Your Moving Abroad Checklist by

Your Moving Abroad Checklist by

Shifting abroad is a challenge in itself and what to say when it comes to making a checklist of what to take and what not to take. When you have so much on your plate you can’t focus on one thing. 

We know while moving you have to complete the documentation process, legal formalities, pack your assets, and look for a new residence and so many tasks we can count on. 

And to ease your work we are offering you a checklist that contains all the main tasks you have to complete so that your burden will be reduced. 


Get Your Checklist Here 

With the help of this checklist, you will be organized and ensure that all the tasks are completed on time with perfection and you haven’t left a single thing about which you can regret later. So without any further delays, let’s get started with our checklist. 

  1. First, you need to know the Visa requirements of the country where you are going to shift. As this is a lengthy process and sometimes takes a couple of weeks to months so it is advisable that you keep this on the first position and apply for Visa first with all proper documents. 
  2. Now research that whether buying a property in the country where you are going to shift is profitable or getting accommodation on rent is pocket–friendly. Also, make a list of the requirements that you need to buy or rent property in abroad. 
  3. Then comes the turn of enquiring about your surroundings abroad. Know what are the community centers, how you can find more people of the same community, how you can interact with them. this will don’t let you feel alone and helps in adjusting quickly. 
  4. Also, learn about the rules and regulations of the place where you are going to shift. As different countries have their different rules so you need to be aware of them so that you didn’t mistakenly break any rule. 
  5. After rules and regulations also learn about the tax obligations of the country so that you can plan everything in advance. 
  6. Also that, you have to make arrangements for your property in your country. If you are owning a property then you have to decide whether you want to sell it, rent it, or want to have a family member caring for the property. 
  7. And if you have pets then you have to make special arrangements for them too. from their transportation to their care while moving and settling in the new country you have to decide everything in advance so you that you will be prepared. 
  8. After that also make a list of all your assets and belongings that you have. Now decide what you want to take with you abroad and want to leave behind. Now decide what you are leaving behind you want to sell that or want to keep them as they are. 
  9. Also get your insurance for home, travel, car, and life so that you won’t have to suffer any losses. 
  10. With that also check the quotes from international movers and packers company that will help you in shifting. 


And when it comes to movers and packers don’t look anywhere and choose Supreme man and van for moving and packing. 

But do you think that it’s sufficient, well you know that moving abroad is not child’s play and whatever we plan there is something that is always left behind. 

If you are also thinking the same then you are not alone and that is where this guide becomes useful for you. Because this guide is specially designed for preventing the readers from such situations. 

In this article, you will get everything ranging from documents required while moving abroad to last-minute preparation. So without around the bushes, let’s get started with that. 


Documents Required While Moving Abroad 

In the above section, we have listed to prepare the documents but if you are struggling through the chaos that what document to put in an important category and what not then this section is only for you. 

Here we have listed all the important documents that you need to prepare, original as well as their copies just in case you need them. 

  1. Birth Certificate
  2. Driving License 
  3. Marriage Certificate
  4. Passport 
  5. Visa Documents
  6. Medical Records 
  7. Insurance Papers
  8. Educational Certificates, School Records and College Records
  9. Bank Account Papers
  10. Other Travel Records with Tickets

While passport and visa documents are sort of very important category others documents are also necessary. Birth certificates of all the members who are shifting with and if you are married then your marriage certificate are also required. 

With that always prepare insurance papers and keep them updated, in insurance please include health, life, asset, house, and vehicle insurance papers. These insurances are important and will help you in recovering from any unfortunate incidents. 

With that your medical records as well your family’s and their immunization cards are also important because in places authorities ask for such papers for future needs. And also when you move to a new place they will help in describing your medical history which becomes useful in quick treatment.

Your educational certificates and records are needed so that you can get a job easily abroad and if you have kids with you then they also need to take admission in school and colleges and for that their previous educational records are always asked. 

Also always carry your financial records and keep them very safe because they contain confidential information about your account and other things. And keep your account updated by keeping handy your debit and credit cards. 

With that don’t leave behind your tickets and other related details, and if you have done your bookings through some travel agents first of all please make sure that your travel agent is verified and authorized and keep all the details with you. 

