How to transport a fridge freezer?

transport a fridge

How to transport a fridge freezer?

Moving? If you are moving then it is more likely that you are having trouble transporting heavy and large items. Well, don’t worry supreme man and van hackney have got you all covered.  When you move out from your old house to a new residential location, you will need to transport a lot of your personal belongings and household items to the new house. Now as it is easy and plain the transportation process of items sounds, it is not true at all. When moving out of the house, you will need to transport a number of Kitchen appliances and other electronic items, including the usual and larger fridge freezer you have. A fridge freezer is quite a delicate kitchen appliance which will require utmost care and attention for its transportation via moving man and van Ilford. Therefore, it becomes crucial that you transport your fridge freezer with due care and diligence so that it does not get damaged while in transit. A fridge freezer already costs high and last thing you would wish to spend hundreds of pounds again on getting a new fridge freezer, which would again add the total moving costs. After all, it is no doubt that you have already spent enough on moving house to content with as it is!


In this article, we have gathered all the relevant and top tips and strategies for you on how to transport your fridge freezer safely to your new house location. The article also lists the strategic steps that are necessarily important to take for the safe transportation of a fridge freezer during a transit. With that in mind, let’s dive in:


Preparing your fridge

Step 1: Empty all of the stored contents in the fridge

The first and foremost step while transporting a fridge freezer has to start with getting rid of all the contents that are stored in the fridge, as well as anything stored on the outside, such as magnets. If you are in the middle way of a big residential move, it is probably a better idea to simply get rid of stored food and drink items in the fridge and transport it empty-handed. 

Step 2: Remove the Shelves of the fridge

The second step is taking out all the removable components that are placed inside the fridge, such as its shelves, trays, and other detachable or loose items, if any. You should then wrap these shelves and trays in towels or in a lot of bubble wrap, since they are delicate, it would give protection against damage. Label the wrapped items before stacking them carefully in the packaging boxes. The other alternative option you might have also heard is that simply secure the shelves in the fridge with the tape, which sounds more convenient to do, but if we see safety wise it is much safer to take out the shelves and detachable and wrap them up.

Step 3: Unplug the freezer

Now you should remove the fridge’s plug, securely coil the power cord, and tape it into a tight bundle so that it stays in place during the transit.

Step 4: Defrost the freezer

It is really important to defrost your freezer before the move, and especially when you have a buildup of frost inside your fridge freezer. A full buildup of frost takes usually six to eight hours, so you need to ensure that you give sufficient time to this work. To defrost the freezer, the best time to defrost it would be overnight, and then wipe down in the morning.

Step 5: Clean the fridge

Now is the crucial time of complete cleaning of your fridge freezer. Please note to use disinfectant for wiping down interior surfaces and the drawers.

Step 6: Close the fridge freezer doors and secure them

At last when you are done removing the contents of your fridge, you need to safely secure the fridge freezer doors so that they do not get damages while they are in transit. To secure the freezer doors, you can make use of a bungee cord or a strong rope and those if you have a double-door refrigerator they can tie the freezer door handles together. While it is crucial to ensure that the doors and the handles are tied securely, it is also important to note that tying them too tight can cause them to pull out of alignment while they are being transported. It is further advised not to use tape to secure the fridge doors as it usually leaves a sticky residue on the finish of the fridge and damages it. 


Moving the Refrigerator

Step 1: Get someone to help

It is always safer to get someone else or say an expert in the moving industry to give you a helping hand in the transportation of your household items. Getting supreme man and van London, a professional and expert mover should be your ideal choice, if you are planning to seek professional assistance, otherwise call your friends and relatives to help you load the heavy kitchen appliances including your fridge. Because the fridge needs to be carried upright and operated with a dolly, it is safe that you get man and van service help.

Step 2: Use a moving Dolly

A dolly is very helpful equipment for moving items and to ease your big move, use of a moving dolly will make the entire process much easier, especially moving of large and heavy items like the fridge. You can rent this equipment with straps and enjoy the efficient moving of the fridge but before choosing one, make sure that your fridge easily fits on the base. Avoid using any dolly that might be too small because it may damage your fridge.

