Do You Know These 5 Best Places To Live In Brixton

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Do You Know These 5 Best Places To Live In Brixton

Well if you are a Londoner then must you have known about the southern part of London, and if are new then don’t worry here you will know why South London is famous. 

Yes, it’s true that the whole of London is famous for its cultural diversity, history, modern marvels and what’s not, but its southern part is the best part not for tourism but for living too. 

Why because it offers a culturally rich neighbourhood, safe environment, and all the amenities which a person seeks for his perfect home. And when we talk about South London we can’t miss the Brixton which is termed as the heart of South London. 

So let’s have a sneak peek and see what this incredible city has to offer to the new residents. 


Best Places In Brixton To Visit 

Let’s first start with the places that are popular among the visitors who like to come here again and again. If you are good at news then it’s not a hidden fact that some decades ago this area was well known for crimes, unrest, and poverty. 

But now it’s famous for its vibrant shades of different cultures, dining places, bars, entertainment places, and a lot more. This is all because of the investment and joint efforts of the government and the people living here that this place has achieved this position. 

Today you will find Brixton incredibly diverse, and that is well reflected from everything, markets, shopping, restaurants, cultural attractions, and entertainment and amusement spots and with lots of green areas to chill and relax. 

Although changing world this place is also becoming modern then also one can sense the essence of the traditions and flowing history that is well fitted in each and every corner of the city. 

In the heart of Brixton, you will have the main station, 02 Academy Brixton where most of the commercial and dining outlets are located. These all are prominent ones and make it difficult to choose any one of them. 

But if you are going to live here then you will have the chance to visit every place. If you are searching for the best restaurants then look nowhere and go to Brixton village. Although it has village in its name but doesn’t mean here you didn’t find better services. 

Instead, this village area will make to stand to amaze by its wonderful hospitality and services. whether you want Afro – Caribbean food to Thai, or want to dine–in or take away, you will always find it suitable for you. 

Here you will also have artisanal stalls and everything that reminds you of its cultural history and uniqueness. 

In the south of Brixton, you have Brixton Hills which is mostly a residential area but also has huge mural paintings made by the local artists on walls and the sides of the houses. This made the entire environment as energetic, cheerful, and colourful as the community. 

The east of Brixton is Herne Hill which sits between the central Brixton and Dulwich. This place is home to numerous shops, bars, and cafes. So here you can do shopping relax in the cafes and enjoy in the bars. 

Even some of its bars are famous in the city and offer a variety of fantastic drinks. What makes these bars awesome is their staff who can even help you in finding out your best shot drinks if you get confused. 

And if you are a night person then Hootananny will never disappoint as this is one of the best places for a night out and can handle very easily the night crowd. In the southeast corner of the city, you have Tranquil Brockwell Park that is the best place to relax after a long tiring day. 


Best Places To Live In Brixton 

After getting a tour of the best places to hang out in Brixton it’s time to discuss the best places to live in Brixton. Generally, people migrate here for 2 reasons one is its atmosphere and second is the opportunity that it offers. 

Because of these reasons the city is being flooded by people of different cultures coming from all around the world. But these are not the only factors that make this place densely populated. 

Some other equally important reasons are the transportation link and high standard schools and colleges. This place is well-linked with the neighbouring areas and from all parts of London. 

With its transportation and communication system, it attracts a large proportion of people who come here in search of new opportunities and never disappoints them. 

Talking about the residential areas where you will find one-room apartments to massive villas and bungalows. Although property prices seem high at first if you search well then you can definitely find a suitable property for your family. 

Here 5 places are considered as the best places to live that include Brixton Square, Oval Quarter, The Edge, Brixton Centric, and Singer Mews. These are some of the places where you will find nice homes with decent prices and an amazing environment. 

Brixton Centric as the name suggests itself is situated in the central part of the Brixton and brings residents near to the Brixton Village. So if you are a foodie and countryside lover then here you will get them both. 

Here Ritzy Cinema is a famous landmark which is right on the doorstep of the city and it scores high in all the residential features. 

Singer Mews is an area with mixed-use development areas ranging from Notting Hill Genesis, including shared ownership, social rent, private sale, and retail units. 

Oval Quarter is well-linked with transportation and has underground stations which will complete your journey from one part to other in just a few minutes. 

The Edge ranks third in the list of the best residential places because of its superior positions and houses. If you are looking for houses of one, two and three bedrooms then this is for you. 

With that, it is situated in the middle of the Brixton Village and the underground stations so you can hop from one place to other quickly. 

Brixton Square is the top rank achiever on our list with its unbeatable location and appealing thoughtfulness. Here you have swish apartments, penthouses, retail outlets, and other residential buildings. 

So if you are planning to move into Brixton then don’t delay and book supreme man and van for easy packing and moving. 


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