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How to save money during a move?

Moving to a new home or office? Well, this is the time that is going to incur you a handsome amount of money. Moving is consistently listed as one of the most stressful and arduous events you will ever experience in your life but hiring the right moving company like Supreme Man and Van Ealing will help you get through this process efficiently. We know that moving to a new place can be an exciting phase in your life but it is going to be a very expensive one. Besides the costs incurred in securing a new place or office for you, the entire moving process in itself can come with a bevy of expenses. 


With all this quite known fact that moving home brings both overwhelming emotions and a little grip on your pocket because of the costs it involves, many people often wonder about the ideas to save money during a move. The secret to keeping your moving home costs low is advance planning of your move. Putting forth a little extra effort in the initial days can lead up to a move that can save you a ton of money, particularly when you are packing up your personal belongings.


In this article we have gathered the essential strategies that you can use in advance of your big move with Man and van Fulham to make it a successful one while saving a lot of money on the move. So, without further ado, let’s head over to the main informative content of this article:


Tips to save money during a move

Stock up on Packing Supplies

Instead of buying cardboard boxes, you can pile up packing supplies or the boxes you receive from your online purchases. This is going to save you a lot of money. For example if you were to buy cardboard boxes from a store, it would have cost you approx. $1.80 to $4 each box and considering the huge amount of boxes you are going to need as per the number of stuff you do have to pack. Buying of new boxes is not a feasible option at all as it will easily charge you hundreds of dollars to your moving cost. So, instead of unnecessary paying for the packing boxes, it is always wise to save up on your costs by using the stocked up packing supplies.

Shopping around can also save money

You would have probably heard of this advice that to save on moving costs, you can just borrow a relative’s or friend’s truck or van because it would be cheaper than hiring for a professional moving company, right? Well, it actually depends. Everyone has a different moving budget and based on that one can hire our professionals at man and van balham looking at their profits and losses to see if you can afford us. Where affordability is an issue here in hiring professional movers, you be rest assured that we at Supreme man and van follow the motto of reliability with affordability in delivery of our moving services. 


As you can easily hire man and van clapham, also try to take few things into consideration such as if you were to take some time off your work to move, would you be convenient on missing out on a significant portion of your monthly income or you planned the final move-in date accordingly. If it is going to cost more in the DIY move, then choosing professional movers might be the more practical option, saving lots of your time and efforts at least! Additionally, if you decide to hire professional movers, try to keep the date in the off moving season in which you can get various deals. 


Toss, Donate or Sell belongings you no longer need

With the final move out months coming close, it is advised that you downsize all your personal belongings and pack only those which you actually are going to use. So, what about the remaining items? Well, you can simply toss, donate, or sell them online so that they can be used by someone in need and you can also cover some of your moving costs. If you are hiring a moving company man and van battersea, one of the big costs is the hourly expense of the professional movers. Even if the costs are reasonable, there is always the room for it to hike up based on the changing situations. Even if you are not hiring a moving service, the longer you keep the company’s rental truck or van, you will have to pay more. That is why it makes a lot of sense to start downsizing your possessions in the months before a move. This will not only help you come up with some extra money just before the move, but it will save you a ton of time when moving, and time is definitely money in the moving process.

Plan Ahead of time

If you have foreseen that in the coming future you will be relocating or if you are lucky enough to have sufficient time before the big move, it is time to put on your best Monica Geller enthusiasm and get organized. If you have sufficient time before your final move in date you by planning ahead of time you can keep a window for less stress and last minute tension. Having said that, contact the electricity and internet providers at the old place and let them know your plans and when they get switched off and on the power at your new place. 


Besides, the furniture and appliances that you are not going to need or won’t fit in your new living room, you can plan ahead and sell them online. The stress of donating them while also preparing to move causes extra stress and it is convenient to sell pieces you no longer are going to need.

