How many hours should I need for Moving & Shifting ?


How many hours should I need for Moving & Shifting ?

There are a few things in our life no one ever has enough of and time is indeed one of the most significant among them. Everyone often seems that if only there was more time, their life would be so much easier, better, and of course happier so that people would be able to finish their respected jobs. Moving out is one such job where the time is of utmost essence where we need to prioritize our daily lives along with preparing for your move and accordingly you organize every minute of every hour of your day in order to be able to do everything on time. The proper organization of the entire moving process seems possible only with man and van London


Yes, the ever changing game of time is truer when it comes to moving to a new location. A moving process involves a lot of minor tasks when you overall make a part of your big successful move. You would need to take care of various things when organizing a forthcoming move that the time you left until moving day will seem to be doubling up faster than you can possibly imagine. No matter how good one’s organizational skills is, it becomes quite a challenge for everyone to estimate on how much time they are going to need for their move. What is the average time the moving process will take? How many numbers of hours do you need to organize and perform a smooth and trouble-free relocation? 


These questions are usually very difficult to answer, as the time it takes to move house depends on a number of factors, unique for every different moving scenario. But don’t worry, we with man and van east London at your service have got you all covered. In this article, we have prepared detailed information on how many hours is sufficient for a successful move? So, without further ado, let’s head over the main content of this informative article:


Please keep reading to know how many hours you should need on a move…

  • How many hours should I need on a move

To answer your question of how many hours you need for a house move, the amount of time it will take you to pack the entire house actually depends on how big your house is. Depending on the size of your house, number of belongings you own, and whether or not you have to transport additional storage such as garages, sheds, attics, or basements, packing for a move can take anywhere from 1to 7 days.

Time it takes to pack a studio or 1-bedroom Apartment: 6 hours to 2 days

Time it takes a man and van to pack a studio or 1-bedroom apartment or house: 2-4 hours

Packing a studio or 1-bedroom apartment or house usually does not take much longer than a single day. The reason being so because generally there are fewer belongings and the resident does not typically have outdoor spaces to content with. For those living in a studio or one-bedroom house, you can speed up the packing time by preparing in the near weeks leading up to the final moving date. Some of the tips on packing are listed below:

  • Sell or donate items that are unused, damaged, or are of no longer use to you. This will help you reduce the clutter ahead of the time so you have to transport less weight. 
  • You should use all the items stored in the fridge and pantry in the preceding week before your moving date. It will prevent you from having to waste food and other items and you also do not have to transport all the stored stuff to the new location. 
  • Also, you should start packing early by packing separate boxes of seasonal items or items you would not be using from now until the move and stacking those boxes in the corner of the room. Some of the examples are winter clothes, books, specialty bakeware, beach toys, or DVD collections.

Time it takes to pack a studio or 2-bedroom House: 6 hours – 2 days    

Time it takes a man and van to pack a 2-bedroom house: 3-5 hours

A two-bedroom house will typically take a homeowner or renter 6 hours – 1 day to pack and less than that with man and van slough. However, a 2-bedroom apartment is likely to take longer up to 2 days. This is because the apartment may also include an attic, garage, basement, or other storage areas that require extra time to pack.   

To speed up the packing time for a 2-bedroom apartment, follow listed tips:

  • Start by packing all the soft items first such as pillows, stuffed animals, bedding, blankets, etc. in garbage bags. 
  • Have a small, medium, and large box built out for the room. Put heavy or fragile items in the small box, light items in the large box, and anything in-between in the small box. This will make moving the boxes easier when it’s time to load them into the truck.
  • You should only use high-quality packing tape because low-quality tape is likely to split, tear, or fall off boxes, or break with heavier boxes or awkward loads. 
  • Save yourself hassle and wasted tape by springing for heavy-duty tape.

Time it takes to pack a studio or 3-bedroom House: 3-5 days 

Time it takes a man and van to pack a 3-bedroom house: 5-7 hours

A three-bedroom house typically takes more time to pack since there are usually more belongings as well as more storage. If you have a three-bedroom house, it can be helpful to start 4-5 weeks prior to the moving date. You can start with the decluttering process so that you can get rid of all the unnecessary items you are not going to use. Some additional tips include:     

  • You should always start packing early. Since, the packing process always happens to take longer than we think it will, it starts 2-3 weeks before moving day, starting with items you use the least. 
  • Make sure you are well stocked on moving supplies and carry them from room-to-room in a basket. This prevents you from having to search from room-to-room for tape or markers. 
  • Use different colored tape for different rooms. This makes unloading and unpacking a breeze.

