So, finally it’s happening! You are moving to a new office space. But let us just clear that relocating to a new office space involves as much moving complexity as relocating to a new has. This is particularly true in cases when you have got heavy furniture, bulky electronic appliances, and multiple rooms and usually there is not a whole lot of time to get done from all the moving. It will require a significant amount of time and patience depending on the size of your office and of course a reliable moving company that can do this job for you.


Seeking professional help for your move; be it to a new home or office can be very helpful especially when it comes to packing the items at the workplace. Your workplace is not like your home with only personal belongings but has a lot of electronic appliances and bulky furniture that are better to be handled by the experts. Supreme Man and Van Hackney is the most loved moving company in London with positive reviews from happy customers. The best thing about the company is that they have quite a long experience in the moving industry and know every nook and corner of London and its allied areas. It has expert movers that are sufficiently trained how to handle any moving situation.


If you are planning to relocate your office space and are worried where to start, don’t worry as you have come to the right place. In this article, we have gathered some of the effective tips that you can follow to experience a smooth navigation to your new office space. So, let us dive into this informative article to know more.


  • 6 Essential Tips to follow for a smooth moving to a new Office Space

  1. Start Planning Early

You can’t just wing it when it comes to relocating your office space. You have to start properly by making a plan ahead of your move. Starting to plan early has its own perks and it prevents last minute scrambling up. To begin with, first make a to-do list, have a look around all the rooms at your workplace and see what are the things that can fall into the same category like printers and computers can fall in the same category, furniture at one place, and documents or board at another place. Now assign among yourself as to who will be doing what job, how it is to be done, and for this fix a time period so that everyone is done with their job before the packers and movers arrive. 


  1. Use Blueprint of New Office Space

In addition to aforesaid, you will also need to have a plan in which you decide how to keep things when you arrive at your new office space so that you are not taken by surprise. You can instead use a blueprint of your new office to plan beforehand what to keep where. This will help in setting up everything in days and you will be ready to start with your work as soon as unpacking and settling down is done. 


  1. Do not forget IT

One of the inherent complications you face while moving to a new office is disconnecting and reconnecting tech. Thus, to be sure that work is not hampered, as soon as you decide the final date of move, contact your IT department to draft a plan dealing with transfer of technical equipment such as computers, servers, internet plans. Because the work is personal in nature and can’t be outsourced to the moving company, it is important that the entire team get started with their respective jobs as early as possible. If there are spare parts of equipment that you will not need at your new office, you can donate them or sell them at reasonable prices.


  1. Put address change orders in place

As it is always better to have all the updated documents in hand before your official move, you should also start updating your office documents by mentioning the new address on it. This will include adding a new address on your business cards, envelopes, letterheads, return labels, and so on so that your clients are not misrepresented about your place of operation. You should update your existing clients regarding your plan to move.


  1. Be diligent about labelling your boxes

Labelling your packaging boxes is very crucial in all moves, mainly when you are moving to a new office. Because while planning the move, you also have to make sure that your company’s operations continue to run during and after the move, and it will happen only if you label each box as per the categories of stuff kept in it. This will make sure you have everything in place and it will take minimum of your efficiency when you move to the new office to get settled and start working again.


  1. Try moving first the non-essentials on your own

You can simplify your moving job by transporting the small stuff that can be easily carried all by yourself. You can carry some of the things like plants, documents, and other small things in your car to the new office space before you officially move in there.


  • Final Thoughts

Relocating your office is a lot of work but one must be doing it for some good reason right. We understand your cause and to lessen your trouble we have provided every best possible tip that you can follow to make your moving experience a memorable one. 


Never avoid the perks of getting professional help especially when you have a lot of things to move. Man and Van Croydon movers are always at service for customers like you who need expert help so make sure to contact them. This will help you in alleviating stress as you have a professional to handle the moving parts and keep things running track. 




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