harrods has earned the first position of being the world’s most popular department store that is situated on the Brompton Road in Knightbridge spread across 5 acres. It is established by Charles Henry Harrod in the year 1834 and now is the centre of 330 departments with 12,000 employees. 

Now if you are thinking that what makes this department store different from others despite its size and history is the fact there is a dress code to visit this store. Yes, you hear it right and visitors should dress up smartly to go inside this store. 

Here people in Bermuda shorts, showing midriff, with large baggage and excessively sweaty are not allowed to go inside. But that’s not all and this department store also offers 30 eateries serving delicious food and dishes from cuisines ranging all over the world. 

A trip to West London will be incomplete without visiting Kensington Palace. As London is also famous for its royal binge the same is portrayed here. 

This palace was found at the western end of Hyde Park and is now a royal residence to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. The palace was built in 1605, with the royal connection dating 1689 when William and Mary bought this property at that time known as Nottingham House. 

After that, they commissioned Sir Christopher Wren to renovate and improve the building. This palace is a must for all the history buffs. 

The list of visiting places in West London doesn’t end here and has more to explore. In this list, we can also include Hyde Park, Chelsea Physic Garden, and Tea at the Ritz are some more places to go. 

Where the latter is the world’s most famous and opulent hotel having 111 rooms, 23 suites, and a number of restaurants and bars. These are some of the places where tourists can visit and learn more about English culture. 

But these are not all reasons for the popularity of West London and we have more to explore. 


31 Reasons Behind Popularity Of West London 

Well, if till now you are already excited about visiting or even shifting to west London then just hold on to your as we are just starting about surprising facts of the West London. 

  1. Hipsters rarely venture this far away from their habitat making West London far more chill and less pretentious. And that means people don’t have endless pop-ups and can find a favourite coffee shop or bar and know it will still be there next week. 
  2. Most people boast about the south and east London and their nightlife, but West London offers the biggest street party and carnival in entire Europe famous as Notting Hill Carnival.
  3. And even when it’s not a carnival season, a stroll by the brightly coloured buildings and quirky stalls in Portobello Market is still a nice day out. 
  4. When you get tired of shopping then you can snuggle up in an armchair in the magical Electric cinema which has a long history since 1911. 
  5. Westfield known as the shopper’s paradise not only in Europe but also across the world is also found in west London which makes it more attractive for shopping lovers. 
  6. West London is a home of various beautiful and elegant parks namely Kensington Gardens, Richmond Park, Regent’s Park, and Hyde Park where city people can escape from the bustle of city life. 
  7. And if that doesn’t refresh the body, mind, and soul then taking a walk in the World Heritage Site, Kew Gardens will do the work and here you can take bliss of relief. Also, don’t forget that it is recognized for being amazing in the world. 
  8. West London contains so much greenery and a pleasant environment that no one can feel the need to go to the countryside or feel detached from nature. 
  9. As well this is the best place for families having kids, as a place to raise kids. And if Duke and Duchess of Cambridge can choose this place for their kids then there is no doubt it must be perfect for your family. 
  10. Well, who doesn’t love strawberries and cream in the Pimm’s at Wimbledon. If yes then West London is home to the most British sporting event of the year where you can enjoy your weekends. 
  11. But really it’s always Pimm’s o’clock because it has the best pub gardens in the area where youngsters can chill with their friends in their free time and enjoy their time to the fullest. 
  12. Also, you can enjoy an eye – catchy view with the pint along with the many riverside pubs in Kew, Hammersmith, Putney, and Richmond. These are some of the places in West London where you can spend with yourself and relax. 
  13. And if you are a drink lover and want to spend your night with some booze then West London is your drinking station where you can find the best drinks ever. They will not only refresh you inside out but also give you a taste of the most sizzling drinks in Europe. 
  14. Yes although east London might have Brick Lane, in West London you will have Southall where you can get the best curries in London. So if you are a fan of curries, spicy food then you will find this place incredible. 
  15. And because of this only this place has earned the title of ‘Little India’ because of serving the best curries in Europe that just resembles the unique and mouth-watering taste of India. So don’t take your steps back when it comes to having the world-famous curry. 
  16. Even you can travel the whole world in West London because here are the quaint canals in Little Venice buzzing with boats and world-famous pubs, cafes and popular restaurants. So being in West London doesn’t feel like you are away from anything in the world. 
  17. In Kensington you will find the best museums, naming a few the Natural History Museums, their dinosaurs and earthquake rooms which are longed by both adults and kids. So whether you are an adult or having a kid, this place is suitable for all age groups. 
  18. If you are a big foodie then there is amazing food for every cuisine lover, age group, taste lover for every price range. These include wonderful pizza at Santa Maria in Ealing to Michelin-starred dining at Restaurant Gordon Ramsay in Chelsea. 
  19. So whether you are having a sweet tooth, want to eat some Chinese, Japanese, Asian, American, continental, pizza, or pasta, here you will get all of them at the right place with great ambiance and hospitality. 
  20. Also, you can spot the best celebrities in West London such as Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt, Colin Firth, and Sandra Bullock as most of the celebrities choose Richmond as their place for residence in London. 
  21. Richmond upon Thames has a bohemian island known as Eel Pie where artistic types have lived since the 60s of the previous centuries. So artistic persons, or who want to follow arts can visit this place regularly or even can find residence there. 
  22. West London has some of the best spots on the river where you can find true peace and serenity. 
  23. Sunset at Hammersmith Bridge, or from the Blue Anchor pub, rowers slicing through the glassy water at sunrise in Putney, G&Ts in the sun at Richmond Bridge with buskers offering a reggae soundtrack. Who doesn’t find it lovely and worth spending time on. 
  24. What makes it even cooler is its Heathrow airport where you can catch up flights from anywhere in the world and with ease and simplicity. This airport adds more charm to west London and makes it a favourite of many people. 
  25. West London is a huge and informally – defined area offering a massive range of price points for property hunters. As you can expect, prices tend to fall as you move outwards from more central areas. 
  26. Locations that are located on the outer edge of west London and beyond it are set to benefit substantially from the opening of the Elizabeth line. These will run through Ealing and Hillingdon before leaving London and heading west. 
  27. West London is best known for the prosperous, green, and leafy suburbs which it offers through the Ealing, Fulham, Chiswick, and parts of Notting Hill. Also, this part of London is undergoing many significant development programs which surely uplift the level of this part. 
  28. Much of West London is regarded as a very safe and secure place to live where Richmond is the part with the lowest crime rate of all. And this is not only a mere buff but proven by the police figures and record. 
  29. West London is also home to one of the most multicultural cities in the world, where you can find people from all countries and cultures residing here and cherishing its cultural diversity. 
  30. Built-in 1890 it has the oldest underground metro system in the world. Not only this but here traces of early humans that can be dated back to 4500 BC are found. 
  31. Isn’t it just wow that a city that reflects the modernity of the world also holds its root back to the early human culture. 

So why are you waiting, just make a plan to shift to West London and don’t forget the Supreme man and van to make a partner in your packing and moving? They operate from London but can also move you to/from anywhere in Europe to anywhere in London.

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