Stock on some snacks and do meal planning

I know what you would be thinking: what does stocking up on snacks meal planning has to do with moving? To say particularly, when you are shutting off the electricity at your old home and starting up at the new one, chances are great you won’t have access to refrigerated food for at least a few days. Also, don’t forget you have arrived at a new place with all the plates and cutlery being packed away in 10 layers of bubble wrap. It often happens that you go over budget on eating out during a move, so it is helpful if you take some time to plan ahead and stock up on some meals and snacks on your journey.

Rent a moving man and van

You can do the moving of items yourself seeking the help of a moving man and van London.  If you have lots of household or office items that could not possibly be fit in your personal vehicle, consider renting a moving van or truck rather than paying for a moving service. You can just hire the loading truck and with the help of relatives and friends load and unload the items yourself. Please do note that the cost of renting a separate moving van alone is far less expensive than fully paying for a professional package of moving service. 


The best strategy to maximize the cost effectiveness of a moving van is to have every single of your items prior boxed up and ready to put in the van before getting the personal vehicle, so that your only task remains is to simply load up the van with boxes and get on the road to your new destination.

Pick a random weekday for your final move in date

Because most of the people prefer to move on the weekends or holiday, most of the moving companies charge a premium for moving on the weekends or special holiday. But if you decide to move on a weekday, it is going to charge you a little less, which is yet another safe technique to save on moving costs. So, pick a random weekday for your move so that you can save some money and also avoid the rush of weekdays. 

Move during the off moving season

It is advisable that if you are planning for a residential move, try to plan an out-of-season move so that the overall expense of your moving gets reduced to some extent. The ideal off-season for moving out is between October and April. During the late spring, summer and early fall, the professional moving companies keep their service prices high because of the constant demand of their services and products during the season. Outside of those seasons, however, demand falls; so many moving services drop their prices in an effort to drum up business. This can be used by you to get advantage of fewer costs incurred during the move while saving a lot of money on your moving service or man and van hackney rental. 

Consider a moving container for DIY move

For those who are planning to do all the moving tasks on their own, they need to look at certain essential aspects for a successful and less expensive move. When you plan for a DIY move, it often happens that you are delayed with the final-move in date. Because mostly all the small tasks have to be done by you, it gets difficult to keep a track on things. That is why it is best to consider a moving container for a DIY move which can fulfill your requirements of giving a larger time window to load and unload, for situations where you are doing all of the moving yourself without much help. A moving container is really a good idea for DIY move.  


With a moving container, a container company simply parks a large container in your driveway, and you fill it at your own pace. When you are ready, you contact the company, and the service moves it to your new home where you unload it at your convenience, calling them to take away the empty container when you are completely done.  If loading and unloading quickly is difficult for you, or you do not want to drive a moving van, a container is a good low-cost option to consider saving your money during the move.

Save on additional costs

  Lastly, you can save your moving costs using certain methods like instead of buying bubble wraps to pack your fragile belongings; you can use towels to pack them. You can wrap the fragile items with towels before packing them into boxes. While this also saves money, it acts as an extra layer of protection to keep the items safe, without having to splurge on bubble wrap.

You can also check your local stores who usually have plenty of boxes to make your own moving boxes. You can just hit up the local stores nearby like liquor stores or the bookstores to get your hands on free moving boxes. This will save your moving costs.

Make a few Bucks

Not only can you save money on your move, but may even earn a few bucks during it. To make a few bucks, you can either choose to comb through old books and clothes to see what you can sell online. This idea helps you make more money in your pocket and less stuff to move at the new place.


Final Remarks

Moving is famously an expensive process but be assured it does not have to make you bankrupt or have you eating noodles every night. Moving or relocating always brings a major change in life and no one wants to heap money trouble on top of this major change. That is why skip the assumption that moving and that too with a professional moving company like Supreme Man and Van Ilford is going to cost you your sanity and thousands of dollars. There are numerous ways in which you can save money during your house or office move, it just takes a little creativity. Follow the above outlined tips and strategies to save your money during a move and enjoy the moving experience stress free.



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