Tips for helping an Elderly person move house

Elderly person move house

Tips for helping an Elderly person move house

Relocating to a new house at a different place is indeed difficult to handle at any stage in life. While the process of moving house can often be very overwhelming, risks and challenges are even greater for our elder ones. Creating an initial moving schedule and packing of boxes are two different things when it comes to getting through the moving process in our youth. However, for our lovely elder ones, these tasks can get almost impossible to complete on their own, without seeking professional help. But don’t worry, because man and van London have got you all covered.


In this article, we have prepared the list of important and necessary tips and strategies that you are required to take into account before helping an elderly person move house.


There are many reasons why elderly person may have to relocate to a new house but the most common reason is to downsize. Once our big family has moved on to a new house, it can be often difficult to maintain that large property on our own, so moving to a smaller property can bring back a sense of control. Also, some elderly people tend to choose to move after losing their dear partners. It truly can be an emotional upheaval and the surviving partners need to have a lot of external support from their other friends and relatives.


Moreover, the other reason why elderly people might choose to move to a new house in order to move into assisted living facilities due to their health. It is often best to complete the residential move before it becomes necessary because that can turn out to be difficult for those who are unwilling to give up on their independent life. That is why you should always trust professionals and the experienced ones like Man and Van east London.


If you’re also supporting an elderly person move house, below mentioned are few things you will need to think before starting out the process.


Please keep reading to know how to help an elderly person move house…


      I.  Tips for helping an elderly person move house

Reduce the clutter

Living in the same house for a quite long time can often lead to piling up of clutter at your place. While moving out your elder ones, make time to clear some of this built up clutter well in advance. You can also consider donating or recycling stuff wherever possible instead of just throwing them away.


If there is any of the stuff, elderly person would rather not part with; you can consider hiring a self storage unit. This can be a viable option if an elderly person wants to hold on to special belongings for their grandchildren or any other large pieces of furniture.

Sort and organize stuffs before you packing them

Packing process becomes a much easier job if it has been sorted and organized by you beforehand. As a general moving rule, sorting of items can be grouped into four essential categories and should be labeled clearly in the format: Moving>Giving stuff to family and friends> Selling or Donating> Throwing out the unnecessary items.

Break significant tasks into smaller ones

You must be familiar with this saying that, ‘from little things, big things grow’. Well, this saying is also applicable to moving to a new house with your elder ones. To make the process smoother, and reduce a seem-to-be mammoth task, you must break it down into smaller tasks and tackle them first. You know taking smaller steps at a time is a far better decision than procrastinating or allowing yourselves to become more overwhelmed and unproductive.

Allow plenty of time

Often, decision making is one of the timeliest aspects of making significant life changes. If you can, allow yourselves plenty of time to discuss and make decisions, and record them somewhere so that everyone is on the same page. From what to do with possessions when downsizing, to what energy provider to go with next, keeping notes of this in one place will make it easier to keep track of where things are at.


It is also quite easy to get frustrated with an elderly person when the moving process is slower than you might have expected. That is why give extra room for allowing additional time for every moving task and make sure that older ones have sufficient time to also process the emotional aspect of moving house. If you’ve raised your family member in the same homes, it can also get really difficult to let go of your sentiment attached to the place. They can always often lead to delay of house move with elderly people, but to avoid this you need to be supportive enough and allow things to move at their own pace, not yours.

Create a moving checklist

If you are worried about missing on to some important step of the moving process, you can create a moving checklist that you can work upon to get through moving the elderly person to their new home. When helping elderly people move house, communication is key and the prepared checklist will allow everyone to be on the same page. Moving to a new house in the later age of your life can leave a feeling out of control, but with the help of something as simple as a proper checklist helps bring systematic order to a chaotic situation.

Make a list for address changes

For those residing in their homes for some time and now they have to relocate to a new home, you need to make a list for address changes. You might want to consider that making a lengthy list with their list of organizations and family friends to contact and advice of the address change. Make a list beforehand, and each time you think of a new one, jot it down to ensure you do not lose your track.