Step 3: Slide the refrigerator onto the moving dolly and place it in a upright position


In most cases, you’ll be able to slide the dolly right under the fridge. If necessary, you can lift it gently. You should then use bungees or straps to tie the fridge freezer to the dolly. When lifting and positioning the refrigerator on the dolly, it is important to minimize the tilting as much as possible. If you tilt the fridge too much, the oil from the compressor could seep into the cooling tubes. This is the main reason why the refrigerator needs to be kept in the upright position.

Step 4: Move gently and slowly

Once your fridge freezer is safely secured onto the dolly, you need to move forward gently and slowly. Your co-helper should be on the other side of the dolly, helping to secure the fridge and guiding you through any obstacles. While loading the fridge if you need to navigate through any stairs, your assistant should help you down with each step, one at a time. If you are opting for a DIY move, research properly, communicate effectively and do not go too quickly.

Step 5: Load your fridge freezer into the man and van

The man and van east London van you are using should have a ramp, enabling you to easily roll the fridge freezer onto the van. If you don’t have a ramp, you are needed to take extra precaution and be extremely careful. In my opinion, you’ll almost definitely go to need more than one co-helper to lift the fridge onto the truck carefully and ensure it doesn’t fall backwards.

Important Avenues to Consider while transporting Fridge Freezer

Refrigerators must be transported upright

While transporting a fridge freezer, please keep in mind that the refrigerator of the fridge is never laid down. Because when the refrigerator is laid down or it is on its back or kept sideways, the oil from the refrigerator will flow into the cooling tubes, and it may not drain from them when your fridge freezer moves back to its upright position. As a consequence, your fridge may stop giving proper cooling or it may even break down completely.

Wait for an hour before re-placing the contents of your fridge

Even if your fridge freezer has been kept in an upright position for the entirety of the move, some oil from the compressor may have leaked into the refrigeration system. To avoid the negative impact and cause of this oil spilling, it is strongly recommended that you wait for at least an hour before turning the fridge on again. If your fridge is reconnected with oil in the refrigeration system, it is likely to happen that a blockage could form and cause a breakdown of the fridge.

Hire Supreme Man and Van to take the weight off your shoulders

Planning for a big move is not an easy job and especially when it comes to moving large and heavy kitchen and electronic appliances. Whilst transportation and loading of furniture only require sufficient space, transportation of electronic and heavy appliances is a hell lot of stress which require both due care and diligence. Frankly speaking, one fails to manage the transportation of the household items when going for a big move, and therefore, it is best to always hire a moving expert.


Man and van west London is the top choice today in the UK who provides moving services with an aim to take the weight and stress off your shoulders. We at man and van are all team of professional and skilled experts who have intensive years of experience in this industry. When transporting a fridge freezer there are a lot of aspects to take into consideration and follow carefully but hiring an expert can reduce your conveyance stress. So, get in touch with Supreme Man and Van and make your arduous moving process much easier. With years of experience, our team has a plenty of knowledge and expertise in moving a wide range of items, including items that require special care such as fridge freezers, musical instruments, televisions and more. With man and van fulham, you can rest assured that your fridge and any other items will arrive in perfect condition.


  • Concluding Remarks

Moving a fridge freezer and other similar heavy kitchen and electronic appliances is a complex and tedious task. Those who are particularly clumsy may even injure themselves or cause damage to the electrical appliance that will lead to high costs on repairs. However, with man and van ealing it is made a lot easier. When it comes to moving a big fridge freezer, it does not matter if you want to install the fridge into a different room or transport it to a new location – in both the cases; it is a risky move that can lead to generation of a lot of hassle and stress.


Keeping that in mind, the article has outlined above all the necessary steps that you must look into before planning for the transportation of a fridge freezer in your big move. Following the above listed steps and strategies will make the whole moving fridge process efficient and easy for you, otherwise there is always professional assistance in your service with our team of experienced staff at man and van clapham.   


Hiring supreme man and van have helped hundreds of happy customers in their residential or big office move while transporting their old fridge freezer at the new address. When it comes to moving a fridge, Man and Van brixton are able to provide trustworthy tips on the topic, based on their real-life experience in moving. I hope the article was of great help for its readers. 


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