In that, you can include his phone number, office address, or any other personal contact details so that whenever you need you can contact him. Also, it is advisable to make copies of your tickets and other documents so that you don’t need to find them. 


What To Do Before Moving 

 Well isn’t it great to be ahead so that in the future you don’t need to worry about anything. The same is applicable to migrating abroad and in this section, you will get to know that what you need to do before shifting abroad. 

As a first step after applying for a visa, search for the best timing to go to your destination country. Because there are peak seasons when tickets prices are very high and last minute bookings will further add to the cost. 

Also, there are fair chances that you didn’t even get reservations the last time. Thus always plan your trip beforehand so you can book tickets when their prices are low and you will also get easy bookings. 

Not only that but when you choose a non – peak season then you will get all the facilities very easily and quickly as there is less rush at that. This will also save your budget which you can invest in other things. 

Also when it comes to budget make a rough estimate of everything on which you have to spend. For convenience list all the items and things on which you have to expend and then compare where you can cheap prices for the same. 

This will further cut your costs and save a major chunk of your money which you can save for future use. Also, don’t forget to close all the legal formalities of your current bank account. As now you are going to shift in abroad then there are high chances that you will not use your current account. 

So it’s better you complete all the formalities and if your bank has international branches then you can apply for international cards and account operation procedures. And if not then you need to open one bank account abroad and apply for a debit and credit card. 

When you have time before your move then it’s wise to use it mindfully. So you can pre-visit your destination place and look for your neighbor. There you need to find first of all health care facilities, clinics, and hospitals. 

With that also look for schools and colleges and other essential services such as transportation, public transport stations so that when you move in you don’t face any hard situation. 

Also when you are on your pre-visit try to find housing. For that, you may contact any broker or can search for that on your own. 

But while looking for property abroad also keep in mind the rules and regulations related to housing. However, if you don’t have plenty of time for your pre-visit then just concentrate on the important things and for housing, you can rent temporary housing. 

So now from your temporary home, you can look for the best place to live with your family and children. Now what is important here is that if you are buying any property abroad then get insurance for that too, and by this, you will be secured from any loose ends. 

If you are having any appointments for insurance and medical records then now it’s the time to schedule your appointments because these are the tasks that need time and you have to schedule them accordingly. 


Last Minute Checking 

Now when everything is well planned and your shifting is near then it’s time to check the last-minute preparations. And as that becomes very chaotic then you should make a list of all the tasks that you need to do. 

Firsthand prepare all your documents and keep them safe in a folder and keep that handy so that when asked you don’t need to find them here and there. Also withdrew cash which you will need for some small expenses. 

Now keep your tickets and other reservation documents top because while moving you they need frequently and more than any other documents. 

After this start packing all your items and assets and for that you will need an international mover and packers. They will securely and safely pack all your things which you want to take with you and transport them to your new place. 

Here one thing important to note is that what to do if you have pets. You can either take them with you or leave them behind with your friends and family members. 

But if you have decided to take them with you then you need to make some preparations for them. You need to get their medical records and immunization cards too. 

With that, you will also need to make arrangements for their transportation and buy a carriage for them. And also check the rules and regulations for the pets abroad where you are taking them. 

And as the last step check all your tasks and finish them before going. Don’t leave a loose end before moving otherwise it will trouble you. 


What To Do When You Arrive 

After getting a move in abroad you need to do many tasks, so start with your housing. If you have rented housing then it’s time to search for permanent housing as you can’t stay in a temporary shelter for long. 

With housing plan your vehicle too because using public transport can be slow and always renting cab services will add costs to your budget. So if you have a car you can move whenever you want. 

Also, get a universal driving license so that you can drive your car without any worries. If you don’t have a bank account then start the procedure for opening a bank account. 

And register for the health services too. After you have arrived abroad register with a nearby clinic and hospital so that in an emergency you don’t need to rush anywhere. 

With that enrol your kids in schools and colleges and make them feel comfortable at the new place. 

Yes moving abroad is special and good for getting new opportunities but plan your move and your every step. 

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