Day in the life of a Supreme man and van @ 2021 😇

Have you ever wondered what exactly goes on behind the scenes here at Supreme man and van? We, being the most experienced and trained moving company in this industry, how do we plan and execute your move smoothly? 


The answer is right in front of you. Since we are an ‘experiencedand ‘trained’ mover, we have a dedicated set of staff that take their time and work efficiently to make sure that your move is indeed a success from start to finish. Ensuring a successful and less stressful move is definitely not an easy task.

But we here at Supreme man and van London ensure you get the best of our services every time you hire us. 


Typically, moving is something we all happen to deal with only once in every 5 or 10 years. But the team at Supreme Man and Van indulges in moving families, homes, and offices every day, making our company the experts in all things relocation. But how the entire moving process does gets sorted in such a smooth way. If you would like to know, let’s dive in further: 


Kindly continue reading to know a day in the life of a Supreme man and van…


A day in the life of a Supreme Man and Van

Every other moving day is a completely different adventure. One day, you may see yourself on a fourth floor walk-up in Beacon Hill, and the next day you may be going up to the penthouse of a downtown high-rise. You may be starting a three-day job in the suburbs or moving three small apartments in one day. As a full service moving company, we cater to the diverse needs and requirements of people that arise during the moving process. Variety of experience from moving days truly is the spice of our life that makes us obliged to serve better. 

However, no two jobs are the same; there are some commonalities in every day.  The first one is the importance of a hard day of work.  There is a special sense of accomplishment that grants satisfaction when you move the items of an entire house onto a van and then emptied the van back into a new house in one day. Working as a mover allows the opportunity for the professionals to see just how hard they must push themselves to accomplish a clear set goal. It is an important daily reminder to everyone that goals are attainable if you set your mind clearly to the task at hand.

Our mover’s team tends to believe and appreciate the important role of teamwork in every task. There is simply no way to move a sleeper sofa up three flights of stairs without teamwork. Even those staff members that already have an athletic background will practice these skills in a more stressful work environment unique for a summer job. The daily reliance of the clients on us compels us to give our best teamwork which is inclusive of members as both early professional and future professionals alike.

To also note, that Supreme man and van staff acquire professional communications skills that allow them to help customers and lead them through stressful life events. Working as a mover offers the opportunity to learn how to communicate with stressed individuals in a calm, helpful manner.

Hard work, teamwork and communication are the basis of a successful career in whatever path our budding college students choose. Many former Giants have taken these skills daily into a variety of careers. From lawyers to doctors to professional athletes, we are proud of every Giant who has passed through our ranks and gone on to make the world a better place.

Up early, morning coffee/tea and out, sharpish!

Some removals and moving are all day jobs, especially when packing all belongings is involved. It is vital in many cases that the full packing and removal is able to be carried out on the day. Please do note that the moving staff have to cross paths between home a and home b, so it is helpful if they leave time for traffic or anything else that gets thrown at them on today’s fierce roads! But we’ve not even got to that bit yet. They’ve got to prepare to move a full vans capacity from the client’s home, and let’s not forget many of these household goods are heavy, and on the other end of the scale, some are really delicate. They can be caught moving anything from any level including the loft and items from white goods to heavy boxes, furniture pieces and we’ve even seen them moving a piano… You just never know what you’re going to find!

Now it’s time to buckle up and go!

An integral half before a driver simply just jumps in and heads off. It’s of true importance that the van is checked carefully to make sure that all household items loaded are secure. If not done properly, this may result in damage in transit, which we can’t afford to happen. They use ratchet straps amongst alternative devices and their impressive packing skills to make sure nothing will move and therefore prevent damage. Short distance journeys are simple, as we don’t have to be compelled to stop. On longer drives, it’s crucial that we stick to the driving time regulations, taking breaks and pit-stops once needed to prevent fatigue. Once we’ve arrived at our moving destination though, it is pretty much the opposite of packing! We have a tendency to assist or supply an entire service to our customers once it involves unpacking the moving load on delivery. This can mean assembling and placing furniture, or lifting all the heavy items up-stairs. You know how it goes too, taking things apart is easy… but putting it back up. Not always so straight forward! We literally get the home looking like a home; unless of course no help is required, in which case we will unpack and off we go! 


