6 Essential Factors to Consider Before Moving Your Elderly Parents In

Moving Your Elderly Parents

6 Essential Factors to Consider Before Moving Your Elderly Parents In

Moving your elderly parents it can be challenging both emotionally and physically. There are two main reasons behind the same; the first being that you have to leave a home filled with your childhood memories and the second is that you lose your sense of independence. Considering these things in mind, we have made a list of our top 10 tips from experts that can help you have a smooth transition and overall experience. So, let us begin:


Factors to Consider Before Moving Your Elderly Parents In

There are several factors that you must bear in mind before you plan to move your elderly parents in at your new home. However, to mention some of the essential ones, we have prepared a list below. Let us have a look at them:


Finding a new doctor

Your first and foremost priority before moving in with your elderly parents should be to arrange for the healthcare facilities at your new place. You need to look for a new doctor at the earliest before reaching there so it is recommended to call a few months ahead of the move to schedule an appointment. Also, make sure that the current doctor of your parents is also aware of the move so that any prescriptions and medicines can be stored beforehand. 


Hire experienced movers 

The second most important thing to do is to hire professional and experienced packers and movers that can take charge of the move. We recommend hiring Supreme Man and Van Ealing that has extensive years of experience in this field and is a reputable name in this industry. Hiring them will not only ease the relocating burden from your head but it will also ensure that your belongings reach safely to the place of destination. The idea to hire a professional mover is that you have to worry less about and enjoy the moving experience with your elderly parents. We know that moving to a new place is an entirely new phase in life which an elderly person is not easily ready to experience. In this situation, what they need more is your support and love. So, for you to be with them, without actually worrying about the conveyance and packing of belongings, try to get done with the essential things ahead of time so you can have sufficient time before and on your move to spend lovely time with your parents.   


Using a Blueprint of the new place 

Before you move in with your elderly parents at the new home, try having a blueprint of the new place first. The idea to have a blueprint is to facilitate you in planning a more accurate floor plan for the new home. You should also measure the furniture to be transported at the new home just to be sure what will fit where or otherwise you can get rid of the things that don’t fit in by selling them off. Moreover, have a look around at the place and prepare an entire list of things your parents will need so that you become sure what to bring and what not on the move.


Getting rid of the excess belongings 

There is always a chance that you get a long list of excess belongings to dispose of, so downsize them. You can donate or consign some of the belongings that are of little use to your parents at the new home. This will not only save your hiring budget of a moving company but will also help you bet some amount from the sale that you can put to better use. Also, get rid of junk items that are useless and dispose of them responsibly.   


Renting a storage unit 

It may also happen that your elderly loved ones are not quite ready yet to part away with certain belongings or are planning to keep them for future generations. For these items, you can rent a storage unit to keep these belongings securely till a future date when you can take it back. Storage units are temporary and convenient options to store things before moving.


Book your final day travel in advance

You must arrange the travel day ahead of time because what happens usually when you move with an elderly one is that there are quite a few travel logistics that are to be taken care of. Plus the health and mobility issues of loved ones also influence the plan to move them. Thus, it is recommended to arrange beforehand for the wheelchair, in case you’re flying and other extra services they will need. In case you will be driving, make sure to have an easily accessible and comfortable car that is most suited for traveling with elderly persons.


  • Final Thoughts

After you have done a fore mentioned things, now it is time to start properly preparing your new home so as to at best accommodate the needs of your parents. You can do other sweet gestures that are small things but for an elderly can be proved to be great use like installation of an electric stairlift, walk-in bathtub, safety rails inside the bath tub, replacing showerhead with hand-held, adding a stool in tub, plugging in night lights, and placing outside your front door a ramp or an elevator.


At last, the main headache is to find the correct moving company. For the loading and unloading purposes in the London and allied areas, you can hire Man and Van Croydon for your service. They will do the entire job from packing to unloading goods at your new home. So, just relax and enjoy the move, rest will be handled with care by the man and van movers.


Just remember that by doing these preparations properly for the move and prepping in a smart way that parent’s needs and concerns are also taken into account, your loved one will surely have a smooth transition at the new place. So, get started with your journey now. Happy Moving folks!




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