Call for help from others, if you can

Whether it is other family members, friends, relatives or neighbors, moving your elder loved ones can be a huge task and unless you ask for additional help, you may not realize how readily available it is. Whether it is just looking out for your elderly loved ones during the relocating period, running errands, or helping with meals or cleaning, having a few extra trusted hands on deck can only be a positive thing and help the process get completed at earliest.

Consider Mobility

Many elder persons cannot withstand a long road trip without stops or assistance, while others may need full-service medical moving transportation. Consider mobility for the conveyance of elderly people and for that, flying is the best option. You may book nonstop flights for those with mobility issues and contact the airline in advance with special requests like boarding assistance, curb-to-gate escort, or special seating accommodations. If your lovely elder ones have not flown in a while, be sure they are informed about new safety protocols.

Create a support structure

Arriving in a new home, especially if the elder ones will now have to share their space with others in a care home or your family can be awkward. You can help them by making introductions and remembering some of the questions about where things are and how things are done, which the elderly person might be worried about. Help them also to arrange and display their things to their liking to make them feel at home.


Basically, your elderly person would not just need help on the day of the move. So, you must go on expecting that they might need someone to stay with them the night before to keep things cheerful. They might need your help to settle into their new home or they even need your help saying goodbye to their old home. Find out how you can offer your support in the best possible way to them, well in advance.

Progress at the pace of elderly person

You might want to get the move over and done with, but you need to allow the person moving house time to process. Go at their pace instead of trying to rush things along. Those with limited mobility might feel frustrated if they are rushed. And those with cognitive impairment could feel more stressed if they feel rushed. Give yourself plenty of time to complete the move and take everything at a relaxed pace.

Reminisce and celebrate your moving experience

It does not have to be all packing and cleaning when you have to help an elderly person with their residential move. You should also reminisce and celebrate your moving experience with your dear ones. For that matter, having some close friends or relatives be called over for a meal in the lead-up to the final moving day, looking through some old photos, and having a bit of ceremony around the occasion will help everyone to process the change in a positive way. The entire moving process and the downsizing of clutter can bring an array of conflicting emotions, but this can be a good excuse to get together with your closed ones and celebrate the good times.

Hire the right removal company

The right and experienced removals company will understand the additional pressure when it comes to helping an elderly person move house.  At Supreme Man and Van slough, we can help you to manage the residential move with ease. If required, we can allow more time for a move, or arrange to move items to multiple locations. For example, if you want to move one set of boxes to their new home and put the rest in storage, this can easily be arranged.

Hire Professional Help

An outside expert can simplify the emotional aspect of a moving process. Even if you are available to help with the transition of your elderly loved ones, having a third party to help make tough decisions can reduce tension and fighting among family.


If you are having trouble following the above listed necessary steps, then you can opt for hiring a professional moving company who can take care of your move well. The Supreme Man and van west London is a great professional moving company that will take care of all your moving processes and also help you find moving labor for hire in your allied areas.


What you need to know is that Man and van Enfield has skilled and experienced movers in more than 14 areas in the UK. The official website is available here at where you can get in touch with the professionals to get acquainted with the prices of the move and enjoy the moving experience stress free and that too at a quite reasonable price.


    II.          Final Remarks

If you are helping your lovely elder ones move house, the most significant step is to hire the right moving company like Man and Van Ilford. You can trust the services of Supreme man and van that tend to help people with their relocation within the London area.


If you follow the above mentioned tips and strategies, you will get to experience that everyone involved in the moving process is a lot more organized, comfortable and better-informed. You will avoid a lot of stress and headache over getting through small demanding tasks that a moving house process involves, and hopefully with the help of the tips in this article, any of your family members or older ones will be able to settle into their new place with more ease.


For any suggestion or to book a Supreme Man and Van Croydon, please reach out to us at Trust our expertise and experience to make this moving experience less stressful and overwhelming for everyone involved. And do not forget to make sure you read up on the listed tips for helping your elder ones move into their new home.


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