What Are The Best Places To Live In Ealing

What Are The Best Places To Live In Ealing

Living in London is wonderful in itself then what to say when you got the best place to live in London that is in Ealing. Yes you read it right, Ealing is one of the best places in London and it is well known as the ‘Queen of Suburbs’. 

But here don’t get confused that it is only a suburban area with no or less modern facilities. Today it is London’s third-largest borough in terms of population and that is enough to prove that Ealing is the first choice of the people who want to live in London. 

Here we are going to discuss that how this borough has achieved the title of ‘Queen of Suburbs’ and what are the best places to live here. 

All About Ealing You Should Know 

Well, let’s first start with a brief introduction of this borough, as we already know that this is the third-largest populated borough in London, but what else makes it different from others. 

If you are thinking the same then hold on to your horses, as there is much more to explore about Ealing. It covers a large portion of West London and almost falls in Zone 3 for TfL services. 

In this city, you have 13 underground stations altogether across the borough, while some are in Zone 4 and 5. Talking about its county, although today it is a part of Greater London, historically it was counted as being in Middlesex. 

It has attracted a huge population because of its renovation of the town centre, future Crossrail links, expanding property development programs, and is sustaining its popularity. 

Because of its size and population a wide range of variety is found in the borough. If on the one hand, it has a suburban vibe, then on the other hand it has plenty of excitement and culture points to dive in. 

Starting with its main attractions it has lots of green areas and cultural attractions where you cannot only relax in your free time but also explore the local culture of the city. 

Its Walpole Park with the incredible looking grand Pitzhanger Manor House which is situated at the entrance is an awesome place to begin your journey of exploring the green side of Ealing. 

It is a grade 1 listed visiting a place that also held free art exhibitions continuously going on throughout the year, so you can enjoy the best art whenever you want. 

Also, there is a place named Questor’s Theatre which is the largest amateur dramatic playhouse in the entire house. So it organizes some of the best dramas which are very entertaining and will never let you bored of your work. 

It is situated just opposite Walpole Park so you don’t need to find it hard, and it has a reputation for putting on polished and professionals together. It has a membership so that anyone with dramatic skills can join. 

If you are a shopping and food lover then also this place is perfect for you as it serves as a paradise for the shoppers and diners. 

Ealing Broadway shopping is a big store where you can find everything you need for yourself and your family. 

As Ealing has one of the largest Polish community populations in London, so for them and for anyone who wants to have traditional Polish dishes with unique ingredients then The Magnolia Café is only for them. 

Food lovers who want to enjoy the taste of international dishes at one place must visit the Station Parade Uxbridge Road which offers food of various cuisines, from Japanese to Russian, Korean, and many more. 

Drayton Court, Southall Market, Hrosenden Hill are some of the places to visit and spend time with family and friends. 

So this place is well-linked with transportation and communication internally as well as with the whole of London and Europe, so you don’t need to worry about anything. 


Best Places To Live 

Now it turns to move with the best places where you can live in Ealing, and as there are plenty of them so you don’t need to struggle for accommodation. 

The best development in the borough that is loved by most people is St Bernard’s Gate, which is a collection of one and two-room apartments in Hanwell. Also, it is located near the Ealing General Hospital and Hanwell Station. 

Because of its proximity to essential services it attracts people who want to start their career and are looking for small apartments to start their families. 

Churchfield Quarter by L&Q is the next best place to live in Ealing which offers 1, 2, and 3 bedroom apartments for its settlers. Anyone who wants to live here can buy it via shared ownership. 

As it is located in Acton which is the rising area of the West London so here you have high chances of developing yourself as well. Living here will not only provide a great surrounding but also a golden opportunity to move ahead in your career. 

Also, settlers here can enjoy the shopping from closely situated shops, cafes, and restaurants, with local parks. 

Another place in Acton is Aviator Place which lies in Zone 3 and features a range of 1 to 2 bedroom houses. If you are settled here then you have close walking distance to North Acton station from where you can reach to the Central London in less than 40 minutes. 

Havelock Estate is a place situated between Hanwell and Southall which offers its residents easy access to both areas. Also, it is located near a canal so here residents can view the canalside anytime they want from their houses and apartments. 

The next place on our list is Dickens Yard, which is possibly inspired by the famous novelist Charles Dickens. While it is not sure that whether it is truly inspired by the greatest novelist of the Victorian Era but it is for sure that it is for all literary types. 

It is located in the heart of the Ealing so it has easy access to Ealing Broadway Underground station, Crossrail service, the Elizabeth Line making the connectivity more strong and fast. 

With these places, some more places to live in Ealing are Acton Square, Chiswick Point, Tillerman’s at Greenfor Quay, and Vida to count a few. 

So make your decisions mindfully and don’t forget to book supreme man and van for your packing and moving. 


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