Time it takes to pack a 4-bedroom House: 3-7 days    

Time it takes a man and van to pack a 4-bedroom house: 6-10 hours    

It is easy to let items accumulate over the years in the house. So, when you go packing a larger house, then you need to invest time in some basic decluttering beforehand. You can take one room a day or a couple of rooms over a week to fasten the process. Items that are broken, expired, damages, or otherwise are obsolete should be discarded or sold or donated to those in need. 

Here are some additional tips for speeding up the packing process:  

  • When packing, momentum is the key and therefore, you need to do everything systematically. You can build several cardboard boxes beforehand so that the boxes are just easy to grab and go while packing with several boxes ready in the corner to be used to stuff the items. 
  • Don’t pack air. Don’t waste time emptying dressers, chests, or wardrobes; use stretch wrap to keep them closed and protected instead. If a chest is empty, fill it with linens. Don’t pack empty suitcases; fill them. 
  • Start packing one room at a time. You can start packing with the least used rooms and end with the most used ones. 
  • Once you’ve packed your first room, you can use it as a staging area to keep track of things you don’t want to lose.    

Time it takes to pack 5-bedroom House: 5-10 days    

Time it takes a man and van to pack a 5-bedroom house: 8-10 hours    

Large sized houses are some of the most overwhelming one to pack and move. While involved, make sure you give yourself sufficient self time by starting at least 6 weeks prior to the final moving date. You may also opt to hire a professional mover like man and van ilford who also offers packing and unpacking services. 


If you opt for DIY move, here are some tips to help the moving process complete faster:  

  • You can invest in wardrobe boxes to keep the clothes hangings on hangers instead of juggling through fitting them in the laundry bags. You can also fold them into boxes.
  • Label each packed box on at least two sides so it is always clear the respective unloading room of each box. 
  • If you have to take apart furniture, but the hardware is in a bag then you can tape the bag to the furniture
  • Please remember to fill the big boxes with lighter items and the small boxes with heavy and fragile items. It helps you prevent wreckage of the items. 


  • Get help packing and moving with Professionals

Other than the moving task being stressful and overwhelming, it is also time consuming, mainly because it involves lots of packing, loading, and unloading. To emphasis, if the moving process comes out not well planned, it can end up draining you physically and emotionally. That being said, if one wishes to avoid all these shortcomings while moving house or office, they must hire professional movers to handle the entire process. No matter where you are relocating, hiring the right moving company is essential and can create a huge difference by giving you a stress-free moving experience. 


One such professionally trained and well-experienced moving company is of Supreme Man and van Battersea. We have extensive years of experience in the moving industry and are trained enough with expertise to safely handle all your household goods to your desired destination. Here in this article, we have gathered the information and prepared a guide of reasons for the readers as to why they should hire man and van moving services.


Started in 2016, Supreme Man and Van Brixton has come a long way in obtaining happy customers and leaving a professional footprint in the moving profession. The owner of the company has an extensive experience of 10-years in the moving industry and has built up a solid reputation over the last years. The purpose is to ease the challenge of packing, stacking, loading, and the subsequent unloading and unpacking of your belongings so that customers have to worry less and enjoy the experience more.


We provide services at various locations in the United Kingdom in more than 14 areas and the hiring process at all locations is quite an easy and flexible task.  Man and van Clapham provides promising professional man and van service for anyone wishing to move from London to anywhere in the UK. Let’s see a brief overview about the man and van services in the London and allied areas and why hiring us is best for you.


  • Final Remarks

So, how many hours should you need for a successful move with man and van Bromley? The average length of time to house is 18 to 20 hours in the best scenario because any lesser amount of time would not be enough to complete all the necessary relocation tasks in a smooth and efficient manner.


However, there may a time come when you need to organize an emergency move. In such a scenario, you will have to adopt an entirely different yet effective approach in order to ensure the successful end of your relocating adventure.

The abovementioned guideline will help the readers have a close estimate on how much time they are going to need for the overall completion of their move. If you need more information or tips and strategies for a successful, kindly reach out to man and van Enfield here at I hope the article was of great help to you!


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