Whilst this is a very short synopsis of the daily life of a Supreme man and van, it gives you an insight into the responsibilities that we as a professional moving company have to undertake on a daily basis to keep everything on track, running smoothly and successful home moves that are stress free.


Recommendations to consider while hiring us

To start off an average work day at Supreme Man and Van east London and areas in the UK, our professional conducts an in-home surveys with the clients. The purpose of conducting in-home surveys is to have a prior estimate as to what all things such as equipment, packing boxes, number of movers, and more will be required by the staff to understand exactly what a client needs exactly to conduct a successful move. 


This in-home or in-office survey is the step which involves sitting down to understand requirements and to determine if the clients need packing, unpacking, removal, put-away services, or in case need tips if they plan to pack themselves and need professional help only with loading and unloading of the goods. Whether you hire us or not, we always seek to assist you with your move in all ways we can. Coming back to the in-home survey, our professional will walk through your home or office to have a closer estimate and take inventory. Since the size of the move differs from client to client, our prior visit to the target premise may also vary. It is not unheard of for a mover to visit as many as three to six homes each day, and we believe in giving the full moving coordination by visiting the premises a few days before the move.


Here is a quick piece of recommendation for our potential clients to take into account how Supreme man and van movers function and take the right step and choice on time before the final move day arrives. Let’s see some of them in brief:

An in-person will save your overcharges

A very significant part of the moving process is carefully assessing each piece of the furniture supposed to be relocated in order to get the approximate weight and cubic feet. This determines how long it will take to move all your personal belongings and what size of truck or van will be required. Luckily, we take the guesswork out of it, estimating and having the prior survey because the walk through the place is really important for us to see what is being moved. This step prevents the moving items from being unaccounted for, or items that may require special crating to prevent breakage.


Start packing early

One of the most good things our clients say about man and van is that we never tend to leave things to the last minute. While the final move-in day approaches, our relocation professionals make all the necessary moving arrangements, from planning for packing supplies, to manpower, to learning height restrictions at the new location’s loading dock. 

When clients wish to pack their goods on their own, it is human nature that they can underestimate how long it takes to pack and leave it to the last minute. But experts always recommend people to be proactive and as soon as that sold sign for your home is up, start packing what you are not going to need right away. Nonetheless, if you do leave the moving process and arrangements to the last minute, contact us and we can deploy our best to do a partial pack for you. 


Keep the communications lines open with movers

There are various moving parts to take care of, when it comes to relocating to your new home or office. One of the best pieces of advice to our clients is that they should keep the lines of communication open when it comes to planning for moving day. 


As we are closely aware of the fact that plans do change a lot, but that is okay, because working at man and van is flexible and we seek to help our clients in all plans and the allied changes that come along with it. For an instance, clients at a later point want to include other furniture items that were not added in the estimate before the move or what services are going to be needed. Needlessly to say, the more information we have, the better we can serve our clients. So, it is wise for the clients to keep the communications line open with us any time before or during the move. 


Final Remarks

As hard and strenuous the moving task is, we at Supreme Man and Van Croydon are more inclined towards making this process as simple and efficient as we can for you. The prime motto of man and van is to find satisfaction in getting the job done well. Simultaneously, the employees and professionals of our moving company ensure that clients get full satisfaction from the service and the whole moving experience becomes memorable for them.  


A Day in the life of a Supreme Man and Van reference is provided as outlined above in this informative article. The aim of the article is that people, who wish to hire a professional moving company, can have a detailed overview on our Man and Van company so that they can look at how we deliver our services, summarizing the actual picture behind the wheels. I hope the article was of great assistance for you to make the positive choice on hiring Supreme Man and Van.


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