Should you hire 1 man or 2 men For Shifting your House ?


Should you hire 1 man or 2 men For Shifting your House ?

In this article, we have gathered the relevant details and information which will help your choose between hiring one man and van London or two men. However the complex a moving process is, the main essential aim lies behind deciding the number of movers you are going to need to hire. The purpose is to hire such a number of movers where you can easily save extra costs and charges and also get the job done quickly and efficiently. The present article is all about making you aware on how to hire the perfect amount of moving labor, with a special focus on deciding to hire 1 man or 2 men.


It is often thought that there are only two moving options that people can opt for on their residential move. The two moving options known to people are either opting for a DIY move or hiring a professional moving company on your service. While this is essentially true, there is a lot you can do to put your move somewhere in the middle and get the job done, incurring less moving costs.


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The alternate method is that you can go for a DIY move and hire moving labor. In that case, what should be your choice, whether to hire 1 man or 2 men for your big or small move? Now, the main draw to a DIY move is the scope of moving on a budget and sticking to that. This means that you would need to hire the right amount of movers that fits in your budget and can get the job done on time. If you are looking for suggestions on hiring the right amount of movers with man and van Ealing, you have come exactly at the right place. The present article will not only provide you the answer on exactly how many movers you need to hire but also the influencing factors for a move to consider, when you decide the amount of labor you will need to outsource. Let’s dive in further.

  • Should you hire 1 man or 2 men

To answer your question whether you should hire 1 man or 2 men, you need to understand that the close estimate as provided below in the table is given only on the basis of the work you need to get done and most importantly depending on the size of your move. If the size of your home is more in square feet then you are going to need more movers than for a small-sized home that needs to get shifted. Following is a table which specifies in which situations it is preferable for you to hire 2 movers. Anything less would sufficiently be done with mere help of one man and van Fulham


Size of home (square feet)Loading OnlyUnloading OnlyFull moving service
400 to 650 sq. ft. 2 movers /2 hours2 movers /2 hours2 movers /4 hours
700 to 1,000 sq. ft.2 movers /3 hours2 movers /3 hours2 movers /5 hours


To make sure you hire the right number of movers for your move, it is of prime importance that you consider the following factors and make your own right choice. The relevant factors influencing your move are discussed below:


Factors to consider

Although the above outlined table provides you with a base estimate on when to hire 2 movers. Depending on the size of your home, size of the move, and other factors you can now easily choose to hire the right amount of movers. 

Size of the move

The main consideration before deciding on the number of movers you are going to need for your residential move starts with the size of the move or size of your home. It is to note that the number of movers, be it, one man or two men of man and van Ilford, is directly proportional to the number of things you need to move. A move for someone with a studio apartment would not require nearly as many movers or as much time compared to someone with a 4-bedroom house.  


It is crucial to consider the size of your move when trying to figure out how many movers you need. You will also need to consider if you’re are hiring movers to do the loading, unloading, packing, and unpacking part.  When you hire full-service movers, you may need more actual movers to help with the tasks needing to be done.  However, when you just hire movers to load and unload the moving van, you would not need as many movers to help with the job.

Labor needing done

While the amount of items you need to be moved or the size of your home will help determine how many movers you need to hire, some items require special care on their conveyance. Those are items that are heavy and are not convenient to pack will need more movers to help with the job.  For example, if you are moving a 2-bedroom apartment, you may only need two movers for a normal job. However, the same move with a large piano is likely to take three or four movers just because of the weight of the piano.  For the safe side, you should know what all items require extra care and attention for their transportation and accordingly you are going to need additional movers, maybe two for the job.  Items such as fine Art, plants, pianos, fish tanks, heavy furniture, and fragile items require special care and moving companies will likely require hiring extra movers to ensure nobody is injured. Of course, you will want extra movers to ensure your things are handled with care, anyway.

Who will be helping?

If you are fortunate enough to get help from your family, relatives or friends who are willing to help you move, you may not need to hire as many movers and one man would be sufficient to get the job done easily. When you have enough family and friends that will help you, you would need professional help with the packing, loading, and the unloading of items. Even in this situation, it can be very helpful and cost effective for you to just hire one mover to drive the man and van Balham and direct the move. 


Hiring even one experienced mover like man and van Bromley will help in guiding every helper of the move with the packing, loading, and unloading of stuff. The professional movers at supreme man and van load moving vans for a living and they know well how to pack all stuff securely to ensure it is reached safely to your new destination.

Other factors

Before you finally decide how many movers you need, it is vital to consider the presence of a few other factors including:  Stairs, elevators, narrow hallways or doorways, or if there are any longer carrying distances. Any type of obstacle slows down your move, making moving out things from your home to the moving van. Hiring an extra mover, if your things have to go down a couple of flights of stairs can help speed up the process

Hiring the right number of mover

Hiring the right number of movers is not a perfect science but a close estimation is the best thing to consider. While you may think you only need a mover based on your home size but a second mover will likely to speed the entire moving process. The right number of mover balance is not the same for everybody. If you are moving less than an hour away, you may not be bothered by paying fewer movers for more hours to help you move your things from your old house to your new house.

Moving Costs

The primary factor that helps you decide between hiring one man or two men is to consider your moving costs and your budget. Hiring an additional professional mover is going to add up the moving costs. However, depending on the type of your move, hiring right movers could end up saving you moving costs. The more movers you hire is no doubt going to be more expensive for you, unless hiring extra movers can shave a few hours off the time they will be engaged in the process.


If you are moving out of a 4-bedroom home and you hire four movers to work for 10 hours per mover, you will be paying for a total of 40 hours of work. Instead for the same scenario, you can just hire two movers, but it may take you around 25 hours per mover to complete the move. This means you would actually end up paying for 50 hours of work, not 40.  


The essence is that addition of extra movers may save you in the long run and will move things faster, which can save you money, if you have a larger home.  While deciding on the number of mover, it’s important to remember that movers are not machines and after a certain hours of work, they will need a break as well. They may turn out less productive after a few hours of work which mostly happened towards the end of a long day. It is also important that you consider the size of your home that needs to get relocated. If you have narrow hallways, stairs, or an elevator, it may not be practical to have too many movers. They will just end up running into each other and wasting time.

Local Move vs. Long Distance Move

The amount of movers you are going to need for your move also depends on whether yours is a local move or a big distance move. You may prefer to hire a different type of moving company for your local move in comparison to a long-distance move. 


When you have a local move, it is almost always a better idea to pay the professionals basis of the hour as compared to a flat rate. On the contrary, a long distance move is likely to be billed at a flat rate, especially if your belongings will be shipped on a large man and van hackney across state lines. Local moving companies most often send the same professionals to load the van, move your belongings from point A to destined point B, and unload the van. However, when you hire the right moving company for a long distance move, you get to avail services from one man crew to load the truck and another crew for unloading of items when it arrives at the new location.


The exact number of movers you will need to hire for your big and long distance move is a different equation as compared to a local move. You just need to make sure how you are planning to move and hiring two men crews if you are moving across state lines.

Concluding Remarks

The Supreme Man and van is a great professional moving company that will take care of all your moving process and also help you find moving labor for hire in your allied areas. 


What you need to know is that Man and van Enfield has skilled and experienced movers in more than 14 areas in the UK. The official website is available here at where you can get in touch with the professionals to get acquainted with the prices of the move and enjoy the moving experience stress free and that too at a quite reasonable price.


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